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  1. Prices for Chatsworth https://www.chatsworth.org/book-tickets/
  2. Have a look at this, the product is available from B& Q https://www.diy.com/departments/hg-mould-remover-spray-500-ml/136829_BQ.prd
  3. If your are leaving the heating on and you are on bottled gas suggest you connect a new bottle before closing the van up for the winter. Also many sites use the closed period to carry out maintenance /upgrading on the site and may shut off the electricity for periods. If the boileris left on will it reset automatically when power is resumed? As per Paul 1957 advises disconnect the thermostatic shower valve as the cassette will not drain completely if left connected, would also advise putting anti freeze in sink u and shower bends, particularly the shower u bend as this will be outside the van under the shower tray and is susceptible to freezing. Switch off fridge/freezer and leave door(s) open, I also leave the oven door open. Pull cushion seating and any mattresses away from the outside walls to prevent moisture/damp as these outside walls will be at a lower temp than the cushions/mattresses.
  4. The lakes at Rother Valley have been closed for several months due to the algae, this can be prevented but it is expensive to do so, particularly with several lakes as at Rother Valley. Several water ski and cable ski lakes in the UK have been closed for the same reason. Allowing dogs (or childern) to swim in lakes so affected can result in serious illness particularly if it is blue algae. Some dogs have died after being allowed to swim in lakes affected by algae.
  5. As per 2 Seaside's comment, it is adviable to check with the site owner as many sites can not allow wooden sheds to be erected , this is very often down to the local council speciyfing wooden sheds are not allowed on static caravan sites. Also the site may have specific conditions as to the colour, material, size and positioning of the "shed"
  6. When you leave the van over winter I would advise that electrical items be taken home, particularly the TV. To winterise, all seat cushions should be pulled away from outside walls, as already stated the central heating should have antifreeze in it , this will have been added at the time of manufacture and the system should not be drained down. Turn off the mains water supply The water system should be drained down using the drain taps under the van, there maybe more than one pair (hot and cold are usually side by side.) Flush the toilet(s) to empty the cistern(s), then add either antifreeze or concentrated windscreen washer fluid to the the bowl(s), also do the same for the sinks and shower U bends ,the shower U bend is usually outside,underneath the shower tray and is prone the freexing in cold weather. Leave all taps open, take off the shower hose and put in the in the shower tray, it is also advisable to take off the showerthermostatic valve as the cassette inside does not drain completely if left in situ, this is quite easy to remove, usually the 2 large retaining nuts are behind the thermostatic valve. Leave fridge /freezer door open and also the oven grill doors Hope this helps
  7. Can't help re towing with a petrol CRV but on the auto max towing weight is 1500kgs,manual 2000kgs. I have had a diesel auto(2.2) and it towed a Coachman Amara 520/4 without problems. Tended to hunt between 4 th and 5th (5 speed auto) Hondas are noted for being reliable and I never had any problems with reliability. If you go for one with a sunroof check that it retracts and closes without problems as it is a £600 (at least )job to rectify.
  8. Not strictly true, they are running lights and do not have to illuminate when the ignition is switched on, mine are speed dependant and come on when vehicle reaches approx 5 mph, also, when the parking brake is applied they go off even if the engine is running, come on again when car reaches approx 5 mph (obviously with parking brake off)
  9. Our local council has just completed a multi storey car park at a cost of several million pounds and have had 6 EV charging points installed. When someone went to use one it was discovered that all the instructions are in German as the manufacturer is a German company and installation was carried out by German technicians. The same council, in order to save money has decided to have all their vehicles in white as opposed to the council colour of orange, this included the new snow ploughs. I am not making this up
  10. Try taking off the shower hose from the thermostatic valve in the shower turn the temp control to its highest setting and turn on the water if water comes out hot and does not go cold after a few minutes it will probably be the thermostatic cartridge in the shower valve. These can be replaced as long as you know the make of the shower. It is also very easy to change the whole valve, TURN OFF THE WATER AT THE STOP COCK, then unscrew the valve from its back plate, replace with a thermostatic shower valve with the same centre (usually 150mm). These are generally not too expensive (£40) and are available from Screwfix or almost any plumbing supplier. Plenty of videos on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2d1Tfp018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbn_SJi5Sas https://www.screwfix.com/c/bathrooms-kitchens/shower-valves/cat820336?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-bathrooms-_-showervalves It is also a good idea to remove this after draining down for the winter as just dropping the shower head into the tray does not drain the valve, this water could freeze during cold weather
  11. Could you get a door from a caravan breakers yard and use the part you need?
  12. Ford no longer fit the 3.2 diesel in the Ranger, only a 2 ltr with 2 outputs, it can be had with the 10speed auto (see this weeks autoexpress ).Top of the range is over £40K
  13. terve

    Rear number plate

    These will do the job https://www.towsure.com/self-adhesive-yellow-number-plate-style-background https: //www.towsure.com/number-plate-style-letters-and-numbers
  14. I had a 2010 2.2 diesel auto for 5 years and it towed my Coachman Amara 520/4 without problem ( 1475kgs), tended to hunt between 4th and 5th (5 speed torque converter box). Lower towing limit for auto (1500kgs v 2000 kgs for manual) MPG aroung 25 when towing
  15. If you are a member of Which magazine or know someone who is a memberthey did a survey end of 2018 published in early 2019 of 27 breakdown providers
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