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  1. macafee2

    Distance between pitches

    no wonder they are so close, that's far to close for me macafee2
  2. macafee2

    13 pin socket wiring

    oh. Not a practice I'm going to follow macafee2
  3. macafee2

    13 pin socket wiring

    thank you. Why would you want to supply power to the caravan battery direct from the car battery even when car is not running? Great risk of flattening the car battery. I'd suggest a split charge relay in between car battery and pin 9 so caravan battery is only charged when engine is running and the same for the fridge. thanks for the replies. macafee2
  4. macafee2

    13 pin socket wiring

    it seems it depends on which web site I look at as to the colour code. pink was not mentioned on one site and my earth colours were different but still my op applies thanks macafee2
  5. macafee2

    13 pin socket wiring

    pin 9 permanent live. what is this used for? what would be permanent live? what pin is battery charging? macafee2
  6. macafee2

    Understanding awnings

    some awnings can be purchased with normal metal poles rf for a bit of extra money lighter carbon fibre poles. Isabella I think can supply both sets . we have a 4/5 berth and just use a porch awning as there is just the two of us. macafee2
  7. macafee2

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    I bought a car that stunk of fuel/diesel via the exhaust and smoked. Filled a new fuel filter with millers injector cleaner. Once the filter was fitted I ran the engine for 30 seconds then left it over night. Next morning gave the car a thrash and took it for an mot. no smoke, no stink and it flew through the mot emissions. perhaps this method may have worked better then adding injector cleaner into the fuel tank macafee2
  8. macafee2

    Insurance and remapped car

    thank goodness a 2nd hand ecu is cheap and easy to get and easy programme macafee2
  9. macafee2

    The reason for mirrors

    not quite sure why the OP thinks that the overtaking driver should not have changed his mind and back out of the overtake. macafee2
  10. macafee2

    Condensation on windscreen

    until problem solved use a shammy leather to clear the screen macafee2
  11. why? if people refer to it as the cc and we know what it means why worry? some people still Hoover the carpet macafee2
  12. macafee2

    Towbar Electrics help

    you sure that running all 3 wires direct from the battery is correct? Should the one for the fridge be a switched live? Ideally only live when the alternator is charging? Depending on how its wired there is a risk the car will use the caravans power to start. Does ATC need a permanent live or a switched live? Not having ATC I've no idea. macafee2
  13. how would this effect insurance if 130 is different from caravan manufacturers spec, taken from this web site https://www. caravanguard. co. uk/news/wsl-safety-bolts-solution-by-name-solution-by-nature-4906/ It is vitally important that you check your caravan manufacturer handbook for specific information about torque setting as the WSL bolts must not be over-tightened past 130Nm, even if your handbook states a higher value. It is important that the bolts are used as a complete set, not individually. Your caravan needs to be on a flat surface, braked, solid and secure. One by one remove the existing bolts and fit the new bolt using one of the security keys from the pack. Torque each bolt as you do it. When all bolts are fitted, torque each one again. Remember the 130Nm maximum. macafee2
  14. macafee2

    weber Q1200 and Butane

    worked ok on butane and I have now have a fitting to plug into the caravan gas outlet. This is a heavy BBQ, weight is in the cooking plates macafee2
  15. macafee2

    Heavyweight non-4x4/SUV suggestions?

    is "nose weight" a consideration? macafee2