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  1. I also had a 1992 G40 - fantastic car Have you heard a Volvo T5 or 'R' engine ? (Assume the same with Audi 5-pots) Tractor's they aren't !
  2. On the car front, I used to have a 1998 S40 (but the 2. 0 version), however I never towed with it. I'd agree the 1. 8 could be a bit tight. Although they wouldn't get much for it, they don't really need to spend much to get a much better tow car. I recently sold my 2004 V70 D5 (with 256k miles ) for £875 - and that was a fantastic tow car, along with excellent MPG. The euro 3 D5 engine is bulletproof and has no issues with starship mileage. Something along those lines wouldn't need much cash adding to the pot.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far, gives me a few things to look at. Equally we've identified a few things in the 'van which could be left out to reduce weight, like the folding table, some kids games, loads of awning pegs etc. The carpets and 3rd bunk mattress are already left out. I currently have 2x 6kg propane cylinders, I could swap one for a 3. 9kg (that I already have) or move over to lightweight cylinders. I have no idea how close to the 'original' weight the 'van is, will need to get it weighed, however I now have an inventory of (almost) everything inside with weights - amazing how much it adds up!
  4. Currently I have a 2012 Lunar 546, with the MTPLM upgrade to 1495kg, making the payload 235kg. It has an AlKo Mammut motor-mover fitted, as well as ATC and a 110aH battery, so after you add water containers, 2 gas cylinders, crockery, clothes and towels for 5 people, 5 folding chairs etc it starts getting very tight quickly. (Awning travels in car boot). I'd quite like to add a roof mount AC unit, but that would push the weight over. So i'm looking to see if other vans offer any improvement. Been round several manufactures websites - some state figures for MTPLM upgrades, some don't, which is annoying! Also, it seems many twin axle vans are loaded with extras that add weight, so generally don't offer much additional payload . I assume others have been through this and can point me towards some vans to look at? I need:- - 5 or 6 berth - Decent length beds for at least 3 of them (15YO son is 6'6" !) - Don't mind single or twin axle - Proper shower - not a 'wet-room' floor - Decent size fridge preferable - Wet heating preferable Current van has a microwave which we never use, so that's not a requirement (I might investigate removing it to save a few kg. ..) Current tug is an XC90 and I have a B+E licence, so no real concerns over total weight. MPG is already poor so a few more kg won't really impact it! I'm not particularly impressed with Lunar's build quality, but from what I read most UK manufacturers are just as bad. I'd consider German if any offer what I need. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks, have taken out a policy with the Post Office - even with gadget cover and zero excess still waaaay cheaper than the cost of the current account I had - and travel insurance was the only useful feature of it!
  6. Previously I had travel insurance included with my current account, but no longer since switching to a free account. Heading to France again next week with the 'van, and wondering if travel insurance is worth it / applicable for driving trips? I already have the caravan itself insured and breakdown cover, as well as medical cards etc. And if it is worth it, any recommended companies?
  7. Aim to arrive in Calais fairly empty, diesel is cheaper in France.
  8. Keep an eye on the battery voltage, I suspect you'll be fine. Are the caravan lights LED or filament? Mine are LED, even when every light is on the consumption is under 3 amps, so hardly consume any power. The water pump and fan on the oven use more, but aren't on for long, so not a problem.
  9. I have 2 of these, work brilliantly: https://www. amazon. co. uk/Sourcing4U-Executioner-Mosquito-Swatter-Zapper/dp/B003TT3GDC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1532437538&sr=8-1&keywords=executioner+pro
  10. It depends on what you need to run. Summer use, just the solar panel is probably enough, as you're only topping up the battery to replace power used for lights / pump etc. No heaters to power. I have an 80w solar panel and it's plenty. Water heater and fridge run on gas. I've powered my 'van in winter from a 900w honda-copy inverter (proper sinewave) generator without issue - but didn't run heaters etc from it, no issues.
  11. I have a Lunar Quasar 546. Triple bunks work OK but have limited headroom, and top one is shorter than the rest. Have to drop the rear dinette table for the 6th bed - we leave this down most of the time when on site and use the awning for eating in etc.
  12. The seller says he doesn't know how much gas is in it, so i'm assuming empty. I don't need another cylinder. .. I had a read of calor's page regarding these, and it looks like you can refill (swap) for lite if they have stock, or refill with a steel. However, when new lites are available you need proof of purchase or the rental agreement to exchange for a new lite - which I wouldn't have. So I think i'll give it a miss.
  13. AIUI it's not legal for it to be on a public road UNLESS attached to a registered vehicle, at which point it's considered an extension of that vehicle. So, even with a reg plate etc it's still NOT a registered vehicle. Leaving it there for any amount of time causes the risk that it will be removed or damaged.
  14. This is so true, yet many people seem obsessed by it. I walk the dog trough the housing estate I live in every night, and there are so many nearly new cars - yet we all know the vast majority will be on finance, lease etc. I'm letting the side down with 10, 15 and 18 year old cars !!
  15. I've been offered an (assumed) empty 6kg Calor Lite for £15. Is this reasonable? I don't need another cylinder, but all mine are traditional heavies. I could return this one for filling to swap over and save a few KG. ..
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