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  1. I’m sure I met the Severn Bore in a pub in Bewdley a few years ago . . . Cheers Keith
  2. We now have the necessary support from the Consumer Credit act. It’s difficult to walk away from a caravan you have set your heart on and eagerly anticipated the arrival of, but the only way the standard will improve is to reject vans which are not of an acceptable quality. The maker should not send a van out in an un-acceptable condition, the dealer (who is the one taking your money and will suffer the most inconvenience with a rejected van) should be rejecting the van before you have even seen it. Good on you! Cheers Keith
  3. I'm only at 54 but would be quite happy to accept 1p/text fuel price reduction from Pump King by way of an apology :-) Cheers Keith
  4. Used mine for the first time this week - no drama! Mind you, they must be keen for me to use it again as I have been sent next weeks prices 16 times (and counting) so far this morning! Cheers Keith
  5. Strewth - been on the C.C. forum and read the whole, sorry saga. That's three hours of my life I won't get back . . . Cheers Keith
  6. Whoo Hoo! Postman's been, card is here and I've still got most of my Tractor mag to read. Jumped through the hoops and registered the card, will test it later in the week. Just one thing, is anyone else's Unique ID very similar to the imposed, unchangeable PIN number - or is it just me? Cheers Keith
  7. Only had a Tractor Mag in the post today. Will have to read it slowly until my card turns up . . . Cheers Keith
  8. Could have been worse - could have opted for 29th February . . . Cheers Keith
  9. I've had the e-mail but can't find any detail as to what the 'enhanced offering' is! Cheers Keith
  10. How do fleet operators manage. My lorry is only a 'hobby truck' but it still takes 200+ litres to fill both tanks. Plenty of lorries filling at Esso stations - at around 8 MPG they won't want to be paying more than they have to. Cheers Keith
  11. Sod's Law says that my card will arrive on Monday - when we are in Hull getting the 'van back from Swift! Cheers Keith
  12. I'm just wondering if I'll ever get my card? Had 4 Friday's worth of enticing fuel price texts and no flaming card to use them with! Cheers Keith
  13. As someone who issues road directions by telling people to turn left at the Red Lion, when the Red Lion actually ceased to be a pub 30 years ago, has been subsequently demolished and five houses built on the site. I joined the Caravan Club and it will remain the Caravan Club! Off to listen to the gramophone until a program I want to hear comes on the wireless. Cheers Keith
  14. I am totally non-political. I have worked with the public for years and realised early on that in discussing politics (and religion), you could not make converts and only make enemies. I vote, as not to is an abdication of responsibility. If you don't vote, you can't complain! I offer this - https://news. liverpool. ac. uk/2018/12/13/full-speech-sir-ivan-rogers-on-brexit/ Cheers Keith
  15. Think you have made the correct decision. Cheers Keith
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