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  1. I have A Unicorn3 2015 which has LED lights, the only problem I had on my 2014 Rexton W when I picked up the new caravan was that the repeater audible warning did not operate, all lights worked, My dealer spoke with Bailey and they fitted a Ryder box, now no problems, I have since chaged to the up spec 2016 Rexton 2. 2 ELX and that works perfectly
  2. Had the same problem, a Ryder box solved it all ok, still got LED lights
  3. I had a Rexton W 2014 auto found it a good towcar, I have just changed to the new Rexton W ELX with the 2. 2 engine and 7 speed auto, the difference in the two cars is remarkably, the 2llitre was good but the 2. 2 is excellent, interior changes in the ELX are good and the new rear suspension makes a totally different ride, very pleased i updated, certainly reccommend both the 2Land 2. 2L they will both pull twin axle caravans well
  4. I also had a Rexton W 2. 0L which was very good had no problems at all in 2 years towed well, in fact i have just changed it for the new 2. 2L Rexton ELX with the 7 speed auto gearbox, the first car was good but this one is something else, brilliant, got a very good deal on the PX as well, people need to try towing with these vehicles before making unknown statements.
  5. I fully agree we have had 4 vans from Forest of Dean Caravans, excellent service, a friendly family company who know the definition of the word service
  6. We were off electric for 5 days, and used just over 1 6kg bottle of gas, the new U3 fridge eats gas
  7. Bailey did build this model in the UK as Unicorn1 model, we had the 2 axle version the Cabrera but they discontinued them and did not build this layout on unicorn2, the bedroom layout as brilliant, but the centre washroom caused a lack of space in the centre and reduced the amount of room in the front, you had to be very careful when loading as it was rear heavy with the alde, tank, pumps etc all under the rear bed, they did not sell many of these models so they were discontinued.
  8. My DAB works brilliantly, we were in a very poor reception area this week, turned aerial to pickup best signal for TV and DAB and worked well plenty of stations, usless you are in a very strong area you will need to turn aerial to strongest signal.
  9. Has the Ryder box sorted the problem
  10. We have a Cadiz and the isolatoris fitted to the exterior wall in a special box to the offside,this means we just plug in the key to the outside without any obstruction, it works perfectly
  11. I bought one in March 2014 when they were first released, I have the auto version and have towed all over the country, great tow, good fuel consumption, has not missed a beat since new, had a Kia Sorento before, the Rexton is far more comfortable, better equipped and much better on fuel
  12. Our cadiz3 has arrived and is in the dealers workshop having the motor mover fitted, the insulator switch is being fitted in a nice box on the offside of the van this allows cable to be direct from the battery without any modifications or power loss, pick it up next week and then away to try everything out
  13. We have now joined the Bailey Delayed Caravan Club, our Cadiz was due to be with us end of November but delayed to this week, guess what it now delayed and will not be built before the 15th Dec if then, no chance now before the dealer closes for Christmas and New Year. a lot of people are getting very disillusioned with Bailey due not being able to keep deadlines.
  14. what model is your new van that is on line
  15. Cadiz3 have you used the slidingTV bracket yet, does it work OK
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