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  1. Thanks for all the info chaps. Appreciated.
  2. Quick question to the collective. We have a Sterling Coral with a A frame size of 1065. Isabella state we need a 1075 - G20. So. ... looking at the picture posted, both awnings are G20, but are different sizes. So would either awning fit my van, or do I need to specifically get one with 1075 in the label ?...
  3. I have raised no dispute as yet, and yes, I know who I have to raise it with when the time arises. ........... The retailer. I'm on a seasonal pitch, but the awning is not up all season. Only when we are there. (site rules). I have read there warranty terms and conditions, but surely UV degradation should not be an issue after a year or two ? Shouldn't it be 'Fit for purpose' ?............... Which should mean it's built to withstand the weather for a few years at least.
  4. We purchased a Vango Kalahri 520 air awning at the start of this season. (We are seasonal pitched). It has been up approx 8 weeks over the season. The fading from the sun is quite bad (Imho). I did treat it with Nikwax UV spray when it first went up because I'd heard they suffered from fading, but to no avail. The awning looks a few years old already. I am also reading that the Vango material in the roof is going brittle, and turning papery due to UV damage, and Vango are not acknowledging UV damage under it's warranty. There is a video online showing how brittle the material is, with the material coming apart while being lightly pushed with a pole. Any one on here had this issue with a Vango ? Or have had a good result from their supplier about this issue ?
  5. It's all been sorted out, and Sky are keeping the channels. http://www. sky. com/discoveringmore
  6. Has no one got a tv that goes up in to the built in cupboard ?
  7. I have a Three all you can eat data contract. Feel at home is active in France, so I just use my phone as I do at home. Good luck.
  8. Been caravanning for around two years now. It takes a while to get into the habit of doing everything correctly, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. My favourite was putting the water heater on before connecting and filling the water heater. ........ Not recommended. Good luck. Nice to see another bike racing fan on here too. I'm a Scott Redding fan, as he's from my part of the world.
  9. Looking for some advice. Just got the new van, and our existing tv does not fit the bracket that slides up into it's hide away cupboard. Can anyone advise as to which tv fits this setup ? One with built in dvd player would be helpful if any has one that does the job. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I can see the advantages of having a wet system, and it probably is very good. But having to keep an eye on it to make sure the levels don't drop is not feasible when the caravan is in storage over the winter months. The preferred system I'd like to see is a factory fitted inverter driven aircon unit.
  11. Just a thought on this topic. The problems and issue's I've read about, and worried over concerning damp/moisture getting into an expensive van. So every precaution is taken to detect it and keep it out. So why oh why would it be a good idea to put a wet system inside a caravan. Any leaks could cause endless problems. Earlier post questioned my statement on 'Sealed system'. What I meant is that it is a self contained system. .... I should been more precise with my wording. Anyway. ............ We have just got a 2011 van with blown air heating. ............... Which is badly designed (IMHO). I will be underneath with some Armaflex insulation to put round the air distribution tubing that runs under the vans floor. Good luck with whatever you have.
  12. I have already gone through the Alko website. Coral is missing as stated, and the rest of the Eccles range are either number 25 or 26. ............. Would be easy if the whole range had the same number. .................... ?
  13. Looks like we are getting a 2011 Sterling Eccles Coral SR. The one thing I cannot find is the number of the Alko wheel lock for this van. Anyone got this model of van that could point me in the right direction ?
  14. I have done a moisture check myself with a new meter. (only a cheap one). Nothing over 10 - 15 % around all windows openings and wheel arches. I've read that anything under 20% is ok. Does this sound ok to those of you in the know.
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