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  1. You should be able to find it in most DIY sheds - I bought it in Taskers in Liverpool (not sure if they're a national chain or not). Similar to B&Q but not as rip-off They had two, same size but one was £4. 99, the other £2. 99 with no appreciable difference. The cheaper one did the trick just fine - to the extent that even MrsLL can now manage to operate the mechanism on her own! Success!! There's lots online, eBay is full of it - it's handy stuff for many things - http://bit. ly/1vDCQhv
  2. Just for anyone else who has the same problem. .. Looks like the additional friction of the newish top seal might be to blame. I bought some silicone spray on my way over to the van on Saturday thinking it'd be worth a try. When we were last away, it just wouldn't open more than a small crescent but I gave it an almighty twist and it did open this time. Heartened, I removed the casette & gave it a really good going over with the spray, it's now a lot easier and seems to open ok. Although I'd lay bets that I still get a call from MrsLL who seems incapable of operating the mechanism!
  3. Hi All We have an old Thetford bench in our '91 Lunar 460-2. Like this: https://encrypted-tbn0. gstatic. com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEjkTESyUVpyJo2PUlDQ4RBGMmm8OH3YRy7RvHl00bMxjtZ-xF2w And the casette is one of the old all beige ones. It's been fine, replaced the top seal last year after advice on leakage on here and it was fine. But I've now got another problem Rotate the toilet knob to open the slide and it only opens about a third of the aperture. It will move over if persuaded with a finger Take the casette out & manually rotate the slide knob on the casette itself and it opens all the way. Rotate the toilet knob without a casette and it appears to have full & free movement - it's only when the two are mated up that it won't open fully. Any ideas? - Dunc
  4. In our elderly Lunar Clubman 460/2, there's two Labcraft XL ceiling lighting fixtures. Each with 2 flourescent tubes in. I've noticed that these seem pretty dim of late. Is it likely to be the tubes simply getting old? (Do they go dim rather than just expire? All the domestic tubes I've known generally flicker rather than go dim.) Obviously cheaper to just replace the tubes but if need be I'm quite happy changing over to LED & feeding direct from the 12V. But thought I'd seek opinions. I've used LED tape strip on the underside of the lockers to make reading easier - just need to do it to the kitchen now - the lightswitch there is so full of grease from the previous owner that they rarely come on!
  5. I'll get some of the spray certainly. Won't do any harm. The curious thing is that I can open the slider fully by turning the lug on the holding tank by hand, similarly the rotary open/close knob on the bench seems to have full travel but when they're mated you can only get a third of an opening turn on it.
  6. Yes, it's firmly into the pocket. A bit more Googling seems to suggest that the awning rail might be a bit low on our old Caravan ('92 Lunar Clubman 460-2) and that could be doing it. I'll give the crossbar idea a try when we're next away though.
  7. Just to update this, I bought a seal at The NEC Caravan Show last year and it was nice & simple to fit. Took about 10 mins if that & it's been fine ever since. Although on our last trip away, it seems that the slide is no longer opening fully. It will if you turn the knob on the cassette by hand and with no cassette in place the rotary control on the bench seems ok but put them together and you can only get it to open about a third of the way - amy ideas on that one folks?
  8. Have a look on eBay too - if I've got the link right, this shows Statics within 10 mile radius of Manchester (or was it 25miles, can't rememeber! ) http://bit. ly/1uwGNVL A mate of mine lived quite happily in a twin axle for a while when getting divorced, sure that was more than 28 days but he was probably working away for some of the time. Insurance is a must but be aware that many Insurors will be wary of you as with No Fixed Abode, you'll look like a different type of caravan dweller. ..
