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  1. Posted 2 hours ago A quick glance at HJ says that a 1.5 Karoq lists at around £26k, whilst a 2 litre CX5 lists at £31k or more. Mazda don't do a 1.5 engined CX5, the smallest engine is a 2 litre. So yes, a 2 litre CX5 can pull 2000kg but so can a 2 litre Karoq, but the 1.5 litre Karoq is around 20% cheaper. Cx 5 petrol auto starts at £29K and is very well equipped , 2.2 diesel auto starts at £31K, 2 Litre dieselKaroq (DSG) is just over £30K, 1.5 DSG £29K, 190ps Karoq is petrol 4x4 and is around £34K
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  3. Our local Morrisons is now selling E10 fuel, no pumps for E5
  4. Have a look here, and ask if they deliver to Ireland and waht is lead time, have also added a trye size calculator https://www.mytyres.co.uk/search?minPrice=&maxPrice=&season=So&width=185&profile=65&size=14&speedRating=T&loadIndex=86&brand=&priceCategory=recommended&clientReviewsRating=&isRunflat=&reinforced=&cTire=&rimProtection=&sealLayer=&noiseReduction=&businessReviews=false&vehicleTypes=PKW&vehicleTypes=RACE_PKW&vehicleTypes=LLKW&vehicleTypes=VINTAGE_PKW&vehicleTypes=OFF&sortCode=price_asc https://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre-finder/s=3/summer,winter,all-season/r=1/185-65-r14#&&/wEXDAUVcGNrX1RyTFNTb3J0RGlyZWN0aW9uBQExBRVwY2tfTHN0U1NvcnRQYXJhbWV0ZXIFAjEwBQlwY2tfVHJMU1IFA+KUpAULcGNrX1RyTFNST0YFA+KUpAUKcGNrX1RyTFNTTAUCMjEFCnBja19UckxTUFQFAzE0OAUHcGNrX0lQUAUCMjQFCXBja19UcjQ4aAUD4pSkBQxwY2tfVHJMU1NJZHMFAzE3NAUHcGNrX0NQZwUBMQUKcGNrX1RyTFNQRgUCMzYFDnBja19UckxTU3NuSWRzBQkx4pSsMuKUrDO86d2SRYp2aqJT73o/0qd0f0pP0Q== https://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyre-size-calculator/
  5. Have a look here, depends on your budget, made to measure covers are not cheap https://www.specialisedcovers.com/caravan-cover http://pro-teccoversonline.co.uk/about-us
  6. Reg should look like this https://mystatic.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/product-photos/hoses-and-regulators/propane-regulator-standard1-800x800.jpg
  7. Caravans have been prohibited from going either up or down Sutton Bank since May 1984 as the steep gradient and hairpin bend makes it dangerous for caravans and HGV's. There is an alternative route signposted through Coxwold and Ampleforth for banned vehicles.[7] In
  8. Have a look here https://www.camskill.co.uk/m90b0s0p0/Van_Tyres_- My Tyres also have a good selection
  9. Have a look here https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/65786/best-cordless-impact-wrench-2020 prices vary from £125 to £360 when tests carried out in Feb 2020 Just remember not to use it on the security nuts on the wheels
  10. Don't know about your van but in mine (Pemberton Verona) the pelmets were held on by long velco strips
  11. Putting in thicker carpets will help as the cold strikes through the floor very easily, particularly if there is no skirting around the van. If this is not too easily done as it is not a good idea to lay new carpet over existing what about getting some good quailty thick rugs to cover most of the floors
  12. As far as I am aware the site owner is not legally allowed to insist you use one particular decking installation company, they should have several approved contactors for you to obtain quotes from. Many parks insist on certain products, manufacturers or companies to supply and erect decking. We have always said that this type of requirement is unfair and restrictive. This opinion is shared by the OFT in its Guidance on Unfair Terms in Holiday Caravan Agreements (OFT 734) where it states:
  13. It is a good idea to put antifreeze/concentrated screen wash in all the U bends, particularly the shower U bend as this is outside thehcaravan, also dose the toilet bowl the same a s his does not drain
  14. It is recommended by tyre manufacturers that new tyres should be fitted to the rear The tyre industry recommends fitting the new tyres onto the rear axle. This will provide greater grip to the rear axle and mitigate any potential oversteer condition or loss of vehicle stability on slippery surfaces.
  15. Just remenber to take the L plate off the car when you have pitched the van as it is illegal to drive a car with L plates on if only the driver is in the car and is not a professional driving instructor. If you are both in the car no one would know that the driver is not a learner
  16. Is the small piece at the top of the light removable? my van (Pemberton) has a similar light fastened by two screws, the small pieces at the top and bottom are removable by placing a small blade or screwdriver behind and sliding away from the van to expose the fastening screws.
  17. Try Here https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?s_p=&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&x_tyre_for=&tabs=on&cart_id=El1rHC72mkWfp3Gp.110.440428535&suchen=Search+for+tyres&m_s=3&ist_hybris_orig=&search_tool=&tyre_for=&with_bootstrap_flag=1&dsco=110&s_p_=&sowigan=So&Breite=185&Quer=80&S_Z=&Felge=14&Speed=&Load=104%2F102&Marke=&kategorie=6&filter_preis_von=&filter_preis_bis=&Transport=T&homologation=
  18. It may be a good idea to leave yourself a note in the van reminding you all the taps are open so you remember to close them before turning the water back on, after turning the water back on just partially open the cold water taps one by one to get rid of the air in the system. It is advisable to remove the thermostatic valve on the shower as just leaving the taps open will not empty the cassette in the valve, this is quite easy to do, just undo the two large nuts where the valve is fastened to the incoming pipes. The U bend for the shower is generally outside the van under the shower tray and is susceptible to freeing , just add some anti freeze, I use concentrated windscreen washer fluid. As advised on other posts leave fridge/ freezer doors open, I also leave the oven door, cupboard and wardrobe doors open and pull all cushions and mattresse s away from outside walls to prevent them getting damp. To avaid taking all clothes etc home I pack some in the vacuum bags, this keeps them dry and not taking up too much space.
  19. Ever heard of an battery angle grinder/disc cutter just like thieves use to steal caravans etc
  20. I sold my Coacman Amara 520/4 to MrPaul Goodall in May 2017, sent him all the details including what was included in the sale. Came back with an acceptable price, when he came to see the van he had a quick inspection, including damp test. Did not try to lower his offer, money was transferred immediately and he hitched up the van and took it away. Very easy to deal with. Don't know how far he will travel to buy a van though Website https://www.yorkshirecaravanbuyer.co.uk/
  21. It would seem there is still some way to go on the auto pilot technology https://www.thedrive.com/news/33789/autopilot-blamed-for-teslas-crash-into-overturned-truck
  22. My last car's( CR V iDTEC) handbook stated specifically that the spacesaver should not be used when towing so I bought a full size spare (18")with a decent tyre from a breaker, cost me £200
  23. Unlikely to get a Kodiaq within budget of £14-£15K
  24. I have a CX 5 with electric parking brake, took me some time to get used to it and also to discover it does not release automatically if the driver is not wearing the seat belt, assume the 6 works in the same way
  25. Is there an isolator switch somewhere above the kitchen work surafce? otherwise it may be behind the fridge freezer
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