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  1. These air bubbles will mostly pass through the system & escape vie the header tank, you may need to occasionally undo the bleed valves to allow any trapped air to escape. Pass, you may be better off speaking direct to Akde, they may be able to explain it better than me.
  2. The way it was easily explained to me when on an Alde training course was to look at a kettle element when the water is heating up, you will see small air bubbles form on the element, this is similar to what happens inside the boiler. ..the heating elements sit within the fluid.
  3. It will when there is a build up of pressure. ....the boiler will also shut down as it will get too hot.
  4. Excessive fluid loss may be due to poor condition of fluid in the system, fluid allowed to drop below the minimum mark on the header tank, excessive use of electric (best results when gas & electric are used together), leaks in the system pipe work or within the boiler. The way the heating system works it will produce small air bubbles that will naturally disperse through the he. ader tank & if the system is run continuously it will cause the fluid to evaporate.
  5. It's a pressure relief valve as well, that's where the OP is loosing fluid due to the air lock, if it didn't pass fluid the boiler could blow up!
  6. It's very difficult to remove an air lock from the boiler by just using the bleed valves. ....I'm assuming the OP doesn't own a service pump so he won't have any idea if the air hss been removed. The boiler will overheat as the heat cannot get past the air lock, and will vent via the pressure relief valve! The dealer will simply use his service pump to remove the air lock & top up/replace the fluid.
  7. They may be a good idea but why they don't have standard 19mm drive heads I will never understand!
  8. It sounds like you have an air lock within the boiler. ..you need to bleed the air out of the system.
  9. Although personally I haven't been informed but I believe a tightness test wouldn't pick up the problem as it only has the potential to leak whilst in use, ie when BBQ is plugged in. You can't run a tightness test when an appliance is in use!
  10. No but. ....theoretically you can be fined for not having the correct BS number & the postcode of the issuing number plate maker on the number plate. It's good practice (AWS also insist) to inform all customers so we can't be blamed for not letting them know about the problem when they have been fined! It's good to hear that the caravan was dry though, I don't see many of them
  11. I fit quite a lot of motor movers & solar panels, as they are a high cost they bump up the turnover (obviously not profit as I have to pay for the mover out of the total charge), if I was just servicing it wouldn't be anywhere near the threshold.
  12. A very generalised way of putting it. .... In my situation I am VAT registered as my turnover (not profit) hovers around the threshold for registration. I pay for a modern workshop for bigger jobs, (bodywork, damp repatriation etc) storage (I buy movers etc in bulk to allow me to pass on lower prices) & people who wish to travel to me. I'm a fully trained member of the Approved Workshop Scheme & hold every qualification relevant to the industry. I'm fully trained by Al-Ko, BPW, Alde, Dometic, Thetford, Truma & Whale which allows me to service all UK mass produced caravans & motorhomes (plus Adria & Hobby) It also allows warranty repairs on my customers appliances etc. .....All of these qualifications as well as the tools & equipment I use have to be in good order & regulatory calibrated &/or replaced. I'm fully mobile for servicing coming to your house, storage, camp site etc, with a very well equipt van and carry ALL regular spares. Now you can compare with my local workshop. .... They are NOT a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme therefore they don't have to use any trained people to work on your pride & joy (no fees for training or certification, tools minimal, shared by all employees with no need for calibration) you have to leave your caravan with them for 1 to 2 weeks they have a £multimillion turnover with a constant flow of new caravans sold & mislead (bully) customers with false info regarding servicing. Yet my prices are around 30% lower for a more comprehensive service & my customers have the convenience of my mobile service. My price for a twin axle service is £20 more than a single axle service. Being self employed isn't relevant to costs as I still have to pay income tax & enhanced national insurance contributions.
  13. It is a caravan product Brecon. ...widely used on European caravans & motorhomes & is far superior, easier to use & more expensive than soudal products. . ...it's also supplied in many different colours & formulations for different interior & exterior applications. http://www. dekalin. com/products-solutions. asp?fid=4
  14. A full twin axle service by a fully skilled member of the AWS is £189 for new customers in Swindon 😊
  15. It would take maybe 10 minutes, I wouldn't charge extra if I was there servicing. ..hence why I originally asked the question why it wasn't done during the service. It would also be very unlikely that a dealer would pump out an airlock under warranty.
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