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  1. Same for us. We're now on our second year of an Aviva multicar policy instead. They are an absolute pain to get quotes for though. Takes ages. Edit: I mean multi car quotes, which take ages to enter the info for. Aviva have actually been pretty good to deal with. The first company we have stuck with for 3 years running.
  2. There's always tomorrow Phil. To be fair, our Modus got up a steeper, snowier hill this morning and it's front tyres are due to be replaced imminently. I left the AWD at home for the Mrs.
  3. Here here! When are you posting some vids of your golf swing Phil? AWD vehicles moving easily in the snow is getting passe
  4. Good luck with the recovery (and the van)
  5. Was it this one: https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=LjQW5VOu6sU or this? https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=bnoETuUbl38
  6. Maybe a wind-out Isabella Air Porch with annexe and iPhone control, in kevlar?
  7. At least it's not a new type of awning. There seem to be some people with real problems in that area! I'm holding out for remote management of my motor mover (once I get it) and corner steadies. That way, the van can be ready at the storage site gate when I get there. I can't see this idea going wrong in any way at all.
  8. You've got to admire the marketing though! More stuff you don't need but you kind of think you do!
  9. Very true. We avoid the awning too, unless it's needed fro shade. It doesn't feel like bare bones though and just hitching up and going is a luxury in itself. Vive la difference!
  10. Exactly! Some do though. We once took the slow cooker (we'd started it at home and it was only a 30 min drive to the site).
  11. Indeed, you are right. At my previous company, we had an commerical version in the board/meeting room, where it made a lot of sense (gone are the days where there was someone to clean up coffee filters etc). The home versions have been very cleverly marketed to create an air of exclusivity. I understand that for a good while the pods weren't available in normal supermarkets for example? For me, they taste ok (some are a bit artificial) but are too expensive and wasteful to be an alternative to real coffee. I wouldn't want to carry a surface eating appliance with me in the van either. I think if you really like the more elaborate coffee shop drinks (as opposed to just espresso or americano) they might appeal more.
  12. That if the best instant coffee I have found. The tesco finest equivalents are pretty good too.
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