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  1. Now I'll agree, a 9K saving is worth the risk.
  2. People are buying second hand vans for not a lot cheaper than a new one. That's fine, it's a saving, but what about the shortened Manufacturer's Warranty ?
  3. No different to the guys I work with. They'd sooner go away for 5 nights to Spain and sit at home the rest of the year. The thoughts of a caravan holiday sends shudders down their spine. Me, I'm away most weekends to my home from home caravan and loving it...
  4. Hi guy's, This year seems to be the year for selling nearly new vans with all its kit, fairly obvious why they bought them and now why they're selling them. No problem with that, they've given it a try but prefer alternative holidays. My reason for this post though is regards the selling prices they are asking, and more worrying, people thinking it's a great price. Example: Swift van, 2019, paid £20500. Selling for £20000 with awning etc. Looks a lovely van as it's hardly been used. But have people forgotten, or maybe they're unaware that the Manufacturer's Warranty drops massively for its second owner ? This van will also come with no Dealer's Warranty. Surely you'd want the security of the bodywork warranty for as long as possible if your paying basically the new price ? Yes it comes with all extras, but these aren't likey to cause you an expensive headache if they go wrong. Any, that's my thoughts. Phil.
  5. Avon have been in touch again this morning explaining how the refund procedure works and how if they find the tyres to be at fault they will refund me. But they've already said they won't as they are not for caravans. As of yet they haven't replied to me questioning their response. National Tyre are just sending out generic emails every 24hrs. Phil.
  6. Cheers for the support guy's, National Tyre just keep bouncing me around general customer support emails every 24 hrs. I think I'll give the C&MC legal advice a ring later. Phil.
  7. I'll be happy with National Tyre's accepting some responsibility at this stage. Their consistent line so far is, "it's not our problem".... Phil.
  8. Avon replied this morning with this link. https://www. avontyres. com/en-gb/improper-use-on-caravans/ Shame National Tyre's didn't know about this. Phil
  9. Just had a live chat with national tyre, As the store said. They'll send them back, if there's a fault, Avon will refund me directly. Phil.
  10. I did just that on Friday, his response, "we're just the middle man. You'll have to buy new tyres and we'll send your old ones back. They may refund you directly. We won't". That's National Tyre's so not a back street garage. Phil.
  11. Following on from this post. I've also got a pair of Avon tyres that will need replacing prematurely. Small cracks appearing all around the edges of the side wall. About 3/4" in from the wheel rim. Tyre size, 185R14 102 Date stamp, 3116 Fitted, may 2017 I've contacted Avon by email, just waiting for response. If any 😕 Phil.
  12. I'll agree, they did squeeze in a few too many pitches, but it was rarely full. They managed to sell one of the holiday cottages and now just continue to rent the others out. The owners built a bungalow on the site for themselves, and now plan to build a further six holiday bungalows. Not sure how they'll fit thst many on site though. Phil.
  13. Thanks for that Janet. Always fancied trying Aubern Farm but heard it's hard to get on due to popularity, and finding the number was tricky. I didn't even realise they had a website. Phil.
  14. Just read that my favourite 'get away' site, Southview at Barmston, is closing to be be built on at the end of summer. The location was just perfect for us, stones throw away from the beach, short drive in to Bridlington, site easy to get to. Spent many a winter's day strolling along the beach. Now I'm stuck trying to find a site somewhere close and without going inland or North of Bridlington. There is a CL 100m away but that's Adults Only. If anyone knows of any sites close by to Bridlington I'd be grateful of any info available. Phil.
  15. Can you imagine the mess the van would have been in if she'd have looped the breakaway cable around the tow ball 😯 Phil.
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