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  1. We have a 2014 2ltr KX4 Sportage manual and towed our 1350kg Lunar over 10,000 miles including twice to France without a hitch. Average of 25mpg while towing and very comfortable as well.
  2. |New water park is fantastic look it up on their web sit and u tube.
  3. Bought our Quasar 524 in April 2013 and have now towed it over 8k with no problems. Changing next year and it will be another Lunar.
  4. We have had a Specialised Tow Pro Elite for over 3 years and it is still perfect after 8000 miles in varying weather conditions. They are more expensive but are easily cleaned and with one protected zip very easy to put on. Well worth the extra money when you consider the value of the Caravan
  5. We always travel with the fridge and battery on charge but a lot of cars now require additional wiring to achieve this. Never had a problem.
  6. Lucky enough to be able to store the van at home so the night before we leave we put some frozen veg in and connect to the mains. In the morning the fridge and small freezer are filled then master switched off. Power switch and battery buttons are pushed and illuminate with a red warning light and warning bleep telling me there is presently a fault. As soon as I start the engine the warning light goes out and off we go. A lot depends on the wiring as a lot of cars no longer include the battery charger and fridge as standard now.
  7. Hi thereWe had this and resolved it by setting the timer temperature to 3 degs lower than the manual setting. Made a mistake the other day and increased the timer without doing anything else and the error came up as though overheating. Always adjust the temperature outwith the timer on period as it seems to revert to manual. Hope this helps
  8. Stayed here for a few nights and enjoyed it. All facilities and very central for Stirlingshire, Falkirk etc. www. carrshill. co. uk
  9. Bunree and Stonehaven are best booked ahead especially if you include a week end. Kinlochewe is a lovely site but remember the Midge cream !
  10. Hi Ancona, We have a Lunar Quasar 524 (2013) and delighted to say we have had no problems so far having towed it for over 7000 miles. It has everything we need and a good sized bathroom and a decent shower for the times on CL's. Recently back from the South of France for the first time abroad and it towed perfectly. Looking forward to the spring when we will be off somewhere again. Enjoy whatever you purchase.
  11. At a great site at the moment called Le Garenne in St Laurent du Pape but the are plenty of site with great pools and plenty of entertainment in the school holidays. We went from Newcastle to Amsterdam with no problems but it does take travelling time out of your holiday. As for never caravanning abroad don't worry about it. I had not done either until this trip and I'm retired. This site will give you all the information that you will need Happy planning
  12. Hi There Bought a KX4 (181hp) last November and its perfect for towing our Lunar Quasar at 1300kgs. Nice car to drive and has everything in it that you will need. We have towed about 900 miles so far. Got a detachable tow bar fitted which is a bit more expensive and the electrics have to be taken all the way back to the battery as nothing is pre installed. There is mention of ride height problems but mine is perfect and others I have spoken too seem to have no problems. Hope you find what your looking for. Any thing else then just ask.
  13. Agree with Black Grouse but check that your car is still taxed on the DVLA web site. Strange things sometimes happen with ex Demo's
  14. One thing that I have noticed on mine is that the miles/kms are incorrect between the site journeys that you set. Only noticed this when I went onto the route planner. I cannot work out why other than they have measured the distances in a straight line. 250 shown could end up over 300 E-mailed ACSI a few weeks ago but got no reply. Great site apart from that.
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