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  1. Check out utube lots of helpful videos on there
  2. I'm in my 70s last year got in touch with a old school mate on social media finding out what we have both done over the years when I mentioned we have a touring caravan his first words were I prefer a bit of luxury my reply was I prefer to sleep in a clean bed with sheets no one else has slept in , he then went on to say how do you know the beds have been slept in by other people my reply well I worked at a hotel for months and saw what went on hence we very very rarley use hotels.
  3. Dont forget Audi and most German cars ,I'm led to believe this how BMWs that are stolen are found by our law officers when they see a BMW using its indicators they stop them and check
  4. Contacted them on the 23 of june still no reply
  5. Bought this when we were away tried it absolutely brilliant stuff cleaned mesh blind by cooker in minutes thanks Mr Plodd . PS don't think it needs 10 minuets
  6. Tend to agree now to get one search engines here we come
  7. Just back from Somerset whilst away the oven would not increase in tempature would light up and stay alight but would only stay as if just lite any suggestions ( hob and grill work ok ).
  8. I am a member but cant for the life of me find it Can you tell me what section it is in i have looked in all of them and cant find it .
  9. Can you get a torch shine it into the vent in the bedroom you may be able to see if the pipe work is connected.
  10. If you go on the Thetford web site there are drawings showing all parts and in an exploded view this may help.
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