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  1. The 2019 RAV4 AWD Hybrid is a good towcar, the UK version can tow 1650Kg. I have towed 625 miles in the UK since May, getting between 25 and 28mpg dependent on road type, headwinds etc. pulling 1600Kg. Having 2 electric motors, the startup torque is phenomenal compared to a conventional transmission. I was a little wary of the 70Kg noseweight, but with careful load distribution of our Unicorn, no problem and a stable tow. Dave
  2. The mass in service of a current RAV4 AWD hybrid is 1815 Kg according to my V5, so towing 1450 Kg gives a ratio of 80%. The towing limit is 1650 Kg and the max train weight is 3920Kg. I may be missing something but I don't see the problem. The 85% recommendation for new towers is just that, no more. Dave
  3. Has anyone any experience of using a RAV4 hybrid AWD Excel as a towcar. It has a towing limit of 1650kg so should manage my Unicorn S1 Cadiz adequately. I am used to driving a hybrid as my wife has a Prius. I also realise that the engine will be working almost continuously when towing, so mpg will be nothing like the adverts. We want a hybrid for general use if we decide to come down to one car in the future. Dave
  4. I have a Kampa Breeze pump which I have used to inflate my Rally Air Pro 330 three times so far this year. It takes at least 10 amps so a modern caravan cigar socket is not rated high enough to power it. I added a 20 amp rated socket to the extenal power box on my Cadiz, fed from the main battery to distribution box, fused at 15 amps. This works perfectly and inflates the awning to just under 11 psi ( my setting) in under 5 mins. A car socket is usually rated to 10+ amps so should do the job equally well, but you may need the engine running to keep the volts up. Hope this helps,
  5. The cable on my Breeze pump is approx 15 feet long (460 cm). Rather than lug another battery around, I installed a 20 amp 'cigar' socket under the external mains socket on my Unicorn. This is a 15A fused spur off the main 20A feed from battery to distribution box. It works a treat. It is best not to run the pump whilst the charger is supplying 12v as it is a very inductive load, the battery will not be worried by such a load. Dave
  6. We have a Fiamma Caravanzip fitted to our Unicorn Cadiz for the last year. It stood up to the "strong" south westerlies of Cornwall last April and September and the winds and rain of Anglesey in July with no problem. The fitting of the cassette to the van is very strong. The only water ingress we experienced was from behind the cassette, the dealer added sealant saying it was the first one he had installed on a caravan so he was climbing the learning curve. In terms of usage it is very robust, we have used it on both grass and hardstanding, and the only additional tie-downs I used we
  7. I've towed with an 03 plate 2. 7 V6 petrol automatic since the vehicle was new. I have had an LPG conversion fitted so it is now dual fuel. To date I have had no towing problems at all, the permanent 4WD is invaluable on wet grass (especially last weekend!). I currently tow a Unicorn Cadiz so you should have no problems at all with a lighter van. Being petrol you do need higher revs than a diesel to keep on the torque curve, but that's normal. Hope this helps. Dave
  8. Hi 635wmd I plan to add a double strip on either side along the length of the berths. I haven't done a detailed inspection but the clear strips usually can be prised out of their mouldings. Problem at the moment is sourcing some of the little round switches, Bailey parts are out of stock. As the current drain is only milliamps I shall take a feed from the spotlights. I might also improve the light over the kitchen by changing the existing single led strip to a double and extending it over the hob area. I shall probably have a go this weekend - I'll keep you posted. Dave
  9. There are single and double LED strips available from the Bailey Parts website http://www. bailey-parts. co. uk. I have just got some of the double strips to augment the front berth lighting on my Peg 514 but haven't fitted them yet. Dave
  10. DaveA

    Ford Galaxy

    I towed with 2. 3 (auto) Galaxies from 1997 to 2003 and found them to be very stable towcars. We toured UK only but from Cornwall to the Scottish highlands with no bother. No vehicle towing a van is going to have sparkling performance, but the petrol engine was always up the job as long as you kept the revs in the right part of the torque curve. The van weight was 1400Kg, but the Galaxy could swallow awnings and other heavy equipment, which would keep the van weight down. Dave
  11. I have used a pneumatic jockey wheel on several vans, including my S5 Arizona. It does hang a little bit lower than the solid wheel but was no problem until we moved house and now have a steep drive. As I use a motor mover to store the van I had to revert to the solid wheel as I needed every millimetre of clearance front and back when the main wheels were in the dip between the gradients. Other than that I would still be using the pneumatic jockey wheel. Dave
  12. The windscreen washer pump on my 2003 Santa Fe failed at 4 years 11 months. The local Hyundai dealer's response was "Bring it in, we've got to get it fixed before your warranty runs out". First class attitude and service. Dave
  13. I can't comment on the engine from my own experience, but we have towed with a 2. 7 V6 Santa Fe for the past 5 years. The vehicle has done everything we have asked of it with no problems. Current van is a Bailey Senator 5 Arizona, 1500Kg. I have just had an lpg conversion fitted so intend to keep the Santa Fe for a while longer. Incidentally, it's done 45000 miles so far on its original tyres so I'm very happy. Dave
  14. We have taken our Sky+ box away with us for several years. I use an old sky dish with a dual (actually quad) lnb, mounted on a mast which is clamped to the jockey wheel shaft. I fitted two sat coaxes fitted with push on connectors at either end, one end rolled up in the gas locker ready to be uncoiled and the other brought into the van through one of the cable entry grommets. It takes about five minutes usually to set up on site and you have all the facilities of home - watch what you've already recorded - continue recording from your existing EPG selections - but best of all you don'
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