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  1. My dad has a 2016 C4 Picasso 5-seater. He used to carry his bike on a rear-door mounted cycle carrier on his previous car a Xsara Picasso. But we can't find a rear-mounted carrier for the C4 Picasso. I even asked Citroen and they said there isn't a suitable carrier because the rear glass doesn't have a metal edge. Having failed to find a rear mounted carrier dad is now looking at fitting a towbar for a towbar mounted cycle carrier. The local towbar fitter said a fixed towbar will cost £300 with bypass electrics and there's a 50/50 chance it'll set-off the reversing sensors in reverse. Dad is 79 and relies on the reversing sensors so we need them working. So my question to the forum is: has anyone had a fixed towbar with bypass electrics fitted to a C4 Picasso 5-seater and did it set off the reversing sensors? Was it a flange or swan neck towbar? The towbar fitter said they can fit a fixed towbar with dedicated electrics for £490 which will avoid the reversing sensor problem. But £490 is a lot of money for a towbar that is only going to be used to carry bikes, and we've got to buy the cycle carrier too. A slightly cheaper option is a detachable towbar for £460 but dad is 79 and would struggle to bend down to fit and remove a detachable towbar. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Problem is the alarm went off as soon as the leisure battery was connected. It's stored left to a site and he didn't want to leave it on because it would disturb everyone on site. How do you rebind the fobs? I've searched Sargent's site but can't find anything. I've downloaded the AS210 instruction manual but nothing in that either.
  3. My brother's got a problem with his caravan which has been in storage for the last 6 months. It has an AS210 alarm. He never activates the alarm. He went to the van today to start preparing it for use. The van had stood without a leisure battery in it. As soon as he put the leisure battery in the alarm went off. He tried the fob to switch it off - the fob light came on but the alarm did not respond. He disconnected the leisure battery but the alarm started making a noise: a bit like chirping birds. He unscrewed the alarm box. There's a switch on the base. He turned the switch off. That stopped the noise until the leisure battery was reconnected when the noise started again. He tried phoning caravan repairers but being Easter none were available. The van is stored next to a site and my brother doesn't want to risk the alarm making any noise (the chirping is loud enough to disturb people on the site) so he's disconnected the red/black alarm box wire and removed the leisure battery. Anyone got any ideas what the problem is? Any advice much appreciated.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but for the record we've done about 5000 miles towing a 1485 kg van - well within the max spec of our 2010 Ford Galaxy 2. 0 powershift. But we're having problems. The clutch unit had to be replaced March 2014 £1200 by Ford dealer. Problem was the transmission oil should be replaced 37500 miles but that service was done by a non-Ford garage who didn't know about the oil. The oil was replaced when the clutch unit was replaced. But only months later the oil had to be replaced again - FOC under warranty. That was only 1000 miles ago and the unit is playing up again. Anyone had problems with the oil getting 'cooked' well before the service schedule?
  5. Lee, why avoid the powershift?
  6. In what way was the powershift box not successful?
  7. I've put this in towcars because I couldn't find a more appropriate category. My kid passed their B+E tests after 01/01/97 but before 19/01/13. https://www. gov. uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-and-what-you-can-tow says: If you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997 and have an ordinary category B (car) licence, you can drive either: a vehicle up to 3. 5 tonnes or 3,500 kilograms (kg) Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM (with a combined weight of up to 4,250kg in total) a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as it is no more than the unladen or ‘kerb’ weight of the towing vehicle (with a combined weight of up to 3,500kg in total) Q1 Does the last part in brackets mean combined kerb weight or combined laden weight? Q2 If someone has passed B+E but needs to take C1+E, are they permitted to tow an outfit greater than 3500 kg if they use L plates? Q3 If they can, are they permitted to tow on the motorway? Q4 What L plates can be fixed to the back of a caravan and removed easily? I can only find L plates that are magnetic or adhesive. Any help much appreciated.
  8. About 3 years ago two small rough areas appeared on the skin of our 1999 caravan. One is immediately under the toilet hatch, the other about two foot away. Both are very low down just above the awning skirt channel on the off-side. They have not got any worse after first appearing. My question is - what are they? At first I feared they may be damp, but there is now sign at all of damp on the internal wall and tests results are 8%-10%. And if they were the result of damp I would expect them to get worse but they have not. I attach a photo.
  9. I though I'd psoted this question but can't find it - my apologies if you've read this before. The taps on my whale elegance taps are getting stiff and often result in the shafts snapping. I've followed all the advice and lubricated etc but the problem is getting worse. The only thing I have not done is replace the o rings and washer. I can buy a kit from whale for £19 a pair of taps - but I've got 2 pairs so over £40 with postage. And the kit contains 30+ items but I only need 4. So does anyone know where I can get just the washers and o rings from? Or does anyone know the correct size?
  10. My 1999 Abbey taps have been stiff for several years. In the end the tap shafts snap. I've subricated the O rings, swapped the internals over, all sorts. The only thing I have not done is replace the O rings. Whale sell Elegance Tap Maintenace Kits which contain not just O rings, but also screws, screw heads etc. These kits cost about £18 to service 1 pair of taps - and I need 2 pairs so £36 in total! The annoying thing is that the kit contains about 30+ parts, but I only need 4 O rings, so most of the kit will be wasted. The O rings would only cost pence. Does anyone know where I can get just the O rings? Failing that, does anyone know the size of the O rings (there's no point me measuring my O rings because I think they've changed shape with 13 years regular use).
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