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  1. I want to go away with our kids (aged 3 n 6) in our caravan but unsure where to go, I know the weather in February can be horrible so was thinking somewhere with activities to do indoors or that are not weather dependant. .. I love the idea of going to London don't wanna do London till our kids are a little older and less of a handful. Suggestions would be helpful. We're based in lincolnshire.
  2. I wonder if it's not filling up correctly? I got the whale premium pump, i might invest in the higher flow rate one.
  3. We went to the Drayton Manor site, it was our first one. Really good, friendly staff (which seems rare these days), clean facilities and the whole place is relatively new! Drayton Manor Park its self its like a 2 min walk away, really great!
  4. yeah it is. Spoke to Propex about it and they said it's unusual for them to ever have problems with those units. I wonder what's happened to it!
  5. That's what we've decided upon. We're off to Thetford (about 3 hours from us) at one of the Camping & Caravan Club sites (a Camping in the Forest one), with shower block or toilet block. Unforunatly I just found out our Propex electric water heater doesn't work, so no hot water for us.
  6. Has anyone had a problem with the Propex Electric Heater? I fitted one a few months ago to my caravan so I could enjoy hot water in my old caravan. Unfortunatly it has not worked since day one. It will only stay on for about 10 minutes intially and then will trip the caravan electrics. Then it trips constantly. I tried hooking it up via a plug directly to the house electrics and it tripped them as well. Obviously it is faulty but with it being a sealed unit I've no idea why. I guess it'll have to go back to Propex?
  7. We had this happen to our caravan. Originally didnt have a shower in but previous owner partly installed one and hooked up the shower drain to the bathroom and kitchen sinks. .. with TAPE! What we found was after washing pots in the kitchen and draining the water away the shower tray would sometimes fill up. Luckily what I managed to to was to just unscrew the pipe that connected to the shower. I am going to make a separate drain pipe for the shower and block off where it met the sinks. Problem solved. .. (hopefully).
  8. Where the top joins the front panel appears to be where the window hanging rail is! I'll take it off, reseal it and reattach it. Not too bothered about window and replacing frame etc. It's a good excuse for me to get a new van then. Long as it'll last a few more trips out!
  9. Firstly I apologise if this is under the wrong category! My old Marauder seems to have a little problem. .. with black mould which I assume is water ingress. It is is around the front window. Now the front window has delaminated/cracked on the inside. The inner window came away from the other at the top/sides. Would that cause it? it's split not near the edges/rubber seals. The water seems to be coming in above the window at the top, below the top curtain track and on the left hand side near the window and below the curtain track. We stayed in it during quite bad rain a few weeks ago and water seemed to be comming in below the bottom curtain track, didn't seem wet on the window 'sill' or above the track. Theres no damage to the front of the caravan that I can see at all. Anyway see pics. Any suggestions? Also I can't find a replacement window of that size and have given up looking. Dont want a replacement new one as the caravan only cost £800 before anyone suggests it.
  10. Just had a look at their website. .. looks really good!
  11. Sorry to sound stupid but whats a rally?
  12. Anyone have any suggestions for sites/places to go in late Autumn/Early winter for a weekend break? We're fairly new to caravaning and have been using our van in summer but would possibly like to use it more before we get snow and really bad weather.
  13. I've a family of 4 (2 young children), and currently have an old Abi Marauder that i've done up quite a bit. .. fixed floors, new fabrics, put hot water system, electric pump new lights etc. But we're thinking of getting a new van with perhaps a better layout. The 450ct has a dinette at each end that turn into double beds. Could do with a van that has bunk beds for the kids. We quite like smaller vans because they're easy to tow, so we dont want a huge thing. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  14. Hi I have a 22 year old Abi Marauder 450CT. I'm fairly new to caravanning (we've only been out in it twice), but as the weather gets colder (and wetter) I'd like to start having some form of heat inside the caravan, but i can't get it to work. What is installed is a Carver 2000 space heater, with what I believe is the flue underneath the caravan (see pics). But I just can't find any information on that model; no troubleshooting guides, no manuals, nothing. The problem is that it will not light. I turn the dial to ignition, hold it down and press the piezo ignition but nothing happens. I can't even smell gas when I hold it down for too long. .. HOWEVER I held it down for 30 seconds or so to test it and then tried to ignite it, it produced a very loud bang/flash but thats all ive managed to get out of it so far. The caravan only cost £800 so am not after spending stupid amounts getting it replaced with a new one, should I give up on it and just use an electric heater in the colder weather?
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