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  1. sorry but end bathroom was not on your needs list! Are you needing a fixed bed? I don't know enough about layouts and am not sure if you can get end bathroom and fixed bed, hopefully others can and will advise. You have mentioned grand children and parents, how many birth caravan are you looking for? macafee2
  2. I think it is psychological, they think they are getting somewhere that much quicker. macafee2
  3. your 62/63 if it is a speedo could be more 56/57 and so your guess at their 70 could be 65. I use my dash cam as a speedo even past speed cameras, no defence if I'm stopped for speeding but when it shows 60 my analogue speedo is somewhere near the 65 and my digital speedo about 63. I could be considered speeding when overtaking another outfit that is showing 60 on their speedo. I am not trying to speed just, trying to tow at the speed limit, 60mph Whilst there is a 60mph limit, some outfits are steady at 70 while others are very unstable and there is also driver attitude. There just is not enough Traffic police to patrol our roads and so the chances of getting stopped are minimal. macafee2
  4. welcome, perhaps if you said what you wanted from a caravan, members may be able to offer some thoughts. We have varied thoughts on lay outs. macafee2
  5. welcome to the forum macafee2
  6. I think you may need planning permission, the best people to ask are the planning authority and council for council tax. Not enough information to answer some of the other questions, how far from drains, electricity and water are you? macafee2
  7. oh, you don't define a good tow car, someone else does. What happens if you don't like the tow cars considered good by others, surly you would not buy something not considered good? That must leave you in a dilemma Professional writers can and do for what ever reason miss issues with things in their article, some of these issues are very important, perhaps more important then something they cover. Whilst people here may only have personal experience of one or two cars their knowledge is still useful. Further more, with so many contributors the range of cars covered could be vast. macafee2
  8. I don't know the answer but are you able to download now, turn off your wi fi and then play the film? macafee2
  9. well, unfortunately those roads may be the ones that need to be driven. re read my post, particularly the bit that says "tram lines at the site so the centre of the road is higher thus hitting the underside or jockey wheel?" Neither tow ball too low or suspension too soft apply in this case. Was at a CL last week and this was a major concern, my road wheels touching the ground a couple of inches below the centre of the road macafee2 is that before or after a caravan is attached? macafee2
  10. hitting sleeping policeman, tram lines at the site so the centre of the road is higher thus hitting the underside or jockey wheel? macafee2
  11. who is the dealer? how experienced are you at towing? If you are inexperienced at towing something so heavy ignoring the advice may not be wise. A caravan in my experience is not as stable as a car trailer and even at 85%, if the caravan has a mind to, it probably could still cause an accident. The survey may be right, average is 94 % but did it Talk about experience? macafee2
  12. Anyone else find they need to remove their smoke detector when cooking? Once we have finished we put it back Our cooker is next to the door and the fire alarm is in front of the door. Not sure that's the best location for it, perhaps at the front of the caravan may be better while still doing its job. macafee2
  13. some caravans are just unstable, bit like is it the Euro Fighter? "Switch off" the electronics and its a pig to fly. My dad never used a stabilizer, my Swift was rock solid no matter how it was packed and at any speed I towed it at. My Lunar, does not like passing or being passed by big lorries and likes being nose heavy. macafee2
  14. I don't think my dad ever used a stabiliser. I towed his caravan when I was about 20, a car overtook us, pulled in front and slammed the brakes on. I swerved to avoid and car and caravan were all over the place. At the time the advice was to accelerate out of it so that is what I did. Goodness knows what other drivers thought, snaking all over the place and as the dual carriageway ended I was still going like the clappers, over the white chevrons before it came into line. Hard braking followed as space was fast running out. No idea what I had done to the other driver to pee him off. Never would I tow a caravan without a stabilizer, like you it scared the ... out of me and over 30 years later I still remember where it was, where I was going etc etc. I suppose I had a second or twos warning, you seemed to have none. worrying your ATC did not activate, any ideas why? macafee2
  15. Something to add to the holiday check list before leaving, make sure the caravan has the right number plate Used a different car on previous holiday to this one and forgot to remove the registration plate. At least the correct one was underneath if stopped. Ho hum macafee2
  16. it could be that the pump or the hose to the pump is coming into contact with the float preventing it from lifting. Is your caravan outlet, pump, cold water mains feed and float all in a line? If it is try turning the aqua roll so the mains feed and float are at right angles to the pump, facing the back of front of your van and not the side. macafee2
  17. either I'm parking in the wrong place or you are wrong. The lanes I use are long enough for 2 outfits be it a arctic and one caravan or two caravans and so the second person to park does indeed have to reverse out. North bound can be the same but North bound there is no access to the petrol station for cars and caravans. macafee2
  18. by chocking the high side wheel and letting the brake off the caravan will try to roll back/swing on the unchecked side and as it rolls/swings, with may be some help up it goes onto a board or two. On goes the brake and you are more level. clever idea of AlwynMike macafee2
  19. stayed on a CL and adjoining it was a reserved area. 2 caravans turned up each with two occupants, friends and both went into the reserved area. Their caravans, a hedge, 3 more pitches, the drive to and from the cl and I could still hear them. I felt sorry for the people the other side of the hedge to those two. macafee2
  20. I think it is a combined area, is it not? I realise now I should have said in my op "did not fancy back row or lorry / caravan ...." macafee2
  21. update us with what they say after you contact them and point out all the issues with what you found. Sometimes they don't have a clue as to what the problem is so just change bits as you will pay, also I think that they don't expect you to ever find out what bodges they have done. One dealer to be avoided macafee2
  22. last week was overtake on the motorway by a Land Rover towing a caravan. They were doing about 65mph. Few hundred yards ahead they went into a snake, I braked as it looked so bad I thought they were going to crash. After they settled into the inside lane they must have got their confidence back, as after a short while, again they started to pull away. macafee2
  23. Stopped at Warwick services southbound today. Did not fancy the back row of the lorry caravan park so drove around to the front row and found some spaces so backed in. The only people that had driven in forwards from the front of the front row, were caravanners. All the lorries had either driven in via the back row or reversed in. Now blind on both sides the caravanners had to reverse into the path of traffic. I guess they had lots more space to reverse into then the width between two lorries. macafee2
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