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  1. We are away bank holiday weekend this month ( not a club site ) been using this site for about 10 years never had a problem extending our length of stay on the site ,that is until this year phoned to ask if possible they are fully booked they said never known it so busy , so i am hoping for some no shows ( selfish i know but needs must ) .
  2. Re the c clip if you take the barrel to any engineering supply should be able to source a c clip , the conduits I can't help with sorry .
  3. I did manage to get a 6 Ltd propane yesterday had to swop calor light for regular bottle they had 4 delivered first guy unwanted all 4 they would not sell them to him as others my self included had pre ordered.
  4. They will most probably be along soon
  5. Careful you will have the anti noise flag and solar lights brigade after you
  6. Just been on aldi special buys they have a emove 200 online order for £499.99 can't see any date for this but thought would pass on.
  7. So at long last gotten around to replacing the blade handle ring what with Covid etc , i will say that i started trying to take the complete toilet unit out of the van , checked on u-tube and the guy says " just remove the 4 base screws and then the 4 screws in the flush fill area" what he doesn't say is the screws holding the base unit are 150 m/m long ( that's 6 inch in old money ),managed to remove 3 of the base screws the last one not a chance and of course it was the one at the rear left , so on to plan "B" remove 3 retaining guides (2 screws in each ) do this by rotating the bowl to ac
  8. Just been to Aldi they are selling 10 meter food grade water pipe and shut off valve for £14.99.
  9. Don't know of a step but there is a levelling ramp bright yellow in colour down Brean Somerset way.
  10. My opinion is the opposite when you take in to account the likes of Khunesberg Marr etc.
  11. We use Fenwicks works for us checkout u-tube they have demo on there.
  12. That's the trouble with lockdown people have very little to pass the time so you have become their target for this week next week it will be next doors cat .
  13. These changes and general rule's re statics are the main reason i stopped having a static and restarted touring you can just upsticks when the owner changes rules .
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