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  1. THank you Tim Tomorrow is the day for doing the job I will go through your account again. Actually I had already found it,I was really just trying to see if anyone else had had a go too. Anyway fingers crossed for tomorrow and it is not too cold a day for all that ventilation. !!! Thanks again Mike
  2. Thanks to 5 star,3 star and one star, Who are you guys??. I have been to bonrite and bought the WC112 ready to use,they are not far from me. I made the posting yesterday because I really wanted to get some reassurance that this was OK to do and with no adverse long term effects to the van windows. I understand the problem has been around for a couple of years now, and hoped to hear from someone who did this job at least a year ago. The people at Bondrite are great and very helpful, but of course it's not their responsibility in the end. I'm pretty sure this will be ok anyway, but you
  3. Hi I just joined Caravan talk,we are new this year to caravans. So far so good. We have an Ace Award Dawnstar which we are very happy with but just found two of the front windows delaminated almost completely. Ive been looking at the adhesives available to make the rebonding between inner and outer skins. We have completely discounted the thought of replacing them for about £200 and £300 respectively. What advice have members got for this one please. I have come to understand that this is now quite an issue with many Vans and motorhomes. One website I have seen says they have he
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