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  1. It may be a good idea to leave yourself a note in the van reminding you all the taps are open so you remember to close them before turning the water back on, after turning the water back on just partially open the cold water taps one by one to get rid of the air in the system. It is advisable to remove the thermostatic valve on the shower as just leaving the taps open will not empty the cassette in the valve, this is quite easy to do, just undo the two large nuts where the valve is fastened to the incoming pipes. The U bend for the shower is generally outside the van under the shower tray and is susceptible to freeing , just add some anti freeze, I use concentrated windscreen washer fluid. As advised on other posts leave fridge/ freezer doors open, I also leave the oven door, cupboard and wardrobe doors open and pull all cushions and mattresse s away from outside walls to prevent them getting damp. To avaid taking all clothes etc home I pack some in the vacuum bags, this keeps them dry and not taking up too much space.
  2. Ever heard of an battery angle grinder/disc cutter just like thieves use to steal caravans etc
  3. I sold my Coacman Amara 520/4 to MrPaul Goodall in May 2017, sent him all the details including what was included in the sale. Came back with an acceptable price, when he came to see the van he had a quick inspection, including damp test. Did not try to lower his offer, money was transferred immediately and he hitched up the van and took it away. Very easy to deal with. Don't know how far he will travel to buy a van though Website https://www.yorkshirecaravanbuyer.co.uk/
  4. It would seem there is still some way to go on the auto pilot technology https://www.thedrive.com/news/33789/autopilot-blamed-for-teslas-crash-into-overturned-truck
  5. My last car's( CR V iDTEC) handbook stated specifically that the spacesaver should not be used when towing so I bought a full size spare (18")with a decent tyre from a breaker, cost me £200
  6. Unlikely to get a Kodiaq within budget of £14-£15K
  7. I have a CX 5 with electric parking brake, took me some time to get used to it and also to discover it does not release automatically if the driver is not wearing the seat belt, assume the 6 works in the same way
  8. Is there an isolator switch somewhere above the kitchen work surafce? otherwise it may be behind the fridge freezer
  9. If the car is kept outside why not buy a cheap solar charger? Saves fiddling about with the13 pin plug
  10. Just bear in mind if you rent it out you will need commercial insurance, a compulsory annual gas check, (just like a landlords certificate for a rental propery),cleaning and laundry services (or do it yourself if you live nearby) and marketing/advertising costs Also gas and electricity is usually included in the rent. Gas can easily cost £40/week in cold weather and some guests will no doubt leave the heating on all the time as is it included in the rent. The caravan you purchase will cost you full retail from your chosen site whereas the vans the sites rent out are usually rental spec especially with regard to the controls for the gas central heating. Suggest you consider all of the above(including massive depreciation) before taking the plunge. How long is the site open?, many are only open March -early October, some are 10 months so factor in at least 2 months with no income assuming all other months are fully booked ,which is doubtful. Many rental vans from the big operators are no more than 5 years old and are bought in batches to their own spec direct from the manufacturer. Personally I would not bother due to the hassle and relatively small profit to be had based on initial and ongoing expenditure and depreciation involved and the risk of some renters abusing it. By all means go ahead if you can make the figures work for you. Your choice
  11. If you do not remove the valve some water will remain in the cassette even though the taps are left in the open position, I had this happen to me a few years ago and the casing had split when it thawed out, after that I removed the shower mixer valve. Remember the U bend for the shower is outside the van and it is a good idea to put some anti freeze or concentrated windscreen washer fluid down the shower drain.
  12. Went to Naples several years ago, did not go up Vesuvius but went to Pompeii and enjoyed it very much. If you travel anywhere around Naples either on foot by coach or train be very careful with your belongings. Do not wear any visible jewellery, make sure your money is secure in an inside pocket and keep your bag under your coat. Do not take your passport with you. If using the train watch out for young men (usually men) standing near the doors, the modus operandi is to grab something from a passenger just as the train is pulling into the station and the doors are opening, jump off and leg it
  13. Prices for Chatsworth https://www.chatsworth.org/book-tickets/
  14. Have a look at this, the product is available from B& Q https://www.diy.com/departments/hg-mould-remover-spray-500-ml/136829_BQ.prd
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