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  1. interesting some would all pitch no matter how the other person is a/effected. That seems to be a selfish approach. None have suggested that the OP suggests that together with the other camper, they see if they can relocate the dish so the other camper still has reception or the op even finds another pitch. I am of course taking it, that the only reason they are being asked to park in a certain way, is for tv reception and no other reason. I would try to come to an amicable agreement macafee2
  2. I was wrong, no screw macafee2 why change it blind? If no one has any ideas what the cause and if I cannot find a reason, then change it it will be, I have a spare. I'll make my life easy, the soldered wires I'll cut and fit to a terminal block then the wires from the new relay can fit into the other side of the terminal block. The wires have been soldered into the cars harness as not fault was anticipated. macafee2
  3. no idea. I think there is a screw in one corner but what is cause of the screaming? macafee2
  4. The TEB7AS relay used to operate trailer electrics has started screaming. Any idea why? what could be cause and fix could be? The trailer is not plugged in. Not had an issue before and its been there for a few months but was originally wired to an ignition live. Cant recall how long its been connected to a permanent live Do these burn out if wired to a permanent live? Instructions say connect to permanent live. macafee2
  5. why does living in New Zealand have any bearing on your understanding? macafee2
  6. sorry but your reply goes no where near advising why its basic or telling me what it does not have that a new van would have. You said "...plus at 7 years old it is a very basic caravan", so what does it not have? macafee2
  7. mmmm not the advice I've seen regarding changing DMF when a clutch is changed. If they are in spec leave them. macafee2
  8. if you did not do so then leave a big gap between you and the car in front, you then may not need to stop so often once you get going. i'm sure someone will come along as they have done before and tell me how wrong this is I have seen somewhere to chock the caravan wheels, tie chocks to rear handles of caravan. allow car to come back onto the caravan. when you pull away there is a little bit of movement before you pull the caravan macafee2
  9. In answer to op question what would I do, I'd move to a property where I could tore my caravan at home out of sight? macafee2 The seams may still leak, just that stored undercover it does not show up macafee2
  10. or the car is made low and adding even the permitted weight causes the jockey wheel to sometimes come into contact with the road macafee2
  11. even on the flat applying the brakes seem to cause it to roll back until they are fully applied. can be a nightmare trying to align an al ko wheel lock macafee2
  12. protect the shower, do you think the hot water will damage it? macafee2
  13. thoughts on what, if it is low or removing it? If it is low and you are concerned about it hitting the road, I'd say remove it. I remove mine most of the time. macafee2
  14. I thought with auto reverse the trailer had to me moved forward a few feet before the handbrake is applied. my "new" van despite being serviced does not seem to have brakes that are as good as my 1990'ish van macafee2
  15. what does a later van of equal price and size have that the one for hire does not? 7 years does not strike me that a caravan of that age should be basic. macafee2
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