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  1. Wife and i had the same thing with BCC tested and result text back within 48 hrs ( that was over a week end ) seems local authorities are on the ball unlike serco
  2. Welcome first thing is safety second thing is safety you need to get it checked i know this may seem a bit of a downer but do get it checked , any one in your area with a van most vanners are really helpful just ask another great place is you tube loads of helpful videos plenty of people will be along soon with good advice and just remember we all started out the same as you scratching our heads and looking bewildered
  3. Started when we were in our mid 30s on our way to look at a tent stopped at traffic lights outside van dealership 1 hour later had bought a Marden classic caravan hadn't even got a tow bar bro in law picked it up for us fitted tow bar to our 1750 hl allegro and had 5 great years with it sold to bro inlaw started going abroad on package holidays came back to caravaning about 12 years ago now in our 70s and taking grandkids with us our kids loved going abroad but always say caravaning is the beast.
  4. If you have not got a manual bailey web site have them that you can down load may help
  5. According to bailey hand book van height of the Ranger G T 460/2 is 2.58 m hope this helps .
  6. Which ever tap you have the first thing you do when servicing it is put the plug in the waste because that is where the screw washer or what ever is going to end up i speak from first hand knowledge .
  7. Just back from the lake district gas was running low thought may as well top up whilst here 6 kilo calor lite bottle not a chance even thought well just get a normal calor bottle , by all accounts calor closed local centre tried 5 different places cam sites garden centres diy no availability Windermere c & cc site not had a delivery in months so if you are going that direction check your gas levels .
  8. We collect our grandchildren also i was the only one wearing a mask one of the parents works for the NHS he wasn't wearing a mask so what chance do we have .
  9. We went into the pound shop and bought 2 push button lights that stick to the bulk head in the gas locker just replace the battery every year no drilling no wiring .
  10. I do when the grandkids are with us because they like it i also do it when the grandkids arn't with us because i like it .
  11. Thanks allfor your advice hope to do soon will let you know how it went fingers crossed .
  12. Thanks John will do but not the blade its the operating handle
  13. So whilst away daughter came to visit and managed to break the flush blade handle still able to use , am in the process of sourcing new handle has any one else changed said handle how hard/easy was it from what i can see it requires the removal of the top bowl ( about 4 screws from in side toilet cassett ) and then install new handle .
  14. Just back from hols we had a cross beam bladder leak around the hard plastic valve so unable to glue/seal sort of fixed with a "pool noodle" which if you have not seen is a long polystirene stick about 6 cm diameter removed bladder inserted pool noodle lasted for duration of the hols
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