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  1. We had hailstones just like the ones pictured! Our 'van suffered two broken roof lights, (holes clean through top pane) and the roof itself looks like the surface of the moon! You can't put a hand on it without covering dents! The car was also hammered on the roof and bonnet, just as hundreds of others were around here! Windscreens smashed too! Still, worse things happen. At least cars and caravans can be repaired! Al.
  2. Hi and welcome to CT, Dee! The age/type/size of the caravan doesn't matter nearly as much as the fun you have using it! Al.
  3. We went on a Caribbean cruise a couple of years ago, and loved the experience so much that we're planning another one, to fit around our caravan trips! Being on the ship wasn't being "stuck" anywhere - on the few sea days, there's loads to do, time to relax, eat whenever we wanted in any of the multitude of restaurants and buffets, and then on the days in port, plenty to explore at our own pace, and a different destination each day! Actually, my idea of fun! And many holidays abroad, including Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Holland, Germany etc; trips to London; all very enjoyable, and in no way conflict with our pleasure in caravanning! Who says you need to restrict yourself to one kind of holiday or another! Enjoy them all! Al.
  4. Apparently the road was signed, warning of such a possibility! Then again, it's a human trait to think warnings only apply to everyone else! Still, our American pals always have plenty of big trucks to help out! ^_^ Al.
  5. A reason not to buy a fifth-wheel rig. ....... or where not to take it if you do! Al.
  6. I have to say that we haven't had a problem with our Elite! Specialised have developed straps to further tension it - I'd contact them to discuss it. I've always found them to be extremely helpful with any queries or issues. Al.
  7. Can't help with that particular model, Tim, but I would say not to be scared of a T/A - they're generally more stable to tow than a single, and would give you more options in terms of layouts and room. If you think I could give you any more advice on pulling a Twin, just drop me a pm anytime, I'd be glad to help if I can! Al.
  8. Ta Jim, interesting site with some good stuff on it. Regards, Al.
  9. Caravan Solar - I'd go for that! I like snorkelling and scuba and the like, and I think it would be good to have underwater stuff featured. ......hang on, that's sonar, isn't it? Seriously though, solar panels are of interest to more 'vanners nowadays - would keep us ahead of the field. Al.
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