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  1. Yes, checked the fuse in the plug, tried a new one, still no go!
  2. Hi all, We are currently in France, staying in our Bailey Valencia 2013. The caravan has been sited here for nearly a year. We’ve been here for 6 weeks this trip, without many issues. .....except bloody mice! However, I noticed a puddle on the floor yesterday. First thought was hubby has overdone the pot washing! Got up this morning, kitchen floor soaked! My Dometic fridge has just stopped working! Won’t work on electric, battery, nor gas. I have checked the fuse, checked the plug socket under the cooker. No idea what to do next, except maybe buy a fridge to go in the awning! Any ideas folks? TIA, julie
  3. Just wanted to say thank you. I called Alde as advised and the chap was wonderful! Patiently talked me through resetting the system, which, I'm pleased to say, did the trick! No hot water bottle needed tonight. Thanks again
  4. Thanks everyone, I shall try all of the above before I call alde.
  5. All other electric devices are working fine. The site bollard does trip quite easily, not sure on voltage but cant have many appliances on without it tripping. However, it is working at the moment!
  6. Hi, I am hoping that there is someone out there, who might be able to help? I am alone in my caravan in France for the first time, (first time alone, not first time in France!). We have a Bailey Unicorn Valencia S2, which we have had since new. I am usually the one in charge of setting the Alde heating/water system, so am fairly used to it. I am plugged into the mains electric on site and have been using my Alde heating on electric without issue. Until last night! Van started getting colder and colder. Long story short, I can get the heating to work on the gas but not the electric! Gas is expensive, electric is free! The panel shows the circle/arrows symbol, which usually indicates that the pump is working but no such luck. I have refilled the system with the glycol mix the service engineer left with me last year but I have no idea how to bleed the system, if that's what the problem is! Can anyone help me out at all? Thanks in advance, Julie
  7. Thanks for all the tips guys. We just tried our friends pump in our barrel and it works fine. Bizarrely, it won't work in his identical caravan! We keep having issues with this van, not sure any of us would buy a Bailey again! Thanks again.
  8. HELP! We have a Bailey Unicorn Valencia S2. The pump doesn't seem to be working correctly, feels like there is an airlock in the system all the time. It used to do this a lot but was easily cured after running a lot of water through. Now, nothing works! The water is Not pumping through properly, lots os sitters and spurts and then the pump doesn't turn off. We have to switch the pump off at the mains after every use. ...most annoying! The worst of it is, we have just collected it back from it's annual service! We are away for a week, on a serviced pitch, which I can't make use of! Please help! Regards, Julie
  9. Hi all, Many thanks for your suggestions. wandahome is now telling me to release the nuts and re torque to 130Nm. They think that Baileys instructed them to torque up to 160Nm due to wheel loses on some of their 2012 models and have not revised their advise. I have tried to include photo's of the nut. There are no numbers to indicate a HT nut, so assuming these are not! Wandahome are sending a replacement nut by courier, hopefully it will reach us in time to fit, before the ferry deadline tomorrow! Their service department have assured me that the remaining nuts will be ok, as the van was not moved with them on when torqued to 160Nm - I hope they are right!! Again, many thanks for your dvise and support. It is nice to know you are not alone, when faced with a crisis! Kind regards, julie
  10. Thanks all, I will get the other half to check the numbers tomorrow. However, as we bought a brand new 2013 caravan, from a recognised dealer, I assumed all would be well! If they so not appear to be of the correct grade, I. e. HT, then I guess I will have an even better argument with the dealer! Again, many thanks for your advice. Julie
  11. It just gets worse! As Wandahome have advised us of the incorrect torque, (I have this in writing!), do you think I have a case to demand they rectify this tomorrow? Losing hope now! Julie
  12. Hi all, Yes, we have motoring only cover with Red Pennant but it states it only commences the day of departure. I agree, it would be best to change all of the nuts, if we could only get hold of them! Bailey are sending one to Wandahome tomorrow. ......not much good to us! If all nuts have been over torqued and we are unable to get new ones, would we be able to replace with different nuts? Many thanks again! Julie
  13. Thanks for your suggestions. We bought the Caravan from Wandahomes in Knottingley. I am even more confused than before! I have spoken with Wandahomes, who have assured me that the torque should be 160Nm, then I have just received a response from Bailey customer service, who told me that the correct torque is 130Nm! They have informed that Wandahomes have given us the incorrect Nm of 160! which will break the nuts! Wandahomes are sticking to their 160Nm, don't know whaat to do! We live in the middle of nowhere, tried mobile repairer, too busy. HELP. ............
  14. Please help! We are due to travel to France this Friday. ...yes, I know, the day after tomorrow! My hubby has just been to check the wheel nuts. He has tightened them using a torque wrench, following the guidance which was written down by our dealer. We have a S2 Unicorn Valencia and were told tot tighten them to 160 Newton Metres. All went well until the last nut, which has snapped! Leaving half of it stuck in there! I have contacted the dealers, who said for me to call Bailey, I have called Bailey, who said I have to e-mail their customer service dept. I have sent them an e-mail (about 2 hours ago), but not had a reply. Called the dealer back again, they have ordered one from Bailey but it has to be sent to them, not to us! We live 180 mile, round trip away from dealer, not that it is going to get to them or us in time! Does anyone know, if we can use another nut?Assuming that we can remove the bit which is stuck! As you can imagine. ..panicking ever so slightly! Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Julie
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