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  1. Hi The body shape and colour says 1985 86 or 87, def not 84 or 88 Clearly, the graphics have been changed. The chassis number will be very hard to find as it was stamped into the top of the aluminium chassis and will have degraded by now. But if you do find it it will begin with 84. .... Etc, only 7 digits long altogether. One other thing, check inside the wardrobe above the door inside panel, numbers often written there out of sight.
  2. The beyerland was the export range of ABI from Beverley. The windows were normal polyplastic ones, and may still be available of something similar from Miriad products in burton upon Trent. They will want the aperture size of the window ( timber frame sizes)
  3. Sorry, that's not the case, many dealers make you sign a job sheet which has small print saying the caravan remains at the owners risk.
  4. Imagine a large back panel, and the mould required to make it. In GRP the gel coat resin and the strengthening matting is squirted into the corners and extremes in that mould, so that the chances are, the far corners get a lot of material which gains strength. A similar mould/tool for ABS has a large plastic blank laid across the top, heated up, then sucked into the mould. The problem is that the far corners of the mould (the extremes) are where the plastic sheet is stretched to its thinnest, and therefore weakest. Especially where what becomes the top edges or corners, where movement and flexing on the road has it's effects at these weak points. There are two justifications for using ABS, weight saving, and cost saving. These blanks can be bought in different thicknesses so there is a trade off between cost and the thickness that can do the job at these far corners. Once invested in the steel tool cost, an ABS panel is much much cheaper, whereas GRP moulds are usually wood framed and hand built. The same applies to shower trays, the deeper it is, the more likely it is go be thinner/weaker in the bottom corners.
  5. It just won't last like that, as others have said in previous posts it has to be flat on the floor or sat on something with no give. Styrofoam only works for a limited period. A pretty basic design error, as production couldn't fit it suspended like that.
  6. There is no 3 attempts in law, it is all judged by "reasonableness"
  7. Anybody know where I can get a fleetwood back ABS panel from, it's a 2007 model. Tried adria, underwhelmed by their response.
  8. It was nothing to do with ABI or a marauder. It was swifts budget van made for the Dutch market.
  9. I used to buy them from the storage owner for whatever fees were outstanding, then strip them for spares.
  10. I'll leave it there, someone jump in and tell us they succeeded in suing a manufacturer. There is no contract.
  11. So who decides what's legitimate? If it's so easy, who has ACTUALLY done this and succeeded? There is no contract, even a transfer charge does not form a contract Please speak up if you have succeeded? Anything they offer to do is pure goodwill and usually without prejudice. Any extra warranty in the marketing blurb is still not a contract. Read your small print.
  12. The manuf warranty terms are "operated through your supplying dealer" there is no contract. The clue is in the title, SOGA Sale of goods act. You gave your money to the dealer ! I have stood in court on behalf of a manufacturer called there by a customer and said, " I regret your honour, we do not have a contract with the claimant" Case dismissed, I went home. This is fact. Don't waste your time trying.
  13. Try Johnnie Longden in Poole for B&B brake parts
  14. Wrong, you have no contract with the manufacturer, this has to be stated so many times. You cannot touch him unless the fault caused death or personal injury
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