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  1. rslsys

    Problem campers

    I think you are OK excluding anybody provided you don’t step on any ‘protected characteristic’ toes. You would be in trouble if you excluded someone on the grounds or race or ethnicity. But you can exclude on the basis of a twin-axle van or a sign written or commercial vehicle. Anti-social behaviour or flouting or site rules would be another permissible reason for exclusion. Might not stop someone trying to bring a case that they were excluded because of their heritage rather than the fact they were drunk and abusive! Cheers Keith
  2. Not only BMW. Mercedes decided that their boxes were sealed for life at a certain point in time. It was the self-same gearbox with the self-same fluid that had been fitted into the previous models which had needed a fluid change every 80K. All was good for a couple of years and then the warranty claims started. The next model release (same box, same fluid) then went back to 80K fluid changes. The salient point is, if you have a car from the ‘sealed for life’ period, the main dealers still won’t change the fluid unless you get very insistent. The independent Merc fettlers changed the fluid at 80K across the board and have had very few examples of failure! Cheers Keith
  3. Just remembered another one. I had a Saab 9000 Turbo, ran it until it had 120K on the clock and then traded it in against my 1st Merc. Next owner used to do airport runs from Norwich to Stanstead, I used to see my old chariot on that run quite often. After a couple of years I didn’t see it anymore. 3 years later it appeared on a Used Car Lot in Norwich. For old times sake I pulled up and went to see my old motor. As I’m looking through the windows, Arthur Daley’s dodgy brother appears at my elbow and tells me the car has been cosseted, has only got 95K on the clock and he can do me a belting deal against my Merc. I ask him if the mileage is genuine and he tells me the car has ever bill from new with it and every MOT. I express some surprise at this because I have every bill from new and every MOT up to the last one I had done at 115K in my filing cabinet at home and have never supplied copies to anyone else. He stammers, goes from white to red and back to white again and vanishes into the Portakabin serving as an office. I go past the following day and the car has disappeared from the forecourt, a week later every car has gone and there is a ‘To Let’ sign on the Lot. Cheers Keith
  4. Würth used to do a glass mousse that cleaned better than anything else but I’ve not seen it around for a couple of years. Cheers Keith
  5. In my youth our local garage had an attachment on the side of their Bench Grinder that they used to attach a speedo to to wind it backwards! Cheers Keith
  6. I was ‘bounced’ onto grass pitches twice last year on CMC sites as they were holding the hard standings for Motorhomes ‘who might turn up at the weekend’! We were Thursday arrivals, Tuesday departure in both cases. I have now not used a CMC site since the second occasion (March) last year. I’m considering adding a ‘Phantom’ Motorhome to my membership, booking a site for that but then arriving in the caravan and then see what happens. I think the next Club name change will be to the Motorhome & Motorhome Club! Cheers Keith
  7. Any ideas on cleaning the inner? Mine has a few areas of staining which look like water has made it past the seams. Cheers Keith
  8. Mercedes Vito? Up to 9 seats which you can mix and match in various combinations. All rear seats have ISO fixings. Cheers Keith
  9. I one snagged one of mine on a pump island. Had to loosen the whole thing to get it off the tyre so we could get home. Rang Powrtouch to tell them what I had done and to see about getting it fixed. The upshot was they sent me the necessary bits FOC because I was upfront about the fact that I was responsible and had not fabricated a convoluted story about needing it fixing under warranty! Cheers Keith
  10. We use a Velcro cable tie to hold the water inlet flap in contact with the inlet hose. Cheers Keith
  11. Our Sterling Continental went back to Swift (took it my self!) for floor delamination. They replaced the entire floor and back panel. Cheers Keith
  12. Been there - done that! Normally following a services stop when we fit the hitch lock. Remove hitch lock, failed to lower big handle and spent the next 10 miles or so wondering why we were being affected so much by passing HGVs . . . Now devised a system where OH double checks my doings! Cheers Keith
  13. Don't think you will be too happy with a Freelander's towing performance in comparison with the TDV8 - do the test! Cheers Keith
  14. rslsys

    Serviced pitch

    We use an Aquaroll & float. Also still take a Wastemaster with us for fully serviced pitches when we have not visited a given site before. Not unknown for the grey waste drain to be higher than the van waste outlets! We have had two occasions when site water supplies to the pitch service pole have failed/frozen. At least with the Aquaroll we could source water from elsewhere and fill our on-board tank. However, the number of serviced pitches where the tap at the pitch leaks seems to be on the increase. Do you leave the tap to drip on the basis it's not your hose connection that's leaking but the gland on the tap - or turn the tap on and off when needed? If you opt for tap on tap off, it somewhat negates some of the benefits of the serviced pitch! Cheers Keith
  15. Answer above from the man himself! If your near, visit the shop and buy the homemade sourdough bread! Cheers Keith
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