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  1. rslsys

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    How do fleet operators manage. My lorry is only a 'hobby truck' but it still takes 200+ litres to fill both tanks. Plenty of lorries filling at Esso stations - at around 8 MPG they won't want to be paying more than they have to. Cheers Keith
  2. rslsys

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Sod's Law says that my card will arrive on Monday - when we are in Hull getting the 'van back from Swift! Cheers Keith
  3. rslsys

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    I'm just wondering if I'll ever get my card? Had 4 Friday's worth of enticing fuel price texts and no flaming card to use them with! Cheers Keith
  4. As someone who issues road directions by telling people to turn left at the Red Lion, when the Red Lion actually ceased to be a pub 30 years ago, has been subsequently demolished and five houses built on the site. I joined the Caravan Club and it will remain the Caravan Club! Off to listen to the gramophone until a program I want to hear comes on the wireless. Cheers Keith
  5. I am totally non-political. I have worked with the public for years and realised early on that in discussing politics (and religion), you could not make converts and only make enemies. I vote, as not to is an abdication of responsibility. If you don't vote, you can't complain! I offer this - https://news. liverpool. ac. uk/2018/12/13/full-speech-sir-ivan-rogers-on-brexit/ Cheers Keith
  6. rslsys

    Came home without the van

    Think you have made the correct decision. Cheers Keith
  7. rslsys

    Filling a Safefill

    I'm hoping there will be a testing or exchange scheme for Safefil bottles before mine gets to be 10 years old. But it has saved me so much in gas during the last 5 years, it wouldn't be a problem if I had to buy a new one. Cheers Keith
  8. rslsys

    Al-Ko Replacement LED lights for ATC?

    How old is your van? Got mine replaced under warranty on third service. Cheers Keith
  9. Our Sterling Continental goes back to Swift in two weeks time for a new floor. We have kept this van for longer than any previous van because we can't find one we like better. No other niggles with the van now I have rewired the light switches to be 'logical' and installed an extra light over the front chest so you can actually see what is in front of you! The stupid small bathroom sink is a design fault and we have learned to live with it. We too read of the good state that warranty work vans return in. My only concern is whether the floor issues have been ironed out or if we will have the same issues again in another 3 years. I guess this will be a topic of conversation when we deliver the van to Cottingham. Cheers Keith
  10. Did you pay a deposit using a Credit Card? If so, (and the deposit was over £100) get the CC company involved too. Cheers Keith
  11. rslsys

    B&Q over 60’s discount is ending soon!!

    We're still getting 10% off the bacon butties though . . . Cheers Keith
  12. rslsys

    4x4 owners.........

    Current ML used for towing various trailers and, obviously, the caravan. Takes tractors to ploughing matches so muddy fields and the like. Previous ML replaced a Discovery 300. Much hilarity from my ploughing mates about my 'Chelsea Tractor'. Went to mark out for a ploughing match, we avoided the wet spot in the field. Guy with the Range Rover classic, twin axle Ifor Williams trailer with a tractor on it drove through the wet spot and got stuck. Many plans made for offloading tractor and using that to pull the whole assembly out. I got within tow strap distance of the Range Rover, hitched on - selected Low Box and extricated the whole lot without any feet on the pedals. Not so much mickey taking after that. Cheers Keith
  13. rslsys

    New here. Pros and Cons of Caravanning?

    We treat our caravan as a mobile holiday cottage. That puts the costs into perspective compared with bricks & mortar. And, unlike a cottage, we can change the location and scenery with a bit of towing. We get away at least once a month all year round, I'm still cursed with a day job, but will be retiring at Christmas so we are hoping to get away more in 2019. Best bits? We've met some very interesting and nice people and visited many interesting places. Worst bits? We've met some miserable beggars too! But it's not like you have to live near them for the rest of your life. Weather? No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing :-) Cheers Keith
  14. rslsys

    Cassette Toilet Adaptor - Found it!

    I'm just lucky then! Caravan lives by the back door, tiled floor into Utility Room and downstairs loo off the Utility room. It's even down a 2" step in case my aim is really off . . . Cheers Keith
  15. rslsys

    Cassette Toilet Adaptor - Found it!

    Err - I just empty mine into the downstairs loo - am I missing something?? Cheers Keith