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  1. How did you get away with the 'Oh damn'? I got pulled up for using the word 'hell' in a post the other week! We are fortunate that our van sits outside the back door, with duplicates of all our domestic consumables. Clothes into van the night before, food in just before we go and we're off! Cheers Keith
  2. Having been bumped on to grass pitches by the wardens at both Blaydon Chains and Malvern in favour of motorhomes earlier in the year, we are now using commercial sites in place of CMC. At least we will get what we have contractually agreed at little or no extra cost! Just planning a two week trip to the West Country in October and have managed to totally avoid Club sites. Their loss. Cheers Keith
  3. Wait till you try the NDR past Norwich Airport, I actually pulled over to which of my tyres were flat! Cheers Keith
  4. Caravan has gone up a quid (CMC) but AA are trying to put the tug up by £100 on the basis I'm now retired, have removed business and commuting from my cover and reduced my estimated annual mileage by 7000! How the hell does that work?? Cheers Keith
  5. Can I just put in a bid for Norfolk in terms of pot holes, corrugated surfaces and overgrown verges! Cheers Keith
  6. Mercedes went from regular autobox oil changes to sealed for life autoboxes despite the fact that the autobox was still the same model! After a spate of warranty claims, suddenly the next model car (same autobox) had to have its gearbox fluids changed at regular intervals. If you have a model which Mercedes stated had a 'sealed for life' gearbox and take it to a main dealer - they will still perpetuate the myth that you don't need your fluids changed . . . Fortunately my independent Merc fettler would have no truck with the 'not changing fluid' ethos . Cheers Keith
  7. A mate ordered a new Cortina just as they were being discontinued. His 1100 base model order was 'augmented' with all sorts of unrequested extras, presumably Ford were using bits up. One un-ordered extra was Air-Con, hilarious on an 1100, if you switched it on when stationary at the traffic lights - it stalled the engine! Cheers Keith
  8. Don't have an issues with rules if they are clear and uniformly applied. My issue with the CMC and hard standing pitches is the seeming random positioning of the caravan back corner target peg. To my mind it should be placed one third of the pitch width from the LH Side (assuming sufficient pitch width for car-van-awning). On most sites, when my van has the OS corner on the peg, my tug ends up with two wheels on the grass in order to avoid running over my Aquaroll & Wastemaster. There is then about 6 feet of hardstanding between the front of my awning and the grass! Cheers Keith
  9. ML driver here too, now on my second in 10 years. I have piloted three pointed stars for over 30 years now. For the love of God - don't get one with a manual box! Mercedes have NEVER made a car with a good manual box. Auto all the way with them. Cheers Keith
  10. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Cheers Keith
  11. Seek assurance from them that the original letter to you did not go to Mr Moody (or anybody else) by mistake. They should already have self-referred under GDPR for sending you Mr Moody's correspondence, as they are obviously aware of the mistake. Cheers Keith
  12. Pre-dash cams (in fact the car phone was non-removeable!) I was following my brother from Norfolk to Oxfordshire to deliver a car. We had set off early doors on a Saturday morning. Near Peterborough I was overtaken at an inappropriate point by a sign written van. The van then proceeded to sit very close to my brother's back end and had several abortive attempts to overtake him. Despite the earliness of the hour, I dialled the number on the back of the van and got an answering machine. I left a message giving the vans registration, date & time and an opinion of the drivers antics. Around 9:30am I got a call from the manager of the company who asked to double check the location I had seen the van at. I gave him the road number and the village. His response was that he knew exactly who was in the van - but at that point in time it should have been 300 miles away from where it was! Cheers Keith
  13. I’m sure I met the Severn Bore in a pub in Bewdley a few years ago . . . Cheers Keith
  14. We now have the necessary support from the Consumer Credit act. It’s difficult to walk away from a caravan you have set your heart on and eagerly anticipated the arrival of, but the only way the standard will improve is to reject vans which are not of an acceptable quality. The maker should not send a van out in an un-acceptable condition, the dealer (who is the one taking your money and will suffer the most inconvenience with a rejected van) should be rejecting the van before you have even seen it. Good on you! Cheers Keith
  15. I'm only at 54 but would be quite happy to accept 1p/text fuel price reduction from Pump King by way of an apology :-) Cheers Keith
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