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  1. Once booked a site a Henley. It was noticeable on their website, booking form and booking confirmation how many times "commercial vehicles were not allowed under any circumstances" was mentioned. Duly arrived, pitched up, went for a mooch around and the vast majority of caravans on-site had arrived behind a sign written van of some description! Never had any problems with anyone with a commercial vehicle. As a TA tugger we are always aware of any restrictions on twins, but other than one site in Milton Keynes who won't entertain TA vans (even when asked!), never had an issue in that
  2. Ditto contacting Powrtouch - never found another manufacturer who understands their products as well as they do. Tech Support all working from home at the moment because of Covid, but you will get a response by phone or email. Cheers Keith
  3. So will National Trust members now get a rebate on membership? Cheers Keith
  4. Collected the 'van today. Firstly my new keys were with the dealer, secondly they confirmed that Swift are sending out no spares/warranty items until September. Orders are being queued on Swift's system and will be dealt with in order then. I wonder if this is in sync with the 4 month service extension they've given? If your 'van is due for service, get it done if you can and don't utilise the extension period. There won't be enough capacity to service all the 'vans that will be due. Similarly with car MOT's. Cheers Keith
  5. Collecting it tomorrow - I'll make further enquiries! Cheers Keith
  6. Took our 'van in for service on Wednesday. Enquired about the spare keys I ordered in February. Tech said they would check to see if they had come in. He said if not, Swift are in shutdown until September! Cheers Keith
  7. Changed to a pneumatic from a solid about a year ago. The 'van now moves much better on the mover without the shuddering, crunching & groaning with used to accompany its progress over our granite chipping yard. Kept the old wheel though as it's the same spindle size as the new one. It lives in the car with the trolley jack. If the new wheel gets a flat, I can still get out of trouble. Cheers Keith
  8. With that length - don't bother with a regulator at the infeed end! Cheers Keith
  9. I've got 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre hoses with Fulham connectors and mix 'n match depending on the situation. Cheers Keith
  10. Gave the Tug a run today when we went out shopping. Filled it up for the first time since 5th March. As it only does about 30mpg solo, you can tell how little road I've had under the wheels! Had to look up the PIN for my Fuel Card. Cheers Keith
  11. Back right hand corner is absolutely on the peg! I moved the peg there after I had parked the 'van Cheers Keith
  12. It's the third location we've found in the garden. I think I can find a fourth without major tree surgery. Do you have to have capacity for 5 vans on a CL, or could you have a 3/4 van one? Cheers Keith
  13. We’re blessed with a large garden and are currently ‘away’ for the third time since lockdown. Inside the ‘van with the blinds closed at night, you could be anywhere. We’re doing so much work in the garden and round the house that a break away is necessary to stop us working ourselves into the ground. Cheers Keith
  14. Apparently they are looking for jobs to do. Since lockdown they are not doing repairs on ‘domestic’ leaks, if the leak was in the middle of my lawn and not the verge, they would not touch it. The cynic in me thinks they will do it over the weekend on overtime . . . Cheers Keith
  15. Actually 4 plus a full on-board tank! We’ve reported a water leak in the verge by our front gate twice. The first time, Anglian Water went to the wrong location, declared there was no leak and closed the case. On the second report, someone actually turned up at the right location on Tuesday, and declared we were an emergency to be actioned within 5 days. Whilst we were moving the van this morning, Road Closed signs appeared on the road by our gate. Despite having been assured that we would be disconnected for the absolute minimum time, we opted to equip ourselves with 200 litres of water,
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