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  1. I have just had another look and you are right it is closed on the night we are looking to go. Thanks very much for trying to help. Les
  2. Thankyou very much. That is us sorted for the trip down. Just out of curiosity how much did you pay per night? Les
  3. Moorgate. Thanks for the site I will have a look at it. Do you think I would need to book it in advance. We have a bit of a tight schedule on this trip if we like the site and Portugal then we will look at spending more time at the sites on the way down. Les
  4. I am going to Portugal at the end of December. We arrive at Santander on 29th and drive to Salamanca for our first overnight. From there we are going to Seville, I am looking for a suitable overnight site in that area we only require electric. Thanks in advance Les
  5. I hope it’s warmer in Pornic tomorrow and for the following 4 days as we are heading up there on our way home.
  6. We came over on 20th May to Ypres the site was full. 2 nights later we went to Olivet near Orleans and the owner said her takings we’re down by 30%. From there we went La Paille Basse in Souillac and there were only about 6 units there. From there we went to Bois Soleil at St George de Didonne where we still are. I have never seen so many empty pitches in about the 20 years we have been coming here. Les
  7. Last time I was there I went to the car about 7am and hafar shock. This big bloke must have been 6foot 6 tall and seemed to be the same across the shoulders. Came towards me, I was a bit concerned but he went to the bin to empty it. He was security and the gendarmerie came down for a chat with him. To me it is the safest aire that I have stayed at and would recommend it.
  8. Still not received mine. I emailed them this afternoon, still hoping as we leave for Spain on 2nd January. les
  9. Ours is coming from ACSI but it hasn't come yet. Hoping it will be here before 2nd January. We will be on the ferry to Bilbao. Les
  10. I haven't had any problems in Spain and I used it in January to March, I was able to get all the main channels. I just connected to the internet and used it. I have never used VPN. Les
  11. It depends on which sites you are going to. There are sites that have tv hook upon the bollards. The site we use in Benicassim. There is someone who has 12 big dishes and if he can will connect you to one of them for 1 euro a day. another way is if you can get wifi download tv catchup.
  12. We have always found the man in reception to be very good.
  13. La Futuriste has stopped taking Campingcheques and started taking ACSI it is a good overnight stop and you can fill up with cheap fuel compared to the motorway.
  14. We use a bit of grey pipe lagging cut to size, works perfectly. Les
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