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  1. F, M, really, you think this is a big problem.? . I understand why there may be arrival times and leaving times but if there is no one leaving then I see no problem with being allowed to arrive early, you don't ask you don't get. wardens, site owner can always say no. CL's may have an arrival and leave time, there may be no one on site the day "you" arrive. Is there any reason other then it says in the rules not to arrive early if you have the owners permission? Same as there are 4 spare pitches, you want to stay late and there are 4 people arriving. They all can have a pitch, if owner agrees why cant you stay late? macafee2
  2. oh my for 22 hours you are taking a pitch that someone else can use. I see no problem with what you are doing, in fact I'd be tempted to ring the site, explain the situation and as if you can arrive 2 hours early and save your money. macafee2
  3. the only lights you may struggle to check if you are alone are the stop lights. No doubt some that are solo will use a mirror at the back of the van so they can see the stop lights macafee2
  4. In a single parking space because there are no spare parking spaces and even if they are, they wont be there for long and under those circumstances it would be inconsiderate to park in two. Mind you, to go to a hospital car park I'd take the car that would not upset me too much if it picked up a dent, our other two cars would stay at home. For some it does not matter how many parking spaces there are in the car park, taking two they consider inconsiderate, I on the other hand feel it does matter and tailor my parking to my environment. macafee2 they are stopping someone getting into their car and leaving and no doubt they too are taking two spaces. I don't think it is funny. macafee2
  5. would it for those that do know, be helpful to advise that watts is used where you have ohms? Above posts Talk about watts but your formula refers to ohms. macafee2
  6. I do not consider it selfish because..................... there are other parking spaces . No one is without a parking space. I would see it as an issue if there was a space here and there but not when there are plenty. You are more then welcome to continue to be upset because you arrive at a car park that has empty spaces but you notice a car taking two. macafee2
  7. never have a problem at B&Q where an Audi can often be seen in two spaces. we park in the half of the car park that is away from the shop and walk that bit further, never have a problem at Morrison's as I park at the far end of the car park and walk that bit further, never have a problem at Asda, cos guess what... I park at the far end of the car park and walk that bit further, never have a problem at screwfix, Euro car parts the list goes on and on oh, I do have a problem at the co-op so I park in the road instead Don't have a problem in the local town cos I don't use the car parks, I parallel park in the road and....walk that bit further:) so, despite there being other car parking spaces and me parking at the far end of the car park I'm selfish cos I take two spaces, not cos I stop anyone from parking, I just stop them parking in that particular space As there are always other spaces I apologise for not comprehending your frustration, I fully appreciate you consider it poor parking. If I parked right by the shop doorway and took two spaces I might see your point of view a bit more. Do you have any understanding or acceptance that all I want to do is protect my car? I'm not even being berated because (thought I'd use because instead of cos just to show I can spell because) people cant park. macafee2
  8. ok so you have explained, as there are always other parking spaces available then I have deprived no one of a parking space. that's one of your reasons dealt with I'm parked at the far end of the car park so I doubt anyone with mobility issues will park there unless its the last few spaces. that's another of your reasons dealt with never said my car was more important then anyone elses so why ask the questions? There are other parking spaces so why selfish? why arrogant? calling me arrogant in this situation seems inappropriate. If I deprive someone of the last parking space then inconsiderate but there are always other spaces . Again no negative comment about those that damage someone else's property and walk/drive away macafee2 I never said my car is more important then anyone elses where on earth do you get that idea from, just make it up to suit yourself? explain why taking up two parking spaces is selfish. If your reason is cos you think I'm saying my car is more important is selfish then your argument crashes and burns as I've never said my car is more important macafee2
  9. Livi, come on, try to explain. Strange some of you are so wound up about it but it is me being called inconsiderate etc. Another post with no explanation ho hum. I took the time to explain my reason. Better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all so go on Livi, try macafee2
  10. I do park at the far end of the car park By parking at the far end those with mobility issues can park closer....... opps taken the wind out of your sails Interesting some 3 post saying inconsiderate, none seeming to understand the reason and none offering to pay for any damage. No explanation as to why, despite there being a number of other car parking spaces about, it is considered inconsiderate. Surly my action is a considered action, I have considered what may happen and have taken a measure or two to avoid an issue. The next car wont have to use two spaces, only 1, it would be the 3rd car that would "need" two spaces Perhaps it is those that open their door against someone elses property, cause damage and walk off without paying are the inconsiderate ones? If you have been lucky enough never to have been hit in a car park you are lucky, there are many other cars showing car park dents come on guys, give an explanation why it is inconsiderate, ignorant and arrogant. macafee2 you are correct, only in free car parks. Pay and display have a park fully in the space rule but fwiw, I wont park in just any space. If I consider the risk is too great I park elsewhere. I go to the upper floors of a multi storey car park, far end of car park from shop, end space, parallel park, park further away and walk. If I could park in two spaces, I'd happily pay for two tickets. How many tickets do I need for a car and trailer, that will take up two spaces. macafee2
  11. explain why it is inconsiderate, arrogant and ignorant. I note you don't offer to pay for any damage caused to my car if I park in a space and it gets dented by someone else door. macafee2 why deliberately cause a problem, is that really adult grown up behaviour? You seem to have ignored the reason for me parking like that, any particular reason? macafee2
  12. I park like that and I know where another driver parks like that. They park like it so often I'm going to guess they park like it that for the same reason as me. The hope that who ever parks next to them parks fully in a space. They can then open their doors without the risk of hitting my car . You may call me and the driver in this picture inconsiderate but are there free spaces in the car park? Not as if anyone is going to have trouble finding a parking space by the look of it. For those that think it is inconsiderate, please explain why I and anyone else should not take a precaution to avoid damage to our cars. macafee2
  13. turn the grey dial to 2000 .If your fire has a fan it or does on mine, tend to blow cold if using 500. Turn the black knob to 5 or above, give it, I don't know 10 minutes before turning the fan on. Once the caravan warms up turn down to 1000 or even 500 At 2000 and higher then 5 in time you may even find the caravan gets hot. If you are going out and leaving the fire on, turn the fan off and use 500 and 5, just to keep the chill off and don't block the vents of the fire macafee2
  14. I have had Lunar from new that every year had damp. All done under warranty so in that way Lunar are good but have found their customer services to be rubbish and build quality to be poor. would be reluctant to buy lunar again macafee2
  15. may need facebook to see it macafee2
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