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  1. I used bubble wrap with the foil backing, held in place with cable ties and insulation tape, used his on current and previous caravans.
  2. Spoke to my dealer today and he suggested the same, but unable to see sensor or magnet, he advised it was under the control panel but can not see it, any ideas ?
  3. Do you know where , not concerned about outfit but the delay in time as have just under 300 miles to cover on Saturday, leaving at 03.30 so hopefully they will be tucked up in bed, Ancona
  4. Only tried on electric as struggling to get gas,but that's another story, have adjusted catch to centre position and still the same, away for a week from early Sat am so as long as not beeping will have to put up with the warning symbol, am waiting for dealer to e-mail me so hopefully they will get me try something , will keep you posted as and when,Ancona
  5. Have adjusted catch to the rear most position and seal looks tight all the way round the door, if I pull back the seal when the door is closed the light is off.
  6. Hello all, have a 2018 Sprite and turned on fridge a couple of days ago ready for the weekend, keep getting 3 beeps x 33 with the warning symbol, press the on/ off button clears fault and fault reoccurs with no set pattern, fridge not connected to command, have removed front control unit and disconnected, unplugged white muliplug behind fridge vent either both at the same time or individually or both at the same time, removed the catch checked for moisture , set catch to rear most position, checked light not staying on, and still the same, on the plus side fridge nice and cold just the beeps and warning symbol. Any ideas please Ancona The Domentic RMS8558 is the model number
  7. Have a 2018 Sprite and looking for advice on how to stop the shower head from sliding down the rail as can not see any screws, needs to be adjusted due to varying family heights, thanks in advance for your replies. Ancona
  8. If you don't me asking why did it take so long, I had 7 or 8 sets of cushions with no or little improvement in 2 years and was advised no more, so after 2 weekends away earlier in the year decided could not face another season with the dreamsleep system so now own a nice and comfortable Swift after 7 new Baileys it's a shame Bailey do not listen to their customers. Ancona
  9. Hi alll, now the happy owner of a Swift, nice comfortable well built caravan, touch wood not had to get out a screw driver yet or report a fault, that make a pleasant change. Ancona
  10. Lost count 7 or 8 sets of cushions and still slip,uncomfortable hard and baggy, did 2 weekends earlier in the year and decided could not face another season with the awful dream sleep system, so Swift are the winners in this instance, now enjoying a comfortable well built caravan. Ancona
  11. Took the Peg 4 Rimini in for the second service and a couple of minor warranty jobs, had a call from the dealer as they had found the roof bar to be letting in moisture, no real shock as a known concern, but the most alarming news was the rear washroom floor was damp and had a reading of 63. This has been traced to the shower leaking, was very surprised as we have not seen any signs of damp at all. Still at dealers as drying out then reselling the shower. When ready will try and get more information on the leak. At least on a positive note the dealer has done a thorough service. Ancona
  12. Mine are the same the replacements lost count 4th or 5th set are the same but am waiting yet another set of replacements as the fabric has come un stuck on the underside leading edge, have requested an upgrade to the Unicorn style or to have the same style as cushion we had in our 2012 Ancona but basically been told tough no more cushions and that's Baileys response via the dealer, not sure what to do next will decide after get the new ones. Usually change van around 2-3 years old and now had 7 new Baileys since 2000 so if do not get a satisfactory out come may starting looking at other brands, unless the dream sleep system is dropped, so much for Brand loyalty. Ancona
  13. Currently towing with a 2010 Sorento Kx2, looking to change and found a 2014 Sorento Kx1, can cope without the leather and privacy glass as the rest of the spec is virtually the same. My issue is it's not got self levelling rear suspension as the last two Sorento's have had it I am looking for advice. Ancona
  14. Looks like the wooden board is missing from under the cushion, the stitch mark that also does not line up seems to be what we are expected to put up with I think not, if everyone keeps complaining may eventually get an acceptable fix, Anocona
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