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  1. Here is the start of your problem " Doing 70mph, give or take, it takes me 2 hours to travel 80 miles to the NEC" That is an average speed of 40mph. For how long are you doing 70mph? To sterling it seems motorway and A road with motorway restrictions. 5 hours seems reasonable but that does depend a bit on your starting point, North, South or centre of Manchester. It is surprising how much time you lose traveling in just a few miles to and from a motorway. macafee2
  2. perhaps because people did not know how to use the hyperlink method is a reason its not used and apart from one post above, other contributors have not explained how to do it. look at the posts above, only one person has explained how to use it. macafee2 John, well done for explaining how its done, better to explain then criticize. Thank you... no sarcasm meant macafee2
  3. Does it matter how long it is, copy and paste is easy and some like me would not know that the link can be shortened. macafee2
  4. i thought the move was not to increase unemployment but keep people employed. macafee2
  5. mine is at home. Had a caravan port erected to keep as much rain off as possible. It is at the end of the garden and cannot be seen from the front. With a hedge some 6ft tall behind and neighbours bushes it can hardly be seen from behind but they did plat some cane on their side, but he is a bit weird. With the garage along side it is difficult to see from anywhere but from the neighbours to one side but they have a 6ft fence and don't use the garden. A caravan like perhaps any large vehicle that is just outside the neighbours window can be a bit of an eyesore for them and so the I don't care attitude of a previous post, don't support. I own a caravan and I would not like one just outside my living room window that I can see every time I look out. If I cant see it from settee in my living room then it probably would not bother me macafee2
  6. The insurance company is more interested it performance mods and mods that may make the car more attractive to steal, other mods that don't fall into either bracket are not of any real interest to them but I think general advise is to tell them as a precaution. A tow bar can if hit cause chassis damage. Making a modification to the policy part way through often costs and so I wait until renewal time to make/declare them. Unfortunately on one of my cars the list of mods is long and falls into both performance and more attractive to steal categories, not that I think anyone now a days would steel it. Don't know if they were ever on anyone's radar to steal. macafee2
  7. a cold idling engine is not good and this has been practice for years. The fuel burning heaters heat engine coolant, can clear screen and warm cabin all with the engine still turned off. A "warm" engine before it is even turned on saves wear and tear. macafee2
  8. for those with diesels but without fuel burning heaters, there are probably a few names for them you should check to see if one can be added. They would have been an expensive extra when the car was new but 2nd hand can be dirt cheap but a word of warning, do make sure it is in working order. Some if a PCB fault are easy and "cheap" to repair but if the water pump has failed, a new pump is over a £100. they can be found at scrap yards and ebay macafee2
  9. yes it could be a simple job to fix, just a process of elimination. where ever you start to fault find it could be the last thing you check. flick the 3 switches in your picture of and on a couple of times just in case one has gotten stuck. for the following I would recommend the use of a multi meter that can measure 240v ac and 20v dc and measure resistance I would check there is 240v at the caravan end of the EHU, that's 240v coming front the post. if yes to above and no to below you have narrowed down your search area I would move to checking if there is 240v going into the fuse box if yes to above and no to below then your trip or a connection on it is the issue I would check there is 240v after the trip, the one on the right of your picture. good luck and be careful, electricity is dangerous, you cant see it, you cant smell it and you sure as heck don't want to feel it macafee2
  10. put a blanket or carpet or screen protector over the screen the night before. Leave the car and catch the bus. It does not bother me to clear the windows, I used to get up early and clean the windows on the wifes car for when she went to work. macafee2
  11. Dave, your list is probably easier to get locally then a gas regulator. Local garage may well let you have / borrow perhaps all but batteries macafee2
  12. multi meter is now on the list having connected up and had no power. couple of screw drivers, pliers, strippers, cutters, insulation tape, matches, wet and dry, cable tie, jubilee clip, few screws and washers. macafee2
  13. mmmm about 22 years ago our 1st van was a Monza 1400s, very basic, leaned to one side and leaked but we had great fun with it. Wife wanted a better van so may be 18 years ago so we got a 2nd hand swift Allouette diamond, some mod cons and I liked it. 7 years ago she wanted a better van, one where the shower floor was not the bathroom floor. We got a new Lunar Quasar 525. Have only seen one other that looked to be the same year. More mod cons but sheet build quality and customer service. No wonder they went to the wall, only their selves to blame! This also meant a change of tow car. I don't like diesels and I don't line saloons but really like my car. Joined a car forum for it and have learnt lots. Was a poverty spec car when I got it but visits to the scrap yards and the only 2 things it does not have from the top spec is sunroof and sat nav. Sunroof is two expensive to fit and sat nav, I don't want. Really enjoy driving it and it has a bullet proof engine. I know someone that has 400,000 miles on his. I don't change for sake of change or to appear to keep up with the Jones's. I don't lust after anyone else's caravan and unless they have a particular Tourer in one of a few colours with a particular colour interior, I wont be lusting after anyone else's tow car. macafee2
  14. why not ask the service people if they check the heating as part of the service? macafee2
  15. I wonder if Bailey would have rejected the 2nd claim if the repairer had been unable to do it for 5 months? Let the experience be a warning to us all, once a claim is authorised don't put it off unless the manufacturer agrees in writing and will pick up any additional costs if repairs work out more. At least they pick up half the cost, they did have a valid point but how much extra damage was done, no idea macafee2
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