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  1. Are you referring to all models or just the 544? If you are referring to all models I disagree. compared to our older Swift it is not as steady and is more temperamental on how it is loaded, our swift never cared. macafee2
  2. One would suggest there is an issue with servicing! There are a few cars suffer rust on some of the rear suspension parts leading to collapse. Also consider, the car is 15 years old. Lucky no collapse at speed macafee2
  3. could be a big deal if it is your last Christmas macafee2
  4. If you can go away and not mix with anyone what is the problem with going away, say within 1 hours drive? This means no dining out, no going to the shops (food or others) just going to the site, parking up, perhaps going for a walk as you would at home, going to the waste points then going home. mentally it will be good, financially some money to site owners. We will stay home and hope for freezing conditions and snow and go for a walk while dinner cooks. macafee2
  5. Thank goodness for lock down, I have never had so much time, holidays and days out cancelled, not to worry I have many other things to do. Even being retired I found my time had been filled, putting me back to where I was when at work, short of time. I have spent 7 great weeks working on one of my cars. Started with just a service but then I thought I'd do this and that to it. Then I moved on to my other car and then to my motorbike. Also fence taken down and replaced with a sturdier one, another thing that had been bugging me, I'd had the post and panels for two years but not t
  6. Go back to Bailey and tell them what Halifax BCA Ltd have said and ask if the can be of further assistance. macafee2
  7. This has been targeted, gas and oil heating to cease for new installations I think already has a date macafee2
  8. obligation I suspect not, but if there is a mess or a motorhome on the property that they have not agreed to, they may check what is going on. macafee2
  9. If he lived in the house would it make any difference to what has gone on in the street? I had expected you to say the extra cars parked in the street to be causing a problem but you have not said this. What you have said is "he is not very nice man and he has lots of mess" Have you tried talking to either of them to see if you can come to an amicable arrangement? macafee2
  10. The landlord may have something to say about it. what question or questions have you asked the council? What is the issue? macafee2
  11. Both at home and in my caravan I can access handles without going over the top of another pan, rest of sentence deleted. It does seem I am the only one that considers it an issue, I am used to being the only one. I love that mentality of "you are the only one" as if it makes that person wrong. war200 comments "If everyone thought it was a big problem, manufacturers would not be able to sell these caravans. I'm not a massive fan of the cookers like this but it's not a deal breaker." Perhaps as it is not a deal breaker and caravans are made like this and manufacturers sell ca
  12. but you have to lean over the front pot to reach the back one. Which way will the handles be, 12 and 6 o'clock or 9 and 3? If you have a pot at the front or to the side is there room to get your hands to the handles of the pot at the back right? macafee2
  13. Based on the time you get to Portsmouth and that it is about a 260 mile drive I would go for Warwick services. Plenty of parking easy access to and from the motorway but I dont think any access to the petrol station from the caravan / lorry park for a car. They may have changed the signage to allow access, apparently even the staff of the petrol station have mentioned it to seniors macafee2
  14. I would not have thought so but you could leave them turned on for a while and even blow air through macafee2
  15. does water drain out when it is in the horizontal position? macafee2
  16. so there was no need to ever respond to my comment. If it is a concern to others, leave it to them. It would be a concern for me. Each to their own. macafee2
  17. To you strange may be but not to me. Ok, clamp on handles, you have the issue of clamping onto the rear right saucepan if other burners in use. Some may use 4 burners and it will be a problem they may face. As for handles over hanging the front of a cooker, that does not strike me as safe. Over hanging a burner or hot plate with a handle makes that part of the cooker unusable during that period. It is food for thought for anyone buying a caravan with a hob located as the one in the OP. macafee2
  18. I have not read all the replies so apologies if already asked and answered. On the cooker hob, where do you put the handles of saucepans on the right two burners? Looks as if they will overhang the other two burners. macafee2
  19. The OP it seems has not really challenged the fitter but come here for help. Generally the advice is the same, should not be a problem to fit another tow bar. Even if one is fitted the OP is still in the dark about why the first fitter does not think it is possible, if it were me I would challenge and challenge until I got a reasonable answer. I would urge the OP to find out why the fitter thinks it is a problem, it is a way to learn so they are not fobbed off again for some other reason that does not make sense. macafee2
  20. what does he mean by M3 bolts? You need to probe the fitter more macafee2
  21. we have a plastic box with a lid that fits under the caravan when no awning or stays in the awning if we have one erected. macafee2
  22. what reason did the tow bar fitters give for them thinking they cannot fit a tow bar? macafee2
  23. My post was to suggest that the OP contacts him perhaps via LinkedIn ( sorry spell checker may have thrown it out in my op). Here is a web site that has a lot CEO contact details https://www.ceoemail.com/ If any are wrong and you email the web team, they will change them or even provide correct details if they have them. macafee2
  24. speak to http://www.plasticshowerspecialists.co.uk/ they may be able to help supply one. macafee2
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