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  1. Hi Philspot, I have used a Omnistore rollout caravan Sun Canopy for several years and it suits us fine. Put it on the caravan at the start of the season and remove it for the winter. Very easy to put up and retract, but it does take two people because of its length (ours is 3m long). Would reccomend if you want a quick easy to erect Sun Canopy. We also purchesed an End piece and a front, which helps to keep sun out when low in the sky. Thanks. ......Paul
  2. Hi Sleepyfolk, No, I don't dilly dally when driving. I used to be involved in Motor Sport and still drive the way I was taught, however don't slow down much for bends so less accelleration. I usually cruise around the legal limit when either towing or solo. I have never used the ECO mode as the salesman said it was a complete waiste of time! Perhaps its because here in Lincolnshire the roads are mainly flat and straight, which has not what I have encountered in your county. Must add that we travel to Stoke on a regular basis, in the XC60 we used to average 32-34 mpg, the Antara is averaging 36-38 mpg for the same journey. I have spoken to several owners on CC sites, some are getting higher mpg than I am, but others are getting similar mpg to what you have recorded. Don't know what the answer to that one is. Thanks. ..........Paul
  3. I have towed with an Antara auto 184 for over 12 months. It gives better economy than sleepyfolk has reported, I get around 37 solo on a run, low 30's around town. Towing I have achieved 27 on occasions, but does vary if the DPF regen cycle comes into effect, and I have only achieved 21ish on occasions. Changed to the Antara from a Volvo XC60 and find it more confortable and gives a better view from the drivers seat. However the auto box seams to have a mind of its own even when in manual mode. Having said all the above, the biggest problem you have is that the Antara is no longet availble under the mobility svheme. I suggest you have a look at their website and find what vehicles are available that can tow your caravan Thanks. ..............Paul
  4. It may be cheaper to commute. I did the reverse journey - Stoke on Trent to Wolverhampton - for several years, and at just over 30 miles is not to arduaus, mainly on motorways. Thanks. .........Paul
  5. When I tow to Sutton on Sea I use your 1st choice. Going via A180 then A1031 means you will have to go through the middle of Grimsby then the A1031 is not to be reccomended as it is fairly narrow and full of right angle bends. The A16 is a far better route for towing. Thanks. ........Paul
  6. We went to the Moulin d'Campech several years ago, and would recommend it, but it is not in the Dordogne. It is a small campsite which is easy to find and seves good food in the evenings. No shop on site, but bread can be ordered. Shower block kept very clean with english toilets. The owners are British, and very helpful in telling you where to visit in the locality. Paul
  7. Would second the above, in particular Waldo's fish & chips. Also Skegness is not far away, and if you are interested in wildlife then a trip to Gibraltar Point, which is just past Skegness is well worth it. As for the route, i would say A1M, M62, M18, M180. This would take to the route that I have used many times, A18 keeping to the west of Grimsby, then A16 to Louth bypass. Keep on A16 to Ulceby Cross Roads, then take A1104 to Alford. On leaving Alford fork right just before the Windmill onto A1111, keep on this road for approx 6 miles then turn right into Ings Lane (single track with passing places) CC site is on the right about 0. 25 miles after sharp l/h bend. Thanks. .........Paul
  8. We have an Omnistor that stays in the awning rail while travelling. Works great, 3 minutes to erect and dismantle, however much easier with 2 people. No problems with water pools when raining, just leave 1 leg shorter than the other and the rainwater flows away. I always use guideropes and have never had any problems when its windy. Use it all the time, wouldn't go back to an awning. The Omnistor bag must be more waterproof than the Fiammia because we have not had any algae in 3 years use. We do however remove it during the winter when in storage. Paul
  9. topazjazz

    Volvo Xc60

    Steve, I have towed with a Volvo XC60 SE Lux 2. 4 D5 Auto for nearly 3 years, and during that time has given faultless service. I tow a caravan plated at 1650kgs, which it tows with ease. I don't know how much your caravan weighs, or what the power output of the 2. 0 unit is, but the car itself is superb. Thanks. .........Paul
  10. Agzy, We are in a similar position to you, and our Volvo is coming to the end of its contract. We tow a caravan plated at 1650, and have discounted both the Tiguan and the IX35 as not heavy enough. There is however a good deal through motability on the Vauxhall Antara which is similar in weight, bhp and torque as your Volvo. Thanks. ..........Paul
  11. Uttoxeter Racecourse Caravan Club site is not far away. Paul
  12. Four Star Approved Member 612 posts Gender:Male Location:Lincs Interests:Caravanning Posted Today, 06:25 AM This really is a no brainer, if you are not a business ask yourself a very simple question, why do leasing companies lease cars? the answer of course is to make money. If theyre making money, where does that money come from? the answer of course is the customer. If theyre making money on the deal, youre losing it. J Bailey Senator Wyoming S5 hanging onto the back of a LWB Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDi Quote MultiQuote You could use exactly the same argument about car dealers. Paul
  13. Dave, We have been to the Leek CC site several times, and it is up to the usual CC standards. owever, if you have not towed before the A520 from Stone to Leek is not the best to learn on, as it is quite narrow in places and you have several towns to negotiate (Stone, Meir & Leek). You could try Uttoxeter Rasecourse SS site, but the showers, although very clean are not the usual CC standard. It may be better to try somewhere along the M6/M5 corridor such as Chester Fairoaks or Broadway (Both CC sites). These sites may be farther away but the journey (Friday afternoons excepted) is a lot easier. Thanks. .....Paul
  14. topazjazz

    Towcar Info

    I tow a Sterling Eccles Solataire plated at 1650 kgs with an XC60 D5 Auto. I find my car copes very well with that weight, it is a great towcar. I have looked at the V60 but it is a little lightweight for my needs, but should cope easily with your weights. Would think the D5 would be more suited than the D3. Thanks. ....Paul
  15. Open up a new 'Word' or other word processor. 'Copy and paste' required section of the document into the new 'Word' document. Print the 'Word' document. Thanks. ......Paul
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