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  1. You do not need a Freesat-from-Sky card to watch the free to air channels...as free to air channels are, by definition, free to air and free from encryption and no card is required. The Freesat-from-Sky / free to view card only allows you to allocate the regional bbc itv and c4 channel variations that the card is allocated to, and grants access to the three free to view (encrypted but no subscription required) channels....Local TV, Yesterday+1 and 4music. (but as all BBC regions are already on the Sky channel list anyway, and all C4 content is the same apart from regional adverts, then the only benefit for the FTV card is ITV local news on 103 and three channels - is it really worth it??).
  2. The main Astra 2 UK TV satellites are located at 28.2 to 28.5...and it is perfectly legal to watch these around Europe, as long as you abide by the TV Licensing laws for the country you are living in. (No need for short stays, not too sure if there is a day limit for this). As Spain has no TV Licensing scheme, you can legally watch TV from ANY country without the need of paying for a License... Watching the satback content on 27.5w...well, since you have to hack into encrypted "not for public use" UK TV feeds, that act tends to be viewed as illegal - most countries I know have laws about watching encrpyted content without the correct cards to decrypt. IIRC Icecrypt went bust a few years ago, hence no new icecrypt decoders.
  3. Depends what you want to use it for. It will work "out of the box" for free to air channels, with a scan, and will get any channels that your dish is large enough to receive where you are in Spain. If you want to use it to hack into the non for public feeds at 27.5w, then it needs some patching to access the codes required.
  4. For I907, yes. But I901 has been fitted with a "mission Extension Vehicle", extending its life by a few more years, and after tests, will be moving to 27.5 west to take over from I907 https://www.satandpcguy.com/2019/10/10/intelsat-successfully-launch-their-mission-extension-vehicle-or-mev-for-their-old-satellites/
  5. There are only three free Sky channels on uk satellite TV: Sky news, Pick TV and Challenge. These are available in Spain on a small dish, as they are on the european beam of the uk tv satellites. All other Sky channels are pay. Subscription free channels like BBC ITV C4 Five, CBS, Quest, which are nothing to do with Sky at all and not part of any Sky package, are all on the UK beam, whose reception varies so much around Spain, and needs anything from an 85cm to 5m+ dish depending where you are in Spain. Freesat dont and never have issued a card of any kind, since there is no ability for a card to be used in ANY Freesat box. A "Freesat from Sky" card, allowed access to the few "free to view" channels, which originally included some ITV reigons, C4HD and the Fives, but today that card only unlocks 3 channels anyway : Local TV, Yesterday+1 and 4Music.
  6. There are a few free UK channels available on the Euro beam that are available across most of Spain, Sky News, Pick, challenge, Have a look at this : https://www.lyngsat.com/Astra-2E-2F-2G.html and any channels you see on the Europe KU beam, you should be able to get subscription free in Spain on an 85cm dish... Those on the UK beam (BBC ITV C4 Fives, UKTV, SD Discovery / Quests, CBS), are the tricky ones and reception across Spain varies from 1m to 6m dish depending where you are But note that the data stream for Freesat is also on a UK beam, and so you will not get a 7 day programme guide, and if a new box, you will need to set up the box in a place where it can get the Freesat datastream signal....otherwise it will not work at all.
  7. Not for live TV in UHD via SkyQ (used for Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky One, and other odd content if and when it is available - sometime Eurosport this past year, for example) , that comes from the satellite, from their two UHD channels (on 11758 H and 12324 V) and not via the internet, so live UHD content can be viewed even without an internet connection on SkyQ (these are Sky UHD channels for Sky Q, in addition there is the usual Astra UHD Demo channel on the satellite also, on 12441 that I assume you are referring to) Sky On Demand UHD content comes from the internet, as you would expect from On Demand. BBC UHD content is iPlayer only...for whatever little there is, but the few David Attenborough stuff did look great in UHD....think it needed 20Mbs
  8. "I was always of the understanding that if you use any premium Sky channels - i.e. sport or movies - then you must contractually have a landline connection to it." - the landline connection was originally required for any new installations in the UK, as part of the discount scheme where Sky did not charge you for the sky box. This requirement was for the first year of your contract only. This connection was used for the callback to make sure the box was at the correct registered address... These terms were updated for multiroom boxes, to make sure that the discounted boxes and subscription were being used in the correct locations. Now these have been phased out, as boxes are now required to be connected to your internet network, as the HD boxes do not have internal modems. The above, this was for ANY subscription, not just sports or movies. SkyQ will work fine for live TV without internet access. Obvs on demand content requires internet connection. Unlike other Sky boxes, the SkyQ box remains property of Sky. I know of a few SkyQ boxes been used here in Spain for the last few years that have never been connected to the internet and are working fine...
