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  1. Look on u-tube information on there about thetford toilet fuses/pumps etc guy called Dan trudgian
  2. Have just ordered one off Ebay £29.99 from the-caravan-centre have a look many different prices .
  3. The one I have on my car is a touch screen vehicle black BOX DVR comes with a rear view camera you can install on the rear of car I installed inside the car so no drilling rear camera can be connected to reversing light and comes on to front camera screen so you can use it as a reversing camera bought on Eb#y for about £40 easy installation about every 2 weeks you have to reformate the card ( which you have to buy separate ) but that takes seconds to do does the job excellent vfm imo
  4. Thanks for all the replys will do some thinking and contact the RAC re the cost
  5. Do you have to be a member of the Caravan club to use Mayday ?
  6. Its time to renew car breakdown cover at the moment we have RAC arrival renew price £124.95 no home cover included , have got a quote from green flag £63.84 they say will tow van to place of my choice this includes home cover question is do I switch or stay been with RAC since 1984 used them twice to bring van home both times couldn't fault the service , any advise
  7. Had similar problems turned over even in summer time but not good at starting changed starter good as new .
  8. Yorkie3 do you know any one with a good length of caravanning experience they may be able to come with you to hold your hand as it were when you go looking at vans,
  9. Fitted mine 5 years ago very easy if you are DIY minded (as said a good pair of crimping pliers required ) may need assistance from some one to lift into position can be rather heavy, hope it goes well . Ps the best thing we ever did to our van so easy to pitch and store .
  10. We have a starcamp camio with annex and can only say it is very good we have alloy poles with the main awning steel with the annex easy to put up.
  11. As the Monty Python sketch says "you were lucky "
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