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  1. I find the colour schemes inside to be rubbish, on some RR its the same as my daughters ikea kitchen cupboards. Also find my arm hitting the drivers door more often then it should due to it being so close. Hill decent is quite vicious when it comes in. Over "pot holes" there are better "cars" that give less of a jolt but are way more money. macafee2
  2. I had the same understanding but by van would roll back so I asked AL-KO. According to Al-KO even doing what you say the caravan can still roll back when handbrake is applied. You need to apply handbrake, have van roll back a couple of inches and hope the AL-KO wheel lock will line up..... I got this from AL-KO and it matches my experience macafee2 As yellow ramps are sloped it is always going to be difficult. I think you need something flat for the wheel to rest on macafee2 why? The reg is seen perhaps "thousands" of times a day? macafee2
  3. I lost one many years ago. The skylight had parted company from the handles as the plastic mushroomed heads had the mushroom head missing. Got a replacement from a scrap yard so was only a few quid. The fix was far stronger then original manufacturer. macafee2
  4. can you use a camping gaz bottle? Compared to calor gas they are very expensive but can be picked up part filled if not full at the car boot sales. macafee2
  5. When it comes to caravan wheel and hitch locks are easy to fit easy to bypass? Al -ko's take on their wheel lock is difficult to fit, difficult to remove. macafee2
  6. I'd start early and do that in one day but that distance to Scotland is all motorway for me. Once off the motorway it can be hard work and slow going. macafee2
  7. we don't make drinks on the way and any overnight stops would probably be at a site so did not consider those points. So far we have not towed more then 250 or so miles As for seals on taps, not convinced about that one. macafee2
  8. There is a CL 5 minutes walk away. I have walked past the site the OP refers to, and there is no way on gods earth I'd stay there. You walk from the CL through the grounds of the site to get to the beach. macafee2
  9. if you are talking "fresh/drinking water" then yes I think so. Also, why tow all that water? If toilet flush then no, that could be left in its tank. Once fresh water drained I also leave all the taps open. macafee2
  10. so generally it is not a major issue but if it happens when away and its not the last day or day before its a major problem to have waste master and aqua roll stolen. Anything else will of course be more serious. macafee2
  11. Got to say I found the advert quite funny. I can just imagine some people thinking "oh look at them they have the cheap version" original 29L is as best as our scales 3.1 kg 40L is 3.9 but there may have been a little bit of water in it macafee2
  12. Have many of you suffered theft of things like, water pumps, steps, aqua rolls or waster masters? I have spare aqua rolls, a waste master and a set of folding aluminium steps. For the price I paid it is worth hanging on to them just in case but is there much theft of these items? macafee2
  13. macafee2

    Towbar electrics

    if all the wires are in the correct place check for a poor earth. A poor earth does all sorts of things to a vehicle's lights. macafee2
  14. ok thanks, I thought you were saying the 15 minute rule was general for all cars, sorry macafee2
  15. try typing "caravan gas engineer near me" as a Google search macafee2
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