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  1. Hi Have you tried looking to see if the pipe from the pump has become detached from the van connecter this has happened a couple of times on my ultra flow van connector Sandy
  2. Hi The D moulding is simply clipped onto a backing strip. the backing strip is either screwed or stapled onto the caravan ceiling boards and the moulding pushed back into place Sandy
  3. I agree with klyne in respect to CMC bookings. My wife and I wanted to go to a certain site for 4 nights. Checked the web site Wednesday and Thursday free booked. Kept looking Friday became free booked then Saterday. It pays to play the waiting game as it is almost certain that one of the serial bookers will cancel and dates will become free Sandy
  4. Hi Phoned the CC and they confirmed the clause in their policy which leaves me in a predicament with my Lunar Clubman and the availability of parts if I have to make a claim .I will looking at other insurance companies for cover. Tried the Camping and Caravan Club and they have the same wording as the CC in their policy documents. Sandy
  5. You will also be able to reinstate the tracker if you wish you just have to phone phantom. The alarm reset is on the alarm box and if the red light is flashing the key can be used to turn it off Sandy
  6. The small key is to reset the alarm. When you arm and he alarm it will beep twice. More info on the sergeant website they are the makers Sandy
  7. Try running the fridge on gas if it works ok check out the heater element. Sometimes removing the fridge and inverting it can solve a gas circulation problem with the fridge Sandy
  8. Hi my 2017 Clubman contains many of the parts which are used on the Alaria. I have had no problems up to press with any of the windows. However check for damp around the front windows it is a known problem but fortunately not on my Clubman. I have had four brand new Lunars only one had any damp and that was on a Solaris around the toilet filling hatch Sandy
  9. Hi when I took my Clubman in for its third service the guy who did the job said the first place they check for damp on Lunar vans is around the front windows. He said it was a known issue with Lunar. Saying that my Clubman was fine with no damp issues Sandy
  10. Hi Interesting article in today's Daily Mail in reference to oximeters. It states some doctors are asking for them to be available on prescription as some Covid patients are suffering blood oxygen levels as low as 50%. Also a medical practice in the North East has a hit squad that goes around to potential victims armed with oximeters with the patient taking their own readings guided by a doctor. Sandy
  11. Hi I purchased an oximeter before going climbing in the Himalayas as I was going to quite a high altitude and I was worried about HAPE. The device was useful in monitoring oxygen levels in the blood and I hoped it would give ample warning of altitude sickness. I purchased mine off e-bay and it worked well and it was reassuring to know that all the time I was at altitude my blood oxy level never dropped below 95%. I found the device was easy to use and if the research is accurate it may indicate the user has a problem if levels suddenly start dropping and further medical advice is needed.
  12. You must also tell you insurance of any modifications made to the car including a tow bar. This is shown on the documentation I received from my insurer's Sandy
  13. Hi One of the great failings of the cc booking system is the popular sites fill up quickly. There is still a significant number of members who book slots on these sites on the on the chance they may turn up and if the weather looks a bit grim they can cancel two days before the are due to go. I have got on Rowntree Park by phoning the site the day before arrival and got a cancellation and this was at a weekend. The warden at Castleton once told me a member from Sheffield booked every summer weekend and only turned up for one. The Club don't see this as an issue and are quite willing to a
  14. On a lighter note I have had years of self isolation when I walk down the street people cross over to the other side of the road, I have even heard people say let's hide Sandy is comming. I've also had people move caravan pitch when they realise I am next to them. Sandy
  15. Hi Damp was found in my Daughters Baily caravan on its 3rd service not by the supplying dealer but an approved workshop. The repair was done under warranty by a Baily dealer without any problems. Explain this to your dealer and ask them to approach Baily and ask if they will honour the warranty. Sandy
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