  9. Erm yes, you have to use a Sky card in a Sky box. It cannot be used in any other box, due to the encryption and security the use, which is usually not loaded into other boxes.
  10. 2E, 2F and 2G are the three UK TV satellites at 28 east. All three have basically the same UK beam "print" - there is very little in them. But it is different to the old Astra 2D UK beam print that used to be used. But within that beam, there are "waves", which is why the Costa Blanca area is a hotspot now, and can use smaller dishes than those used in Catalonia and Andalucia / CdS...(so not exactly true that the further south the bigger dish you need) On the old 2d, the UK beam in the Costa Blanca was hard to receive, and Catalonia and Andalucia / CdS could easily receive it. But the "waves" inside the beam have been compressd, so today the old Andalucia / CdS "hot spot" is now located over the Costa Blanca, and the old Costa Blanca "null spot" is not over Catalonia and Barcelona area.
  11. Astra 2 satellites have never moved. They have always been located at 28 east... For Sky Go abroad, you can currently (Brexit will change this), access Sky GO app for approx 35 days without the need of VPN / DNS system (EU Rules). But note as iPlayer (itv hub, all4, uktv) is not a paid subscription service, then these EU rules do not apply and so to access these non subscription services, a VPN / SDNS system is still required. Yes you can, as many uk tv channels, just like most Sky pay channels, are on the European beam and available "south of Bordeaux", and even down in Spain. (or are you using the term "Uk TV" for the non Sky pay channels like BBC ITV C4 Five, which is confusing, as Sky are UK channels as well, and then there are the UKTV Group of channels like Dave) "...Icecrypt box. " and many other receivers, And only about 10 "uk channels" only are on the intelsat system...
  12. You will be able to get plenty of satellites...Astra 1, Astra 2, Hotbird... Astra 1 is a "european" satellite and carries the likes of BBC WOrld News, Sky News, CNN, Bloomberg all in English, and Eurosport, Sport1 and RTL (the latter has free F1). Astra 2 is the UK tv dish. Your size dish will not getthe channels like BBC ITV C4 Five that are on the UK beam, but may get lots of other news channels and a few entertainment channels that are on the European beam, which is easier to receive than the UK beam Hotbird as far as I am aware does not carry many english channels, BBC World news being about it IIRC.
  13. But you can add C4HD to your box in Non Freesat Mode... it just messes up any planned recording you may have in Freesat mode...
  14. You must be one of the lucky few, as the Manhattans are notorious for poor components and a high failure rate... Always ask Sky for a discount, the often give 50% off for 12 or 18 months if you ask them. Especially when Freesat are about to launch their next generation (to include 4k support , which seems pointless when no broadcaster on freesat offer such content...ok bbc have done three things in 4k, and only offered it via iPlayer!) model soon, and why Humax, who by the sounds of it dont have the next gen box contract, have stopped making the Freesat boxes , and new stock is almost depleted... FSFS card currently unlocks three channels : Local TV channels, 4Music and Yesterday +1 Although it will regionalise BBC1,2,itv1, and C4...but as all BBC regions are on the EPG already, and all C4 content is the same bar adverts, then it is only specific ITV1 regions that you may need a card for, if you are unable to add it to your Sky boxes "other channels list". Although the Sky+HD bxoes do allow you to put channels into a favourites list, so you can eliminate all the channels from the EPG that you dont want, i cannot remember if the Sky HD (multiroom) box has this as well. Not sure if you can use a Humax box on other satellites...it will obvs have to be in "non freesat mode"...but i am not too sure if there is a "disecq" switch option, or even other satellite listed...so it may be point the dish, and input a frequency and see what you get...
  15. A quick google search using "netflix download to watch later" brings up the NEtflix help page for this question : Downloading TV shows and movies on Netflix : https://help.netflix.com/en/node/54816
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