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  1. Hi all, After some time reading i have now found how to add personal POI to my COMAND NAT5*2 nav system. If anybody who has problems here is how. SD card 16GB FAT 32 class 10 with a folder Personal POI then load your POI in generic gpx file into that folder. (max 30,000 POI) Insert card with engine running in park. Go to Nav, select Personal POI, memory card, and tick the box's as to alerts symbols etc. I hope this may help, David.
  2. Hello, I am having trouble loading the Caravan Club's POI's on to the COMAND Sat Nav system in my GLC. Has anybody managed to do this ? Many thanks, David. .
  3. Just to report back for others. Removing one Fog lamp and one Reversing lamp cured the problem, so not so Smart Alternator. Thank you very much J&S for your post and others for their suggestions. Happy caravanning! David.
  4. Hi JS, What a relief thank you for your post. I am not going mad then! We also have two Fog lights and two Reversing lights so i will be removing bulbs! We are back at the towbar fitters tomorrow and i will tell about your post. I will report back. Thanks again, David.
  5. Thanks Borussia, We had the van checked by our mobile caravan engineer and he hitched up his vehicle and everything was ok? I will have a go with the car 13 pin socket as suggested. Thanks, David.
  6. Hi all, I need some help please with the following problem. When we hook our van up to our new car 2017 Mercedes GLC AMG line the Fog lamps and Reversing lights do not work, all other lights work ok as does the ATC. Not sure about the fridge yet though. We had the caravan checked by our service engineer and everything worked fine. Also we took the van back to the towbar fitter and he says all is ok?? Any ideas please> David.
  7. We have recently purchased a 250 AMG line premium plus suv and thought i would pass on our results with getting a towbar fitted in the aftermarket. We took our car to Portland Towing Lincoln and they fitted a Westfalia swan neck detachable unit and are happy to say the all of the sensors for cameras and tailgate, keyless functions etc work fine. The van electrics also seem all working and ok and our Milenco Aero mirrors (approx 2010) fit on the mirrors well as well. I hope this may be of some use, David.
  8. We have a 15 plate W automatic 2. 0 and no problems. Great tug and get around 25 mpg towing 1550Kg and short solo is around 32 ish but that is all urban. As we only do long runs towing i can't give solo long run mpg. . But as i said we are very happy with the car. David.
  9. I asked the service department which was in our 2016 Vigo and they replied that the Blue was two year and Red was the 5 year? Is this not the case? David.
  10. I contacted Bailey about this and the confirmed that the mobile engineer i use is Bailey approved for servicing,and warranty repairs. Just send them an email with the name of the company you would like to use and they will check for you. I am in Newark so my guy no good to you. . David.
  11. We have joined the Leaking Vigo club,it's only six weeks old! David.
  12. We changed to Safefill last week as we were fed up trying to get our Color lite exchanged. Have voted yesterday. Thanks to speleccy. Power to the people! David.
  13. Hi gooney, We had a 2. 0 LE two wheel drive Korando for 3 years from new and it never had a problem. It towed our 1450Kg van easily and without fuss. We got up tp 28 mpg when towing. We only changed it because we now use Cl's and need 4 wheel drive so got a Rexton Auto which has rear wheel drive and selectable high/low ratio 4 wheel drive Again we are very happy with it.
  14. Try Sky Barn CL, great little site for the weekend. Have fun time, David.
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