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  1. How far is the journey to work? Short journeys are not good for engines or exhausts and if I were doing short journeys I'd get a small engine car so it would have to work harder. Even then, a good blast on a motorway every now and then will clean the cobwebs out. You may have just been unlucky with your previous car. Not sure a short journey with a petrol is much better I've had a diesel for 7 years and not had a problem and others here will have had diesels for a lot longer without problems. macafee2
  2. Have you checked Isabella's web site or tried contacting them 01844 20 2099? macafee2
  3. Is it Fridays the chip van goes to Hartington? We use a CL not far from there, Brundclife Farm. Walk along the trail to Parsley Hay for a Coffee and just down from you is the Manifold trail. Nice sandwich place at the start and good team room by a stream part way along. Visit to Thors cave, climb up the left side and sit on top and what a wonderful view. Past Parsley Hay you come to a gate across the path and a bridge over the top, the pub up on the left does good food. Also visit the cheese shop in Hartington. macafee2
  4. Have you pulled the bed fully out? There is a chance one or more of the slats may have come out of the runner or is at an angle. Do not pull the bed out fast and do not push it back in fast. I don't even know how to remove the draws, I squeeze under the bed and get to the slats that way. macafee2
  5. give the post an appropriate title/subject, don't use your user name as the subject. If a thread is moved there should be a redirect link in the original location to the post in the new location, this may now be being done macafee2
  6. my neighbour being one, his mot was 7 1/2 months out of date before he got his done, pervious one was a couple of months out of date. Only reason he got it done this year was because he could not tax it. police not that interested as no mot does not invalidate insurance or warrant point on licence. last time I had a vehicle fail an mot, I'm not sure I've had a vehicle fail. macafee2
  7. friend of mine has a car with a BMW 2.0L diesel engine and has done over 400,000 miles, same engine. Totally agree with you about changing oil and filters. One of my cars has just over 100,000 miles and have and would tow my 5 berth with it. motorway miles are better for a car then town miles, long journeys better then short. Don't thrash a cold engine. Brakes if serviced will still be good, mileage unimportant. Mind you going down steep hills with the brakes on most of the way is not a good idea, I know some prefer to use the brakes and not the gearbox but knackered gear boxes, how often do they happen? macafee2
  8. how about fitting some winter tyres? If this guy can do it https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_03_2013/post-261-0-76204000-1364147223.jpg
  9. Here is the start of your problem " Doing 70mph, give or take, it takes me 2 hours to travel 80 miles to the NEC" That is an average speed of 40mph. For how long are you doing 70mph? To sterling it seems motorway and A road with motorway restrictions. 5 hours seems reasonable but that does depend a bit on your starting point, North, South or centre of Manchester. It is surprising how much time you lose traveling in just a few miles to and from a motorway. macafee2
  10. perhaps because people did not know how to use the hyperlink method is a reason its not used and apart from one post above, other contributors have not explained how to do it. look at the posts above, only one person has explained how to use it. macafee2 John, well done for explaining how its done, better to explain then criticize. Thank you... no sarcasm meant macafee2
  11. Does it matter how long it is, copy and paste is easy and some like me would not know that the link can be shortened. macafee2
  12. i thought the move was not to increase unemployment but keep people employed. macafee2
  13. mine is at home. Had a caravan port erected to keep as much rain off as possible. It is at the end of the garden and cannot be seen from the front. With a hedge some 6ft tall behind and neighbours bushes it can hardly be seen from behind but they did plat some cane on their side, but he is a bit weird. With the garage along side it is difficult to see from anywhere but from the neighbours to one side but they have a 6ft fence and don't use the garden. A caravan like perhaps any large vehicle that is just outside the neighbours window can be a bit of an eyesore for them and so the I don't care attitude of a previous post, don't support. I own a caravan and I would not like one just outside my living room window that I can see every time I look out. If I cant see it from settee in my living room then it probably would not bother me macafee2
  14. The insurance company is more interested it performance mods and mods that may make the car more attractive to steal, other mods that don't fall into either bracket are not of any real interest to them but I think general advise is to tell them as a precaution. A tow bar can if hit cause chassis damage. Making a modification to the policy part way through often costs and so I wait until renewal time to make/declare them. Unfortunately on one of my cars the list of mods is long and falls into both performance and more attractive to steal categories, not that I think anyone now a days would steel it. Don't know if they were ever on anyone's radar to steal. macafee2
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