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  1. Response from a very good friend of mine who lives in the area! No ferry to northern Ireland. A good site is Muasdale caravan site or Machrihannish holiday park. Muasdale is right on the beach but small . There is a very good shop at Muasdale !!! Cheers Keith
  2. Is there any form of 'draught' LPG in Morocco? If so, would a Safefill bottle be an answer? Cheers Keith
  3. We've just got back from 5 nights away - by the back door! Cheers Keith
  4. Lorry MOT due in June but the Commercial garage that has done the testing for the last 4 years has gone belly up and I was struggling to find an alternative. Not sure if it's now going to be easier or harder to get a test when the exemption ends! Cheers Keith
  5. We've just cancelled this weekend following the 'non-essential' travel recommendation. Waiting to hear if various tractor rallies will also be cancelled. Could be our garden will be maintained to the highest standard EVER this year! Cheers Keith
  6. We're off on Thursday to Somers Wood to attend an event at the NEC over the weekend, except the event has now been re-scheduled for the end of June! Going anyway, might give us the opportunity to import the virus back to Norfolk (currently no cases here) on our return. Ironically, previous commitments around the re-scheduled date means we will have to use an hotel as opposed to the 'van when (if?) we attend in June. Waiting to hear if the various Vintage Tractor events we are booked in for are going ahead. Advance notification from a couple of them have said they will be making a decision the weekend before the events (unless everything is cancelled en masse). Fortunately, camping is on the rally sites so there will be no need to negotiate with commercial sites regarding cancellation. If everything gets shut down, we'll put the 'van at the bottom of the garden and pretend we're away! Cheers Keith
  7. I use Grands on my ML but with Discovery rubber pads as these fit the groove in the top of my mirrors perfectly. They don't, however, fit any Discovery I have yet to try them on! My only gripe is that the newer Milenco mirror clamps now have rubber stuck onto the bottom face of the clamp. It is totally useless, rucks up under load and causes the mirror to move. I have removed it and have had no further issues. Cheers Keith
  8. rslsys

    Breakdown Cover

    We used the AA when our 3 kids still lived at home. They were the only providers who would cover all of us for everything. Kids all moved out now so latency on my part has kept us with the AA. Every year I have an annual 'bartering session' and normally manage to knock their renewal down by 25%-30%. Last September we were setting off for two weeks in the West Country when we lost power on the tug. Limped in to Northampton North Services with diesel pouring out of the engine bay. Called AA. They attended after 40 minutes. In the meantime I had called Number Two Son-in-Law who is a Mercedes trained mechanic, his advice was to get the AA guy to check the diesel return line from the injectors to make sure it had not become detached. AA guy poo-pooed this idea, did not even remove the engine cover and just stated that we would need to be Relayed and he would arrange it. Two hours later non-AA recovery truck arrives and says he is unable to take us as the AA had told him we were a car and a trailer, not a caravan and his vehicle did not have the capacity. Three hours later an official AA Relay truck arrives, loads tug, I use the mover to put the 'van on his hitch. He then finds that my 13 pin lead won't reach the socket on his truck and 'management' have removed his short 13 to 13 extension as it is not standard issue. He fits his lighting board, only to find the wire on that won't reach his truck either! He then calls 5 other AA colleagues, all of whom arrive and between them manage to produce a 7pin to 13 pin extension. I have a 13 to 7 adaptor on board the tug, so two hours after the AA Relay arrives, we set off home. We arrive in my yard at 10:00pm, to be met by my Son-in Law, he pops the bonnet on my tug, removes the engine cover, re-attaches the diesel return line to number 3 injector and in under 30 seconds has the car functioning normally. To be fair to the AA Relay driver, he called base and passed all this on and was very, very embarrassed. I gave feedback to AA when requested and have heard nothing further - I think it is time to vote with me feet! Cheers Keith
  9. rslsys

    Breakdown Cover

    Might still be in AA mode! I was recovered by the AA years ago in a car I had just bought. The opening statement by the AA guy was that he was aware that I was not the registered keeper of the vehicle. I produced my receipt & transfer slip and all was fine after that. The AA must have access to DVLA data, I assume that other recovery bods will also have access. Cheers Keith
  10. rslsys

    Breakdown Cover

    Anyone tried this in practice and called them out? I think the other vehicle(s) you are calling them out to must not be registered at the same address as your primary vehicle. Cheers Keith
  11. rslsys

    Breakdown Cover

    At the moment Mayday seems to have it. Premium UK Plus + Additional Vehicle(s) + Personal Cover = £189. Looks to give us the same cover (plus a bit) as the AA. We were with the AA when the kids lived at home as they were the cheapest (only) option to cover all of us. The time has come for a change, methinks! Cheers Keith
  12. rslsys

    Breakdown Cover

    Keep 'em coming guys! I was with the RAC before the AA. Made a call to them when I had a flat battery 30+ years ago, still waiting for them to arrive . . . Interestingly, Mayday is operated by Green Flag. If I go direct to Green Flag I have to opt for either my car and wife's car covered or my car + 'Personal Cover' which will cover any car I'm in, but my wife will have take her own policy out to get the same cover as me. Under Mayday I can add an extra car (misnomer, as it can be up to 5 cars registered at my home address) and add the missus and she gets the same cover as me. Looks like Mayday are ahead of the pack at this moment. Cheers Keith
  13. Hi All Just got my AA renewal quote. £395 up from £319 last year (After I bartered it down from £420 - I have had to barter every year for the last 20). Would like to move to another provider after the recovery debacle I had with them last year. Need breakdown, home start, relay for self & wife on our vehicles, caravan & trailers. Plus any vehicles we happen to be passengers in. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Keith
  14. I see that I have got cracks across the insides of both of my battery box hinges. These guys offer a Thetford door repair kit. might be worth having a word to see if they do the battery box ones or if their kit will fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thetford-Service-Door-Repair-Kit-For-Service-Doors-3-4-5/352482543590?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131003132420%26meid%3Dbcf87923889f41c89040ee8a67327bcf%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D172249099930%26itm%3D352482543590%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 Cheers Keith
  15. rslsys

    Problem campers

    I think you are OK excluding anybody provided you don’t step on any ‘protected characteristic’ toes. You would be in trouble if you excluded someone on the grounds or race or ethnicity. But you can exclude on the basis of a twin-axle van or a sign written or commercial vehicle. Anti-social behaviour or flouting or site rules would be another permissible reason for exclusion. Might not stop someone trying to bring a case that they were excluded because of their heritage rather than the fact they were drunk and abusive! Cheers Keith
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