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  1. hang on a sec, if the green light needs to be on for the battery to charge, it needs to be on "all the time" when on mains electric, even when at home or you will need to find another way to keep the battery charged. If the battery is left to go flat and left flat for a "long time" it may knacker it. macafee2
  2. Have you tried searching via Google or Youtube on how to clean silicon as I dont think silicon used on a caravan is different from other silicon used on a number of other applications. It is either internal or external and you have not said which is yours. macafee2
  3. Another new member that makes a post and does not reply. I have never known a forum like it, his one seems really bad for it. macafee2
  4. It is great to know we have so much employment that there is no one left to fill these job vacancies or is it that us Brits are so lazy we just hold our hand out and say gimme gimme gimme and we need foreigners to keep us going? Apparently haulage industry is short of drivers. I've got loads of "spare" "just in case" camping gear, may be it is time to make money and put it on ebay. macafee2
  5. In Lyndhurst opposite the fire station there is a car park. Between Bartley and Totton there is an area used by truckers to park up, as you come out of Bartley it is on the road to Totton just after you get into the 50mph area on the left. Rownhams services on the M27 macafee2
  6. was the hitch already pushed back and were you trying to push it back some more? what do you mean buffeting and kangaroo-ing? How often and when does it happen and for how long does it go on for? macafee2
  7. you are right but if every couple of months you are spending £500 you will soon come to hate the car. Of course the more expensive one could be a dog. Why not try to haggle down the more expensive car and like the independent, carefully check the warranty. Also check out the Independents reputation, MOT history of the cars if old enough to have them and as suggested, service history and it it is via main dealers. macafee2
  8. On the 7 pin plug some of the pins can be spread apart a little, try spreading those that can be spread apart. Ii could be corrosion so try cleaning all the pins with wet and dry. Could also be a lose/broken connection at the plug macafee2
  9. your plug looks like it is a seven pin, does the grey cable do what a second 7? pin plug will do such as operate a fridge and battery charging? Should there be another 7 pin plug and it has been lost or removed? what do the labels say on the fuses or relays? macafee2
  10. As the NHS is so in favour at the moment, it is well worth NHS staff asking for a better deal. macafee2
  11. OP has asked "Could the Caravanning Organisations (and other interested parties) make strong representation to the powers that be, to clamp down on this and enforce the fact that these areas are strictly for the vehicles intended? " Has the OP spoken to any caravan organisations and asked them to take up the challenge. I see no issue is asking to speak to the services manager who if my experience is anything to go by, is not available, and asking the manager to deal with the problem. Find out who the parent company is and contact them. I accept that some drivers wont like being asked to move or having it pointed out what they are doing is wrong but that is perhaps why they do it, no one challenges them. There may be times when a solo car is travelling with a towing outfit and so they have parked together. macafee2
  12. You seem to want someone else to speak to the motorway services, why don't you speak to the manager or did you? Have you ever spoken to the drivers of cars parked in the caravan parking area? macafee2
  13. thanks for the update macafee2
  14. to save one and all fretting, fit a plain plate with just the registration number and other legal markings for uk roads. When you go abroad put on what ever sticker is flavour of the month. macafee2
  15. Thanks for the post, pity the op did not bother to provide an update macafee2
  16. whats wrong with the clutch? what difference does it make if pedal up or down and does it depend on why the clutch has failed? changing gear is one thing, moving off from rest is another. Will you repair it yourself or have someone do it for you? macafee2
  17. would I be right that when the owner takes out new insurance it will be more expensive due to a claim? If that is the case and I always feel this, the 3rd party, in this case the op, should not only cover the excess but the extra premiums the owner has to pay. Is that not what insurance is for? The cost you rent for should take insurance premiums into account. macafee2
  18. try having the oven serviced, may be a waste of money or may be a cheaper alternative to replacement macafee2
  19. it is unclear from that we page as there are lots of rear lenses. would expect :- clear lens, indicator or reversing light red lens, fog light, stop light, tail light . I am thinking what you call parking light is the tail light being on when the car is parked ignition off but with the indicator stalk in the indicating position. macafee2
  20. shop in local high street seems to have butane and propane bottles macafee2
  21. Reattached broken wires for tomorrows trip to our new home that we complete on tomorrow. New cable arrived today and the chocolate box strip connector should arrive in a few days. macafee2
  22. look at the advice above from Lost in the wilderness, are you able to follow is advice? If not tell us why so we may not offer similar advice macafee2
  23. Yea, visited quit a few club sites, not stayed on one for years and thought the same about them all. No idea why people rave about them, a lot of pitches have no views, no space just over crowding. It seems my idea of sufficient space is different to a lot of other peoples or is it they dont car about being close to another caravan? macafee2
  24. I have a short tow coming up and so will try shimming but I may keep the pads and shims as spares and replace the pads anyway. £28 is just expensive for the small items that they are even though they do a big job. macafee2
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