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  1. Tyres protected fine, could understand it on a tyre of a grater age but 4yr old done thousands of miles to keep the compound oils flowing. I'm Paranoid about correct tyre pressure and even more so now. bailey sent me my upgrade plate with a revised pressure of 55psi till I questioned it then sent a revised plate back to the original 35psi.
  2. Update to my review of 4007 just had a new lays shaft fitted as the teeth had sheered. total strip of gearbox had a new layshaft/transfere gear/syncro/clutch & crank seal fitted while in bits. £2780.
  3. Just replaced my Michelin tyres after a blow out in the worst possible place brow of a hill double white lines on a bend. One of the offside tyres totally shredded van serviced 3 months ago tyres 4yr old having a closer inspection the side walls were full of cracks tread area like new . Binned them all. Now running on new 2017 boots. No sign of puncture in tread area so no idea of why the puncture occurred must have been running a while flat the state of the tyre no idea it was punctured just heard a bit of a commotion at the rear and then saw the tyre flapping. So tyre pall is on the cards for me.
  4. My Arival renewal last Nov was £110 told them I was leaving to go with Mayday they reduced it to £102 and 15mth cover only add euro cover half way through if I decide to go across the channel which ends up costing me £100 extra for the remainder of the cover
  5. You should have one of these for Al-Ko key pattern
  6. Hi lozzyf what van and tracker do you have ? Just been search in the net for info on checking if my tracker is still working ok. I have a lifetime subscription with Tracker on my Bailey Barcelona 2 on searching I came across an article that Tracker are closing down the monitoring of Trackers fitted to Bailey vans between 2010-2015 so so much for the lifetime subscription.
  7. I am certainly VERY tempted, 60 quid does seem a bit much just for a replacement VIN plate though. + A new cert. Upgraded my barcelona when I bought it new they sent me a new vin sticker with the upgrade to 1800kg and tyre pressure of 55psi which I questioned. They then sent me a new vin with the amended psi back to the standard 35 psi
  8. Well that was the best read ever. Laid here @ the side of a swimming on Sanibel island FL rolling with laughter people and the wife thinking I'm having a fit absolute PMSL. ENCORE
  9. Replaced mine with chrome auto edging strip front and rear.
  10. I'm with Safeguard (Swinton) and mine is underwritten by AXA. Had a new for old payout with them had a lorry driver who kindly ran his truck down the side of my 2yr old van, he disputed my account of the claim, but thank god I had witness statements. Don't know what the outcome would have been without them. but at least I got paid out so I staid with them. Always phone them @ renewal for a better price. Got a bit paranoid after that so I now have dash cams front and rear in case no witnesses around.(He was also with AXA so they were on a looser with that claim)
  11. I got a price match on the 2013 Unicorn 2 Barcelona in August 2012 when there was only a couple of show models doing their rounds at dealerships @ £22500 a dealer on the Web was offering a price of £20000 so I asked if thy would do a price match so saved £2500 had to wait 4 mth for delivery got it Nov 2012 one of the first ones on the road so there is room for a discount on new models.
  12. Also keep a lookout for this sign which might catch you out (priorité à droite ) priority to the right on some rural roads. As they can pull out in front of you even from a farm track. and on some roundabouts but that is rare as this is being phased out.
  13. Are the scales pressed steel ? Try putting some reinforcement on top of the scales before lowering the van as you might be getting a false reading putting a lot of weight in a small area on the bed of the scales by distorting them.
  14. No there isn't any rubber surrounding. The leatherette covering is folded into the hole this gives a tight seal on the clock hence hard to remove.
  15. Found this a problem with the bailey kept having to site the van nose up. Then noticed the pipework under the sink fell bak towards the plughole so just shortened the vertical pipe to give a good fall away from the plughole now it nearly drags you down with the water flow
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