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  1. Hi In the annual accounts membership down. site nights down, with the price increase it will be interesting to see if this trend is continued it will become clear in next years accounts. I will retain my membership because of mayday. CLs and insurance but if the membership fees increase again and again i may have to reconsider. On membership fees the reduction in membership and its income income was offset by the increase in fees to its members renewing. Sandy
  2. Hi In previous club mags it confirmed the rebranding cost was closer to £2 million and probably increasing marginally as previous cc branded products etc are rebranded to the new regime. Sandy
  3. Hi Recently my wife and I spent a very pleasant few days at a commercial site just outside of Bridlington £22.00 a night for a very clean well run site with a massive grass pitch surrounded by hedges. Before booking the site i tried the CMC site Bridlington £32.00 a night no brainer really and my wife and I will certainly return to the commercial site. Not all CMC sites are over priced their site at Leyburn is only £17.00 a night low season plus the site is ran by the most friendly wardens I have come across in the network. I suppose it all down to location location location. Sandy
  4. Hi And of course we can expect a rise in subscriptions for the fourth comming year. If you look at the yearly accounts in last months magazine it states that membership and site occupancy is down. I wonder if this trend may continue with the club's pricing policy Sandy
  5. Hi Motor home use of sites depends very much on Location. For example Hawes and Thirsk sites are on the edge of towns and driving a motorhome can be avoided. Recently we spent 4 nights a the Lower Wensleydale site and motorhomes were in a minority with no more than a dozen on the site. It's 2 to 3 miles into Leyburn for shopping eateries etc. As a side issue the site is fairly priced and the wardens are superb. In the case of other club sites my wife and I spent 6 days on a very good commercial site near Bridlington at £22.00 a night after finding the CMC site was a tenner more a night for the same period. I feel that the club sites are getting rather expensive and I suspect this has a greater influenced on site bookings rather than the cubs lame excuse blaming the beast from the east.(this month's mag) Sandy
  6. Keswick and other sites such as Hawes and Thirsk always attract a large number of motorhomes as it is possible to walk into town from the site so no need to drive. Keswick also has the advantage of a bus station just up the road again leave the motorhome and use the bus. Being a caravan owner i have used the Keswick site and not used the car for a week using the bus to go up Borrowdale etc cheaper than paying for parking Sandy
  7. Hi There is no arguing with fact that since the costly rebranding exercise membership has fallen. and the only increase in fees revenue was due to the membership price increase. The CMC may try to justify its rebranding but the reduction in membership to some extent confirms the rebranding was a waste of time and money. Sandy
  8. Hi Just read the CMC annual accounts statement in the magazine. Membership down and the only reason annual fees ballance is up is because of the price rise. Overall the accounts show little or no growth since the rebranding took place one wonders if the 6 figure cost of the exercise was worth it. Sandy
  9. Hi As someone with a 2017 Clubman i have accepted the fact my remaining warranty is now defunct however on the brighter side the new owners I hope will still produce vans and the availability of Lunar manufactured parts will continue to be available. They will probably still have all of the jigs, fixtures and other equipment to manufacture caravans and the parts specific to Lunar along with the skilled workers. I am now on my fourth Lunar caravan all purchased from new and each one has been excellent with very few issues, the build quality on my Clubman is excellent the only problem being with the battery locker door which cracked and was repaired under warranty. My main problem with my last Clubman was the service department of the company I purchased it from they contrived to damage the van whenever they had it on their premises Regards Sandy
  10. Hi I purchased a brand new Lunar Clubman from a large North Easter Dealer and I found the salesman to be excellent and quickly negotiated a deal which we were very happy with. However after the excellent service from sales thing started to go wrong. The service department were an absolute joke the first service was bad as they did not carry out the work i had highlighted. They made such a mess of warranty work it had to go back to the dealers 3 times for poor workmanship the list goes on. They even flooded my daughter's van. My past experience has convinced me that i can put up with pushy salesmen as long as the company have a good after sales and and service department. I now use a excellent local independant company to service the van who before the went into administration did warranty work for Lunar. Sandy
  11. Hi The front cover or the Bailey Bra was first developed for use on the all aluminium fronted Bailey caravans. Bailey put a protective film on the front of the van to prevent damage but it was so thin the front of the van suffered from gravel rash. I have always had caravans with the front panel being made from non-metalic material and never had an issue with impact damage. I think it a waste of money to buy a front cover to protect the van from road grime and squashed insects after all i have a wife to do the cleaning (joke as she may read this). Is it one of those instances where you buy something and have to justify its use after all they didnt appear until Bailey caravans had an issue. Sandy
  12. Hi The surround of the battery box on my 2017 clubman cracked in the first year of ownership. It was replaced under warranty, as it was glued in the repair entailed cutting the back of the box off and then carefully cutting around the adhesive to remove the front surround. The replacment complete box was then fitted and fixed in place with adhesive. Campbell's carried out the repair as I waited it took about 4 hours. They gave is a voucher for the shop for refreshments. I suspect your locker would be out of warranty. It is possible that if your locker was glued in place this could create a seal behind the cracks Sandy
  13. Hi I bought my Clubman from Campbells an authorised Lunar dealer, as they are in Preston and I live in the NE so I did not intend to use them for servicing the van. Before the purchase i e-mailed Lunar and received a reply saying as long as you use a AWS the warranty would be honoured. As i mentioned earlier my local AWS are quite happy to carry out any warranty work but up to now but none has been required ( they did replace the roof of a friends Lunar caravan under warranty).I did take it back to Preston on one occasion for them to replace a cracked battery box this was done while i waited and it and it was only a short drive from there to the site in West Yorkshire we were on our way too so not a major problem. There must be an issue with the service record if Campbells have refused to carry out the work as I have found them to be very accommodating. Regards Sandy
  14. Hi I have a Lunar van and get it serviced at a local Approved Workshop who is not a Lunar dealer, however he will do any warranty work on my van and claim from Lunar. I have been fortunate in over 2 years of ownership I have had very few issues. Why dont you telephone local Approved workshops and ask if they will carry out the warranty work. Regards Sandy
  15. Hi I have a 2017 Clubman and evert time i took it back to storage within a few hours i would receive an alert from Phantom. I contacted Sargent over the issue and at first they said i should put the alarm into pet mode and this stopped the alerts. I contacted Sargent again as a follow up and their technician said that the problem was with the alarm and was caused by interference from the way it was wired . The Technician asked for the van serial number and the sent me a new sensor and a new length of prewired cable to fit myself to the van. This was easy to fit as everything was prewired. Since fitting the new parts all has been well with no alerts from Phantom. If any Lunar owners out there are having the same problem just give Sargent a ring they are very helpful. Sandy
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