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  1. At least we dont have to bail out private rail companies .
  2. Before i retired my last place of employment was University of Birmingham where they were working on Hydrogen powered vehicles they were small 2 seat cars, the "scientists" working on them did not hold out a lot of confidence in them as the energy cells at the time were very unreliable, some said that solar power would be better "if" they could develop a solar panel that would give fast charge capabilities .
  3. Thought we were getting another 50,000 nurses of which 19,000 already work for the NHS
  4. I will have the vaccine im 71 i have 3 children 2 of who i haven't physically touched in 2/3 months i have 6 grand children 4 of who i haven't physically touched in 2/3 months i have 1 greatgrandchild who i haven't touched in 2/3 months if it give's me some side affects i will put up with it ( most vaccines have side affects ) i know the vaccine doesn't stop you getting covid 19 but it helps you survive so to me no brainer if you choose not to have the vaccine ok but don't expect me to invite you into my home or area .
  5. If you can get any wire wool in the gaps/holes may work and still allow ventilation
  6. Years ago too many too remember on shift at work ( a brewery great place too work and not just for the benefits ) we had a A F I ( academic f#@#>< idiot ) working with use who thought it was a good idea to attract our attention by whistling us any how after having a little conversation about the whistling and not being a dog and i think he would prefer his teeth as they were at the start of the shift he ended up a good lad fast forward to 25 years later and the new managing director of said company come in to introduce himself to every one ,yes you guess correctly the same A F I who wen
  7. Bought one last night from B&Q black and decker 18 v £30.00 at that price if i get 2/3 years out of it great only one battery no case but good enough for the steadies
  8. For me and shwmbo no brainer for all those who say no way or not sure its safe ( and i have family who are in this group) if you don't have the vaccine your choice but its also your choice to decline any treatment by the NHS if you get it allow those who wanted it but were further down the list and got the virus to push you back down the list.
  9. Do you know any one who caravans who could advise or even go with you to view 99.9999% of caravaners are helpful and will point you in the right direction if its towards a van or away from a van hope you find what you want just don't rush check and check again .
  10. As we sat with great expectation last nigh all the leaking was from the bbc and sky think johnson or cummings were doing the leaking
  11. Wife and i had the same thing with BCC tested and result text back within 48 hrs ( that was over a week end ) seems local authorities are on the ball unlike serco
  12. Welcome first thing is safety second thing is safety you need to get it checked i know this may seem a bit of a downer but do get it checked , any one in your area with a van most vanners are really helpful just ask another great place is you tube loads of helpful videos plenty of people will be along soon with good advice and just remember we all started out the same as you scratching our heads and looking bewildered
  13. Started when we were in our mid 30s on our way to look at a tent stopped at traffic lights outside van dealership 1 hour later had bought a Marden classic caravan hadn't even got a tow bar bro in law picked it up for us fitted tow bar to our 1750 hl allegro and had 5 great years with it sold to bro inlaw started going abroad on package holidays came back to caravaning about 12 years ago now in our 70s and taking grandkids with us our kids loved going abroad but always say caravaning is the beast.
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