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  1. yes they should but no everyone that has insurance on a vehicle has commuting included macafee2
  2. That will only apply if you have commuting on your insurance. macafee2
  3. Never a lender or borrower be! It is a generous idea but if the van is damaged how will you feel? This is a negative way of thinking but one that may protect you. Do not lend unless you can afford to lose. Mind you, think of all the successful renting of holiday homes that takes place macafee2
  4. Insurance ask your occupation, it has now changed so I guess you should inform them. As for the premium, ask them! I don't know how I found time to go to work, been busy ever since. It is important to keep busy, perhaps volunteer work or even a zero hour job or a hobby but get out of the house and Talk to people. My wife and I often went to places of interest, holidays, concerts, theatre, days out walking, DIY, etc. Covid has for now put a stop to that but thank goodness for lockdown as we now have something that we were short of, time at home. Big jobs done last year plus time
  5. You say about repairing peoples furniture, that is what I thought those of Mens shed did. When I went to my local one they said they did not to anything like that, nor did they help each other with projects. Like you say, make bird boxes. I've never been back, I thought it was going to be more exciting, I'm sure I'd read or seen something of another group, they did more exciting stuff. macafee2
  6. I really don't know what all the fuss is about. The EU is not the only place in the world where the importation of some food products for personal use is banned. I'll just find out what we cannot take and not take it, just like a number of other places. Mountain out of a mole hill springs to mind. macafee2
  7. can you easily push the tow hitch backwards? macafee2
  8. Reanna welcome to the forum, if you are able to edit the title of your post, can you? It is not your name but the title of you thread that is required. macafee2
  9. disconnect the leisure battery? macafee2
  10. we just add up the wattage's of what we want to use and make sure we do not exceed the site current macafee2.
  11. why are you having trouble? What reasons are companies giving for not insuring, knowing may help members make a recommendation. macafee2
  12. oh well we will disagree, you can keep looking at peoples profile, good luck to you, not everyone has their tow vehicle on their profile macafee2
  13. I think its my fault, not yours I apologise macafee2
  14. dyslexia, read it a few times and came up with the same thing macafee2
  15. "I have paid a deposit on my debit card" "I have never owned a credit card and don’t even know how to get one!" If you do not own a credit card how have you paid the deposit? As for the smallest amount you can pay via credit card, that may be a question for the dealer as they may have a minimum. macafee2
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