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  1. have you proved it to be faulty? macafee2
  2. opps I thought at work 9am next day sorry macafee2
  3. I think there are two sizes on the 29l, one being the same size as the 40l. I'm sure there is a thread here where it is said that some 29l aqua rolls have a cap on the side macafee2
  4. if you need to be at work at 9 I'd be inclined to go home, 10pm is not that late. Once home how easy is it to get the van on "the drive" until the afternoon when you can put it away properly and is it in full view of anyone that you don't want to see it. How does fatigue effect you not everyone can drive for hour after hour, you need to consider this too. Can you try to make the handover an earlier time in the day? macafee2
  5. You can pick up propane and butane calor gas bottles from time to time at the car boot sales, even if empty you will save about £35. I've given empty Butane bottles away, as no receipt I cant get any money for them and having picked up bottles with varying amounts of gas in them from car boot sales, I have enough to last 5? years macafee2
  6. I seem to recall a suggestion to use hessian sacking but as mentioned, not a plastic bag macafee2
  7. perhaps if caravan and motorhome mags were to point out the short comings of the caravans their problems they may improve. Lunar, check the caravan and motorhome mag, note in the caravans how the front side cushions overhang the front draws. Again Lunar, open a cutlery draw, is that a fork, spoon or knife, don't know, open the draw a bit further so you can see... oh you cant open the draw far enough. Check the underside of your cushion's, showing signs of damage at the front, perhaps its the sharp square edges that hold the slats in place digging into the underside of the cushion macafee2
  8. I would not recommend this if you are using the leisure battery for something else and do not have a mains supply. If you have a mains electric supply I would look to power your wheelchair from this via a transformer. You could fit an external socket be it 24v or 240v on the outside of the caravan to either power a charger or charge wheel chair. macafee2
  9. if the op is in Basingstoke then M3, A303, A30, M5, A30 your then only 40'ish miles from Bude A3079, A3072 to Bude. I cant see any of this being a problem with a caravan. I would then plan a route via Google or the AA and you can then see in advance your route and it suitable. Sat Nav may make it easier once at Bude to final destination but if this is the only planned usage, is it worth the money? mind you op should be there and perhaps even back home by now macafee2
  10. is there anyone in Leeds, I think this is where the OP is that can pop over and take a look? macafee2
  11. when can the approved people look at the van? All you want them to do at the moment is look at it and prepare a warranty claim. Are they really to busy to do that? There may be a long delay in getting it repaired but getting the claim approved is the main priority. macafee2
  12. make sure you have the main electricity disconnected before touching the wire macafee2
  13. which battery should the op measure at? Does fridge have a separate feed from the car? Does solar panel power fridge or charge the battery in the caravan? looking at the link below I don't think the above method is correct. no need to see a specialist! try this link for a wiring diagram https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=13+pin+wiring+diagram&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=BvSBwE1mWOeTtM%3A%2CHjQywIl5dfTReM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRdDBhwlFOowQsYCzMucTvJD4lKbQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjJ7bbs5uniAhUHRBUIHcwrBHMQ9QEwBHoECAYQDA#imgrc=liyl6mIBkCPA5M:&vet=1&spf=1560543845286 macafee2
  14. unless I'm getting confused I think there is a museum at Derwent water about the dam busters. Opening times may be an issue so do do some research macafee2
  15. manifold trail and tissington trail, monsal trail and highpeak trail as mentioned for cycling and walking, eat and cycle hire at parsley hay, good pub at Hurdlow Thors cave in the manifold valley and trail, take a torch. Nice tea place at Wetton Mill, good sandwhich place at Hulme end with parking or short walk park at wetton. ice cream at Hartington macafee2
  16. and I would expect this to be the case, no sensor in the middle, tow ball not seen. Thanks FrankBullet macafee2
  17. sympathies with the op. How do you prevent malicious name and shame? I've had 1 new Lunar, customer service is ...insert a naught word. Every year of its 6 year warranty it has had damp problems. Only when people stop buying caravans and the law comes down on manufacturers hard and fast for will the manufacturers take notice and make improvements to customer service and quality. Out of all the companies I have dealt with, only BT has the same or worse customer service macafee2
  18. just curious. For those with parking sensors that do not see the tow ball, do you have a parking censor in line with the tow ball? I.E centre of the bumper Same question to those with sensors that do see the tow ball and therefore think you are close to something? macafee2
  19. 1. don't go to france save on toll fees and ferry fees 2. why do you need a bigger tow car then the one you have? 3. what will you replace the van with? 4. how much does the up keep cost? when you look at your reasons you give for giving up and consider what the alternative is and the cost, is selling the caravan cost effective? Your husband has already pointed out the costs of hotels etc macafee2
  20. Yes but some people have noted that their parking sensors detect the protector so you may need to bend it. macafee2
  21. is that via an aqua roll or direct to the van? god knows why this wont paste as a link but is the thread any help? macafee2
  22. The OP said "Please be specific so I understand" yet the above post talks about Propane and Butane. Why not mention Flo Gas (grey and green)? macafee2
  23. why title the thread with your name? A title to help people know what help you require is better welcome to the forum macafee2
  24. welcome to the forum. people have complained the slab is offensive or the flags? What one person finds offensive another may not. There may be standard things that offend such as swearing and raciest stuff but as for the rest, that's down to individuals. we cannot tell you if you will need to remove the slab, only the site can tell you that, their site, their rules. why not go and Talk to the owners? hope you can keep the slab good luck macafee2
  25. why would you avoid a van that had damp at year 1 had it repaired and no damp at year 2 or 3? macafee2
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