  9. Hi All, spt of advice would be most welcome. We got a new awning recently to replace the old, heavy, battered canvas one that came with the caravan (we're newbies too) and it's great but do struggle with putting it up. Any ideas/advice most welcome. Here's how it should be done Note the bit at 1:25 where a small pin locates in the bottom of the pole. This takes me all my strength & both hands to bend the pole sufficiently for my wife to get the pin in, obviously not enough slack somewhere! It should just pop in & then the strap adjustment will take care of the rest. And yes, the strap is at its longest when we're trying to get it in. (I. e, max slack) Similarly, we had an issue on our last trip out, Coniston Park (lovely site) and it was raining. A lot. well it is The Lakes! And in spite of the roof being 'curved', water began to pool - ultimately partially collapsing the awning. One of the poles bent sideways and this huge bubble of water was nearly down to the floor. Just reached out the door & pushed the pole back, it flipped back round into the right shape & all the water ran off - delighted a £100 awning stood upto that abuse! But again, any way we can get a better curve on the roof so the water runs off? Here's a selection of pics from that trip showing how we had it pitched. The start of the pooling water. And the outside shots. .. . ..and I thoroughly recommend this cafe in Coniston village. Go for The Sheila's Special!
  10. Thanks all, just need to work out which (ancient) model it is now!
  11. Hi All We're newbies so still working everything out (Only just had our second outing for a great week in The Lakes) It's an old '91 Lunar that's been well used so I seem to be constantly fettling things! Anyway, when we started, it was possible to flush & have water sitting in the bowl of the loo. I know this shouldn't be done long term but it took my wife a while to learn how to twist the knob to open the slide! So I know it could sit there a little while with no leakage as could any other fluid that arrived into the bowl prior to a flush & slide. .. It wasn't left for hours, just a minute or so. But then I noticed that this wasn't happening & any fluid was now leaking out & into the cassette compartment - not very nice! Now we can get round it of course by opening the slide straight away & not allowing any fluid to sit there but with a wife & toddler, correct procedure doesn't always get followed! So just wondering. .. a) Should it be possible to have non-leaking fluid contained in the bowl at least for a short period b ) If so, what's gone wrong? I presume it must be the seal on top of the cassette. It looks ok but like everything else, it is old. It's the old beige, Thetford cassette system used with a bench type seat if that makes sense. Not one of the new-fangled ones with wheels on the cassette. Cheers - Dunc
  12. Littlelegs

    Coniston Park Coppice

    It's a lovely site, very much in keeping with the Lakes, lots of individual pitches and small glades with space for 3 or 4 and then some larger areas. All very green & leafy as you'd expect. Far nicer than some of the 'open plan' sites we drove past. Friendly vibe & spotless facilities
  13. It's a lovely site, very much in keeping with the Lakes, lots of individual pitches and small glades with space for 3 or 4 and then some larger areas. All very green & leafy as you'd expect. Far nicer than some of the 'open plan' sites we drove past. Friendly vibe & spotless facilities Click here to view the UK campsite review
  14. Hi Looks very similar to my Clubman 460-2 from '91. It's the standard Carver connector but one of your retaining lugs/security clips has snapped off. You should be able to find all you need on ebay. .. You can certainly get the connectors & lugs on their own & then fit the connector to any 12V submersible pump assembly. Let's have a look. .. here we are. . Carver Pumps should give you all the gubbins you need. Cheers.
  15. Neither my wife nor I had that benefit - my Dad didn't like caravans one bit! (Too much time under canvas & in fields in the Army he said. ..) But I'm hoping most of it will come as common sense to two 40-somethings accompanied by a toddler-shaped bundle of energy! We've just returned from our first weekend away at CC Penrhos (and we loved it!) and someone mentioned the squeegee thing to my wife when helping her get the shower controls working (not the most mechanically minded my missus! ) - glad they did otherwise I might have assumed they were just there for the cleaners, as it was I was more than happy to use them (unlike some others) and of course it makes perfect sense when you think about it. I'd hope boundaries are fairly obvious to anyone with an ounce of nous but I'm sure there's lots of stuff that's obvious to the old hands that's not to me - so please do shout out now with any more tips folks! We all have to start somewhere but hopefully being keen to do the right thing means that more often than not, you'll end up doing it anyway. Mind you, the owner of the storage site did remark - on seeing my reversing - that he could tell I was a newbie! (Bit embarrassing me being a bit of a petrolhead but practice will make perfect-ish. .. Eventually!) Dunc
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