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  1. if you buy that connector and fit you regulator to it please consider that if you then fit the connector to a cylinder and then remove it you will twist your hose every time. I would say better off to fit the connector to the cylinder, hold it still with a spanner then fit your regulator and then remove regulator first then connector At just over £13 that is about £7 less then a small calor gas propane refill macafee2
  2. i dont know the caravan but I would say yes. macafee2
  3. When did they start that? I've been giving my empty ones away. Do I need any proof of anything? At £7.50 I can return mine with gas in and get more then I paid for some of them and if I return them empty, some of full cylinders I have used could end up costing me only a few quid. thanks for the info macafee2
  4. Few weeks ago I offered to go to another members house to help, if accepted that would have given me their address. They then post when they are away. Offers to go to someones "house" to help seem rare on this forum but common on another forum I use. macafee2
  5. I would go into an explanation but I really cant be bothered, feel free to announce when you are away. Did a mod give similar advice a week or two ago? macafee2
  6. Never advise in advance that you will be away. macafee2
  7. Really they pay a reward, I did not think they did, only if you had the "buying" receipt did you get any money back. I also thought if you handed the cylinder back and you had the original receipt you got a full refund of the buying/rental price you paid. I have never needed to buy one outright so I'm just assuming so thanks for the info macafee2
  8. I did not know that. People can now decide if they want to buy one legally or not. If i buy one that is not from a theft and I think we know what I mean then I dont have a problem. I just give the empty bottles away or drop them off at a calor dealer. Would be interested if you can provide a link to a case where this has happened. I'd also like to see the contract with the retailer that supplies one to someone that is not exchanging https://www.calor.co.uk/news-and-views/illegal-handling-scrapping-of-calor-gas-cylinders I am not sure this is aimed at someone selling a
  9. Following on from other posts above Both calor Gas Blue Butane and Red propane bottles can be bought 2nd hand for as little as £5, you can then exchange them if empty for a full bottle. If you are lucky you can get them with gas 2nd hand for £10 at the car boot but empty from Ebay. No point buying new and paying a large deposit that you will probably never get back as you must keep the receipt. https://calorgashampshire.co.uk/collections/propane-gas-bottles/products/calor-3-9kg-propane-gas-bottle https://calorgashampshire.co.uk/collections/butane-gas/products/
  10. would it not depend on how long the caravan had been stolen for? If by chance it was found trundling along a motorway on its way to a port on the same day, would you still not want it back? macafee2
  11. ask them to set a mouse trap or put poison down. find out where the mice are getting in and protect that area macafee2
  12. fair point but the gas bottle fittings are different, so it would help to know the bottle and the end of the gas fitting to see if they are compatible and advise what is needed. macafee2
  13. what colour is your bottle? This may help us refer you to the correct pigtail, a picture of the gas bottle would be even better. macafee2
  14. Grew up with campervanning, then tent and camper van then caravan. Once I left home tent and moped. Got a girlfriend and motorbike and tent touring. Had a break for a few years then at about 32 married and with two children on still in nappies we got our first caravan. Manky old thing that sat at an angle and leaked with no bathroom, hot water or mod cons but we had so much fun. You do not need to spend a lot to have fun, we paid £500 Tried all sorts of holidays, camping, campavanning, caravanning, B&B, Hotel full and half board, self catering, cruise and for me caravanning to
  15. wife wanted a modern van and a van where the shower floor was not the bathroom floor. We wanted double dinette as it was and still is, our preferred layout. Like a lot of people this meant changing the car. My replacement tow car was half the price of what it was replacing and 7 or 8 years on it, still makes me feel good when I drive it. Much prefer it to what it replaced macafee2
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