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  1. Hi Mr Plodd this is how our gt65 was set up, the unicorn we have now just seems to disappear up behind the fridge. I’ll take a snap at the weekend.
  2. Confirmed, the site we are possibly heading too is following government guidelines of “ travel and stay where you want” between 23rd and 27th December. cant imagine for one moment that the site will turn away business upto the 23rd and after 27th from those travelling from higher tier areas and to be honest I wouldn’t blame them after the season they have had. Just hoping all measures are in place to keep everyone safe and sound.
  3. the theme tune does grow on you! it’s been great to see the life and times of a fellow caravan-RV user. The units weighs about 3500kg and the new one even more. Some really great episodes and shows that he visits. just thought I’d put it out there as you see some super sized fun along the way. We’ve family in Florida they also had a 2016 K3 Sorrento which was the V6 version. Nice but wouldn’t know what it towed like. Cheers
  4. We’ve been watching a chap from Florida, Miami based travel the US in his RV (Winne Mini) Caravan. For those that do Amazon Prime check out Traveling Robert, or Free in my RV. He’s also on You tube. some really nice scenery and in sight to RV Mini towing in the US. Watch out for the catchy theme tune. It gets to you. all the best beebs
  5. Same as above 2016 Kuga 180 AWD, Manual. Does ok returns avg 25 mpg whist towing.
  6. I’ve looked mr plodd and cannot see where it leads to. Just disappeared in the space behind the fridge. I’ll have a look again.
  7. We’re booked to travel and stay within our our tier level for a few days. I cannot see sites vetting and turning away those that have or are going to ignore the rules. I’ll call them tomorrow find out how they are vetting those travelling from higher tiers. interesting situation beebs
  8. Mr Plodd what did you use to extend the pipe? I’ve a 10 month old Valencia and the pipe is to short. Only know to check the reservoir as I spotted the problem whilst fitting the winter covers behind the vents back in February. Have to drain it with a microfibre cloth each de frost at the moment. cheers Scott
  9. You know I’m not sure I’ve a problem, Checked today in more detail and after the initial wipe away around the area nothing has returned. Bone dry even though it’s been bucketing it down. Fingers crossed. beebs
  10. Houston, I may have a problem. With our 2020 Unicorn Black edt. Water soaking into the floor from the trail edge of the side wall. o/s only right behind the mud flap. It’s growing very small fungi at the moment it’s that wet. Will wait to see what the dealer has to say when they return from lock down 2. We had the exact same issue with the GT65 we part exd. Still happy with the caravan though.
  11. The battery should have a 1st charged date somewhere. Could be a sticker or even branding into the case.
  12. Solder and heat shrink is the way forward. Takes some practice but it gives a near perfect continuity and looks great. well apart from the co ax that needs a joiner.
  13. Hi Flying Fox Ours is the same! after a while the green algae starts to appear. I wondered if the lip should be sealed. Guess not! What would be the consequence of sealing it! Has to be dry for a start. It’s a soft edge trim with a little flex, not sure a sealing gun nozzle would be small enough to to the job? RV61 is messy stuff! what else could be used! White bathroom silicone maybe? What do you think? beebs
  14. Bookend for a week in Devon, 56 miles door to barrier 2nd week of July CMHC site. Dorset to Devon. With full provisions and the essentials to fully utilise the on board facilities if needed. caravanning/camping should-is about freedom and relaxation, we’re in to support the network of campsites of all types in making a bob or two this summer and autumn. Fortunately for us we live less than 5 miles to great beaches and walks in and around west Dorset inc Weymouth bay. To that extent please remember to use your local CL,CMHC, CCC and independent sites. They need you! We regularly
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