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  1. We have aleak somewhere on the outside but not waste pipes and it seems a elimination process so as do that would rather have new allway through its a dry caravan and was advised if its dry keep it as a lot of new ones have inside leaks thanks for answering
  2. We want to renew the red and blue pipes all through the caravan tourer we would need someone professional to do this can anyone say how long and how much it would cost thankyou
  3. Thankyou you all will go to caravan spares tomo 12mm it says
  4. Can anyone tell me what this is called its a connector for the shower its leaking under sink thankyou
  5. Can anyone please tell me which housing I will need for the pump in the picture thankyou
  6. Can anyone please tell me if Ican just buy the white part of this shower where the hose fits onto
  7. can anyone please tell me how to get hot water through the gas on a swift charisma 2004 (we have hot water by electric) thakyou
  8. can anyone please tell me how you get into a swift delamere 2004 caravan water heater to get the element out to replace it thankyou
  9. can anyone tell me please is it how to get the black elbow off, and is it easy to fit a new one as there is no blue pipe to play with its leaking thankyou sorry can i put a picture on
  10. thank you ive orderd some
  11. i have looked at this, is it not a glue, dont think we need glue, we did it with caravan sealant which was great but goes very dirty and cant clean it as it stays softish thaks
  12. can anyone please tell me what sealant we can use for round the lockers eg battery door toilet fill door they have all gone black and cant clean them we have dug them out but need to know what to put on that dosnt go black thankyou
  13. can anyone tell me what nut is on a swift delamere 2004 stabiliser i ave bought a drill for putting p and down the legs but not sure what drill bit i need thankyou
  14. hi can anyone please tell me if its possible to change to propane from butane in my tourer swift chrisma 540 and how much roughly would it cost thanks in advance
  15. been this weekend to open our tourer up everything fine except the gas, bottles full turned on lit ring on cooker lit for a second then went out left it for a couple of hours did the same again, its as though just theres only a bit of gas getting through it the blue calor any help would be great im totally stumped thanks in advance
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