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  1. Hi The surround of the battery box on my 2017 clubman cracked in the first year of ownership. It was replaced under warranty, as it was glued in the repair entailed cutting the back of the box off and then carefully cutting around the adhesive to remove the front surround. The replacment complete box was then fitted and fixed in place with adhesive. Campbell's carried out the repair as I waited it took about 4 hours. They gave is a voucher for the shop for refreshments. I suspect your locker would be out of warranty. It is possible that if your locker was glued in place this could create a seal behind the cracks Sandy
  2. Hi I bought my Clubman from Campbells an authorised Lunar dealer, as they are in Preston and I live in the NE so I did not intend to use them for servicing the van. Before the purchase i e-mailed Lunar and received a reply saying as long as you use a AWS the warranty would be honoured. As i mentioned earlier my local AWS are quite happy to carry out any warranty work but up to now but none has been required ( they did replace the roof of a friends Lunar caravan under warranty).I did take it back to Preston on one occasion for them to replace a cracked battery box this was done while i waited and it and it was only a short drive from there to the site in West Yorkshire we were on our way too so not a major problem. There must be an issue with the service record if Campbells have refused to carry out the work as I have found them to be very accommodating. Regards Sandy
  3. Hi I have a Lunar van and get it serviced at a local Approved Workshop who is not a Lunar dealer, however he will do any warranty work on my van and claim from Lunar. I have been fortunate in over 2 years of ownership I have had very few issues. Why dont you telephone local Approved workshops and ask if they will carry out the warranty work. Regards Sandy
  4. Hi I have a 2017 Clubman and evert time i took it back to storage within a few hours i would receive an alert from Phantom. I contacted Sargent over the issue and at first they said i should put the alarm into pet mode and this stopped the alerts. I contacted Sargent again as a follow up and their technician said that the problem was with the alarm and was caused by interference from the way it was wired . The Technician asked for the van serial number and the sent me a new sensor and a new length of prewired cable to fit myself to the van. This was easy to fit as everything was prewired. Since fitting the new parts all has been well with no alerts from Phantom. If any Lunar owners out there are having the same problem just give Sargent a ring they are very helpful. Sandy
  5. Hi We are on our fourth Lunar and each one has proved to be relatively trouble free. One damp locker door replaced under warranty the other problem was created by the company I bought the van from turning a minor problem into a major one. My current Lunar has just had its second service without any problems and no damp. I bought the van from Campbell's of Preston excellent deal and very good handover, have had two warranty jobs done by the selling dealer, a replacement door front the original was scratched and a new battery locker box the original cracked. All manufacturers turn out Friday afternoon vans you are very unlucky if you get one. Regards Sandy
  6. Hi I am 6foot 2 inches tall and have no problem with our Lunar Clubman SB. The bed length is nominally the same height as me. Our friends have just purchased a Swift single bed van and one of the beds is 6ft 4 inches long. Look around there are vans out there which will suit your purpose. Visit the dealers and try the beds the models they have on display Regards Sandy
  7. Hi Just had the Clubman SB serviced and the Alde fluid changed. Very happy as the van passed with flying colours, damp readings ranged from 8 to 11 percent which is low for this time of the year. We bought the van new an up to now the only warranty issues have been a scratch on one of the drawers and a cracked external battery box. This is our fourth Lunar and the build quality is better than the previous three. Long may it continue. Sandy
  8. Hi Having experienced an overhanging load I know the damage it can do. My wife was pulling the van in Northern France where she failed to notice a wagon with re-bars sticking out in the road at a height just under the awning rail height. Result new awning rail and a big gash down the side of the van fortunately the bill was picked up by the insurance company. Sandy
  9. Hi David I expected you to support the club. I don't have any expertise I rebranding but I understand economics and I doubt the club will gain finantialy from the 2m investment from the remarketing. Many companies bigger and more business savvy have tried remarketing only to revert to the position they were in before before the exercise namely BP,gap,Holliday Inn,Cardiff city,pepsi to name a few. If as in a previous post this move was instigated by elected club executive members what expertise do they have in marketing. I have been a member of the club for over 30 years and will remain a member for some of its benefits but over my time as a member I have gradually felt that the rank and file membership have been ignored over major decisions made supposedly on their behalf. We may disagree about the direction taken by the club but after making my opinion clear I don't intend to get into an extended debate over the issue. Happy new year Sandy
  10. Many MPs don't care a jot for the people in their constituencies they just look after their own interests many sticking their noses in the trough (members expenses). Quite a good analogy Sandy By the way Geoff I enjoy reading your posts but what has happened to Ian as his posts were also excellent Sandy
  11. Hi Yes I have read the balance sheet I was the one who posted about the club's investment in failed Icelandic banks and started the post about the club's rebranding costs. If the organisation was really a club members would have been consulted over rebranding and the nearly 2m it cost. I'm sure if members were asked if they wanted a club rebranding or the money being used in part to acquire a honey pot site in the lakes I am certain they would choose thelater. Regards Sandy
  12. I wonder if the CMC didn't squander members money on rebranding they could have afforded to buy one of the sites the camping club have acquired. They now have 4 sites within 5 miles of Keswick the two they have now are usually fully booked so it is a good move. I have used scotgate many times and again it is usually fully booked I can see it going from strength to strength with the club. Sandy
  13. I'm surprised no one commented about my comment in the original post. The chairman of the club does like his picture in the magazine I wonder if he cuts them out and puts them in a scrapbook. They would look good along side the video of his television adventures Sandy
  14. It's not weekenders that's the problem it serial bookers and cancellers. For example the warder at the Castleton site told me one member booked every weekend from Easter to the end of summer and only turned up once. The CMC condone this type of behaviour as serial bookers can cancel 3days before they arrive without any penalty, their present strategy promotes this type of antisocial behaviour. I'm sure with the systems the club have in place this could be monitored and persistent members who book an cancel on a regular basis could be sanctioned. Sandy
  15. Hi My wife has just read me an article from the self congratulatory magazine which says what a great success their new booking system is. For curiosity I looked on the web site to check bookings for Rowntree Park for next December every weekend full and very few mid week days left. I bet the club don't tell members the cancellation rate. Personally I would have difficulty in knowing what I would be doing next December and would not book a pitch on the possibility of visiting the site. However selfish members can book weekend after weekend and can cancel without any comebacks just before their arival date. As a further note it was disappointing just to see one photograph of the club's own Captain Mainwaring in this month's magazine he made three appearances in last month's. Merry Christmas Sandy
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