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  1. Hardly a small vw camper. she copes very well with the weight
  2. Sorry, my fault, I forgot to update after selling the caravan.
  3. We are just about ready to go now but the final and big question is whether or not to take the scooter on the back or should we save weight and leave it behind. Do we really need one up there as we will be parking and exploring different places as and when we land. Would we really need to unhitch the scooter and drive for miles. Has anyone any experience of this issue. Did you go and wish you had bikes with you or did you never see the need for a bike or scooter.
  4. does anyone k ow if there are any lpg stations on the route
  5. Thanks rodders and everyone else. It takes time to post answers and they are truly appreciated, thanks to all.
  6. We are planning the 500 loop round the north of scotland in our motorhome that's fitted with a status 550 directional aerial. Mission control has a penchant for her soaps so obviously my question is such. ....Can we get reasonable freeview reception from inverness up to Jon o groats across the top and down the west coast, or is it hit and miss. That being the case, i have a back up plan. ....Ive got 30 gig of data on my i phone with EE so if the freeview fails, I can always get tv player on the internet on my laptop and cast it to my tv if the phone coverage concerning data is available. Am i hoping for too much or should I take dvds and some good books, lol
  7. In answer to some questions, we are taking our van but not the scooter, so we are stripped down to basics. We aim to be away for around a month and like a couple of days at each stop but we might do stopovers along the way. I guess we need to buy a book or something showing us the route and where to stop en route to make it a success. Ive looked on the 500 site and they want between £15 to £250 but I cant see anywhere what we get for the money in terms of what each payment covers.
  8. My wife and I have an autosleeper clubman and plan on invading Scotland. We aim to leave Leeds and head for seahouses, then on to Berwick and after that, Scotland here we come. Problem is we havent got a clue where to go. Some time ago we were told to do the 500, which from all accounts, is a route round scotland. If anyone out there knows what this route 500 is supposed to be, please let us know. failing that, does anyone have a tried and tested route that might help us out. We aim to do the top end of scotland then down to Larne and get the ferry over to Ireland and do Ireland after a few weeks in Scotland. Thanks in advance, Sam
  9. Ive found it. Its called acoustic felt material.
  10. Ive added a few shelves and bits or wood to my van interior and would like to cover these bits and bats with the greyish blue type of felt material that covers the walls of my van. Can anyone hazzard a guess what its called and where it can be purchased.
  11. Im still reading and following it but my goodness, it seems to be an emotive subject to say the least. i dont even wear glasses. lol. Ive got quite a list and some great advice but the bickering is a little silly but not half as bad as some subjects on here. Im really grateful though and if there is any room left for payload, \ill think about a little booze as well. lol.
  12. Looking down the list of posts regarding euro travel, I can see it is an emotive subject so my question is simple. .... Based on the fact that we ''will'' be going abroad in either our motorhome or caravan for the first time this year, I would like all you informed and educated seasoned campaigners to help me compile a list of things needed for our Journey. Whether we take our motorhome or caravan will be decided upon by the ease of travel and will be based on the economics of said journey. Everything from passports to lists of available aires/campsites and maps is what we are looking for as well as the hidden things like triangles and breathalysers if they are law now etc etc etc. Thanks all.
  13. I just found it. Its called veltrim. Spay a board, place it on and job done. Its ised for lining boots etc on cars but I thought it came already on a board, aparently not.
  14. In an older motorhome of mine the walls had a wooley type wall board on the walls, does anyone know what this wallboard is called please.
  15. It was declared as a write off becasue they couldnt source the rear panel needed. i agreed to keep the van and the balance of the value less the salvage was given to me which i used to get a new panel from a breakers and the van is back to perfect condition but with this damm cat c write off lable hanging round its neck. Ive made no money on the deal as yet, so its a straight forward payment turned into a repair and now available for sale to anyone that wants th=o get a clean bill of health certificate and a new CRiS reg document at a cost of £15.
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