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  1. . I now realize that I should not joke about such matters. Seriously the Sky News should be available, on freesat. For some people that is all that they want. BBC news or World Service is on 19. 2 E. David
  2. As I understand it there is no problem so long as your dish is 4 m wide. It should fit nicely in your glovebox. 😎 David
  3. I thought that it was only possible to detect inadvertent signals from a CRT based TV, or valve driven amplifiers. So ceased to be possible with digital LCD screens, and transistors. It has IMHO always been a bit of useless beurocracy. France does it more effectively by adding it to your local taxation. To avoid it you have to pay unless you declare that you have no TV, radio or recording device, even if it lies in your loft & is broken. Also the local gendarmes would be incredulous & attend for a rummage. David
  4. Maybe she does, but drivers behind would prefer that she stretch her legs on an aire. David
  5. . When travelling through UK, France, Spain & Portugal I have found that Calor is alone in swapping empty for full. There seems to be a lack of competition issue. I feel that the EU could intervene to the consumer's advantage. The 16 amp EHU has solved the electricity problem, a follow through with gas is something that I would welcome. Filling gas bottles clearly MUST be done properly. But some people travel with more than one make of bottle, to avoid Calor charging David
  6. . Theft in progress deserves attention. . No number & no action ? . David
  7. Hi BFM, DId you consider a 999 call. Not checking lights suggest a more than usually fast departure. David PS does anyone know how the number plate recognition system reacts to "no plate"
  8. 1---choose a waterproof pen. 2---find a suitable solvent to COMPLETELY clean the bolt, while away from the tyre. ( your dealer has clearly not done this ) 3---torque up & mark. . David
  9. Instead of fitting wheel bolt indicators, just mark with a waterproof felt tip pen. You don't need a special removal tool & it is always ready for test application of your torque wrench. If you need to change a wheel then either put the same bolts in the same position or when off the caravan clean the marks off with a suitable solvent, acetone, & after fitting & torquing re-mark with the same felt tip pen. David
  10. . Have you ever found a dog owner who says his dog is badly behaved ? . David
  11. I once had a need for a cat repellant. It seems that our doorstep, appeared to cats, to be a cat toilet. It cost about £50 but it did what it said on the tin. I recall that there was a dog equivalent. They work by producing ultrasound that the animals needed to get away from. Heavy Metal has the same effect on me ! . David
  12. Dave,You might meet opposition to chipping young humans. Is there a working system to certify that dogs are adequately trained ? Do site wardens have chip readers ? David
  13. . Hi yellowbelly, . Whilst I agree with your assessment of the problem, the devil is in the detail. Who can be relied on to accurately assess the nuisance potential of a particular dog? Do we go for a system 1--where the wardens decide 2--where say 3 written complaints are needed to expel an untrained owner & dog or dogs. 3--the human demonstrates, on arrival, that they can & will control his/her dogs . I suspect that both CC & C&CC are biased in favour of dogs, because they see them as a revenue stream. Has anyone on this thread formally complained about a dog, did they achieve expulsion. I'm inclined to write to both clubs asking that they trial say 12 sites where dogs are not allowed. If it was well publicized, then if the sites were busy it would be reasonable have more such sites. . David
  14. . Hi Turbo If both the Caravan Club & the Camping & Caravan Club trialled a few sites to have no dogs then we could readily observe the popularity of those sites. They could gradually adjust the numbers of dog sites & of clean sites to optimize earnings. I am fairly sure that both clubs currently allow dogs on all their sites. See also post #43. David
  15. Since dog owners regard their animal as at least as important as other humans then they should expect to pay the same price as a human pays. With each caravan allow only as many dogs as humans. That should eliminate anyone holding as many leashes as a husky racer. David
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