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  1. It could be considered that it is you or it could be considered that it is the risk of the caravan being stolen when the Al KO wheel lock is not fitted. Ask yourself, if you could fit the lock whilst in your wheelchair would they insure you? macafee2
  2. It is now May 14th and nothing from the OP. Feels like there have been a few 1 time posters lately. macafee2
  3. This seems to indicate they will sometimes if not always issue a permit for a skip https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/info/210566/roads_and_transport/12081/road_maintenance_and_management/2 which brings into question what the op seems to have been told. Either the op has been lied to or the web site contains lies because it says "kip permits can normally be issued within 10 days." If the web site is correct then where does that leave the councils reply? Hence my suggestion to go to a legal forum macafee2
  4. opps, dyslexia beat me, my wife had to explain the error. Surely Is this a failing of the site, cannot seem to edit my post as it is been either quoted or there have been further posts. Is there a way I can edit it? macafee2
  5. I'm lost as to their use. Surly people can line themselves up so when they poo it goes straight down the hole without touching the sides. Why on earth would anyone use the toilet with the flap closed? Seems a problem I did not know existed has been solved macafee2
  6. How far can you drive with a flat run flat when solo and how far when towing a caravan? macafee2
  7. from what I can see they can issue a permit for a skip https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/info/210566/roads_and_transport/12081/road_maintenance_and_management/2 I know you have a caravan but my point is you have been told they don't issue permission for skips. If anything on public highway must have permission from the council how about vehicles, such as cars and lorries? I don't trust the reply you have been given. You may be better asking on a legal forum, good luck macafee2
  8. Even a well maintained car at less then 5k may not get support just because of the make, reliability and quality wont mean squat. There are cars out there at less then 5k that have been maintained by enthusiasts. Ok it will be an older car without all the bells and whistles but a diesel is good for moon mileage and at more then 10 years old can be found with much less then 100k miles on the clock macafee2
  9. contact swift or a swift dealer? macafee2
  10. They do not misunderstand the law, they simply ignore it. Proving who the thief is is usually very difficult without cctv and so they know if the police turn up and take the stolen item, they probably will not be prosecuted for theft so what is the worry? macafee2
  11. these may be no good but 8mm https://www.diy.com/departments/varnished-cold-pressed-steel-round-tube-l-1m-dia-8mm/253921_BQ.prd https://www.amazon.co.uk/BQLZR-Linear-Motion-Support-Bearing/dp/B00SSVBYWG try a "metal supermarket" https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/plastic-rods/4386308/?cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-CSS_UK_EN_Engineering_Materials_%26_Industrial_Hardware_Whoop-_-Plastic+Rods_Whoop-_-4386308&matchtype=&pla-478176194148&gclid=CjwKCAjwkN6EBhBNEiwADVfyayNaSDA7e0sFoODWvQrLRJSfwUGolLnEcPnHBmwjObCIZCF5NELy-RoC684QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. we had a shower panel split. The company that replaced it said it was due to the way it was installed and that it could not flex as it had been installed too rigidly. In my opinion the fact it could not flex caused stress and it split. Lunar paid for the replacement and so stress can be attributed to manufacture. The caravan will and should be expected to move and components be subjected to stress and twisting. You will I think need professional legal help if neither dealer or manufacturer will cover cost. They can advise you better. good luck macafee2
  13. you dont say what your tow vehicle is, perhaps that can take some of the weight particularly the bikes. motor movers, some will swear blind by them, others not. Consider where you store your caravan, does getting it to that location lend itself to manual handling? How good are you at manoeuvring car and caravan to site caravan? Consider your age and health. We have motor movers due to the storage location and drive and for us they were well worth the expense but we managed without them for 20 years and people managed before they were invented . Now, age and strength we woul
  14. ooohhhh was that the question? I did not know that was what was being asked, do "I" need to switch x y z off before connecting the battery . I've even reread the post and still dont see that is what is being asked but your reply makes sense. macafee2
  15. have you tried a Google search for "public weighbridge near...." and enter your post code? have you tried https://www.gov.uk/find-weighbridge macafee2
  16. you are more patient then I am to wait two weeks. email the ceo kristian.elvefors@volvocars.com and ask him to have someone investigate and come back to you. macafee2
  17. next to Loch Lomond in Scotland I think macafee2
  18. Ask a Volvo dealer? macafee2
  19. would a photo of the card be acceptable? why not take it with you? macafee2
  20. when the aqua roll runs out of water, turning the tap of when a pressure switch is used does nothing, the pump will continue to run and in time may burn out. Turning the tap of that has a micro switch in it to turn the pump off, turns the pump off, a way way better system in my opinion. macafee2
  21. A couple of people have told me they have towed with a mitsubishi shogun and not known caravan brakes were on macafee2
  22. ya right post. There is no question. All that is being done is giving information. macafee2
  23. what is the op's question or are they just giving us information? macafee2
  24. what size caravan are you interested in towing? macafee2
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