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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. We feel a lot better now about going. Although we have travelled many times to the continent over the last 20 years and have never encountered any problems, we have not been for the last few and after reading press stories we were a bit concerned. It is good to get first hand advice.
  2. Has anyone had any problems with immigrants at Calais whilst travelling home with their caravan? Considering going in June but a bit worried about encountering trouble. Any advice would be very helpful.
  3. Hi neebs We had a Trumove S fitted. This is the automatic one. We had one on our VIP and it worked well. We had a few days out in our Vision and really enjoyed it. So much easier than our 2010 VIP in lots of ways i. e. the TV aerial doesn't need fiddling with. We were worried about this after reading reports but we got a pretty good picture on a site with bad reception even without plugging into the bollard and a brilliant picture after plugging in. Also there is no cover to take off for the water heater and the heating/water system is easy to use. The layout worked well and her indoors had no complaints about not having enough room for preparing food and the living area is roomy, even with the fixed beds. Very impressed so far.
  4. Have just picked up our new Kimberley Vision 565/4 with a Truma Auto Mover and it seems to be a lot of caravan for the money. Being a dealer special there are many extras including the omnivent fan. We now have a bog standard charger instead of the two stage as fitted to the VIP, so hopefully we will not have any problems with this one. There is loads of storage, even her indoors can't fill it up. Unfortunately, the aquarolls do not fit in anywhere so will have to travel on the floor also the drawers are a lot more robust than our old VIP. Can't wait to try it out.
  5. Hi David Mine is the Stinger 310 on a Coachman VIP. However I have had a look around Sargent's website and found the Dealer Support Pack which will explain everything about your alarm. It seems if you have a red light in your pir your battery is connected OK. Here is a link to the support pack http://www. sargentltd. co. uk/Dealer_Support_pack. pdf Hope this is of some help. David
  6. There is a easy way to check if your alarm is working ok. Switch the alarm off, go inside the caravan and check the pir. If when you cause movement it shows green it is ok, if red there is something wrong, i. e. alarm battery switched off, alarm battery flat, wire off from alarm battery. I do speak from experience due to having a flat leisure battery because a wire from the alarm battery was broken.
  7. Why not try www. suntreckers. org. uk if you are looking for a proper Naturist Caravan Club. Suntreckers hold rallies in the UK and Europe.
  8. Thanks to Jim and everyone for your input regarding the Lunar SE but after much toing and froing and a disappointing offer from the dealer we have decided to keep with our Coachman VIP at the present moment. Not only would it cost us a lot of money but our Isabella Magnum would not fit and our Ventura Atlantic would probably need modifying and we would need a new Winter cover so there would be no end to it. Glad most of you are pleased with it and if we decide at a later date to change we will certainly look at Lunar. Jim, glad you have your nose weight sorted and the 'van is towing well. This is my first post on Caravan Talk and I am very pleased with all the help and advice that has been offered.
  9. Thanks for your comments Jim, very helpful. Glad you are happy with your purchase. The nose weight in the online manual states 100 kg, does your car only take 80 kg? I didn't realise the toilet filler cap did not have measures on it, not very helpful. I did notice the toilet fresh water tank filler was recessed, but I use a plastic watering can for filling, so shouldn't cause a problem. Looks like I shall have to put the pink stuff in the can because her indoors said I coundn't use the measuring jug from the kitchen. LOL. Will be talking to the dealer tomorrow to see what sort of deal he can conjure up. Talking about the Truma Ultraflow external pumps I have had one on a Coachman VIP for over three years with no problems, at least something worked right.
  10. We are considering changing to a Lunar Clubman SE. Anyone any comments to make on this 'van please? Any advice would be welcome.
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