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  1. Hi My wife and I have been to Anecy twice an I would suggest you look at what the locals call the sunny side of the lake the east shore. It catches more sun than the west side also it is great for a walk scramble up the Dent great views over the lake and mountains and it is strange to look down on circling para gliders. It is also quieter than the west side. If you enjoy climbing there a number of road side crags to play upon. Sandy
  2. Hi The wardens at Tintagel are quite happy to allow members to pitch nose in to enjoy the magnificent views 500 th post Sandy
  3. Hi The club state 350,000 households are registered as members Sandy
  4. I would agree it's a matter of personal choice I am a member for the commercial services it offers. But read the comments about issues such as rebranding and it confirms my opinion that the club does not really care about its members and their opinions. Two post to go to reach 500 Sandy
  5. At last something to look forward too a freebie from the CMC. Will continue to post as I am closing in to 500 Sandy
  6. There isn't even a discount for canceling the self praising crapazine S
  7. Sorry to disagree the organisation is no longer a club ran by members for members. It in now a commercial enterprise which pays no attention to its members and their interests. Sandy
  8. Hi Last year the club raked in £15.6 million in membership fees up on the previous year less members but an increase in fees. I found it strange the club have stated that this year's increase is for added site costs such as staff and electricity. Any commercial enterprise normally treats each of its services individual and prices affordably . I don't think membership fees should be used to subsidise other parts of the business. On the issue of electricity charges the club crapazineactually mentions some inconsiderate members and how they waste electricity siting the use of heaters in their awnings. Sandy
  9. Hi Club membership is for members to gain access to the club services and should not be used to subsidise other activities. I have my insurance through the club and mayday both of which make a profit for the club and with both the service is excellent. Other services also make a profit such as ferry bookings. The Club likes to forward itself as a membership club but is really a commercial operation ran with no regard to the people who pay their yearly subscriptions. I will remain a member this year for mayday ,insurance and the use of cls but in the future I will probably not renew membership and use the CCC which i am a member with discount for being paperless Sandy
  10. The cost of electricity has stabilized over the last year. Also why should membership fees increase to subsidise utilities etc this should be included in site fees as this is where the said increases have occured. Sandy
  11. Hi just read in the club crapazine that membership fees are going up to £54. With last year's reduction in membership they have to raise fees to compensate. This is also on top of the recently announced increase in site fees. I wonder if this is the straw which will break the camel's back and lead to a further reduction in membership. Sandy
  12. Hi This is the response i received from Cambells Caravans my dealer The goodwill on all applicable, authorised warranty claims comprises of all required parts free of charge and a 50% contribution to the labour element of the claim. The remaining 50% of the labour cost towards the claim will be for the customer to cover. This support is valid until August 2022.
  13. Hi In the annual accounts membership down. site nights down, with the price increase it will be interesting to see if this trend is continued it will become clear in next years accounts. I will retain my membership because of mayday. CLs and insurance but if the membership fees increase again and again i may have to reconsider. On membership fees the reduction in membership and its income income was offset by the increase in fees to its members renewing. Sandy
  14. Hi In previous club mags it confirmed the rebranding cost was closer to £2 million and probably increasing marginally as previous cc branded products etc are rebranded to the new regime. Sandy
  15. Hi Recently my wife and I spent a very pleasant few days at a commercial site just outside of Bridlington £22.00 a night for a very clean well run site with a massive grass pitch surrounded by hedges. Before booking the site i tried the CMC site Bridlington £32.00 a night no brainer really and my wife and I will certainly return to the commercial site. Not all CMC sites are over priced their site at Leyburn is only £17.00 a night low season plus the site is ran by the most friendly wardens I have come across in the network. I suppose it all down to location location location. Sandy
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