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  1. Bookend for a week in Devon, 56 miles door to barrier 2nd week of July CMHC site. Dorset to Devon. With full provisions and the essentials to fully utilise the on board facilities if needed. caravanning/camping should-is about freedom and relaxation, we’re in to support the network of campsites of all types in making a bob or two this summer and autumn. Fortunately for us we live less than 5 miles to great beaches and walks in and around west Dorset inc Weymouth bay. To that extent please remember to use your local CL,CMHC, CCC and independent sites. They need you! We regularly do. it’s the old saying. You don’t have to go far to be away!
  2. Cheers Andy this will help when I try the programming of the battery Going to give the controller a re program today.!thanks again
  3. Hi Alan I left it to the dealer. They put the battery in only three weeks ago when we collected the caravan. Sadly we’ve not been out in her yet. We should have been out on our 1st trip this coming Easter weekend. 😷
  4. Hi I hope someone can help. My user manual is confusing as to whether the battery is charging slow flash could indicate a fault a longer flash is charging a solid light is fully charged my lights flashing. But how do I know if it’s a slow or faster flash. the caravan is a new unicorn Valencia black edt battery state is 12.7 vlts upon switch on of system. Balancing at 12.9vlts when settled any help would be really appreciated. Cheers Scott Can’t post a video as it’s to large a file
  5. I can feel the shinier side slipping across the gap right now, 40 years later oh the memories.
  6. We have just changed from a GT65 Verona to a Unicorn Black Valencia. Pick up this week. 3rd Bailey in a row. 1st was disappointment and Orion 440-4. The dealer gave us a great price to upgrade to the GT65 and has been a super van over the last 5 1/2 years, Yes a few minor bits that needed doing under warranty. Centre window replaced, floor behind the wheel box sorted. But it was an excellent caravan. (Writing this I’m wondering if we’ve done the right thing) so we just hope the Unicorn is as good a Caravan as the GT65 was. Only reason we did the dead was I went with SWMBO to buy some toilet chemicals....the rest is history. One thing I have found is that buying from a local dealer builds a relationship and that in my opinion is worth its weight.
  7. Thanks John 👍
  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I think we’re about to take the plunge. Our current car tow match is 70% so we’ll equipped to pull the Valencia. We can’t really go any any bigger as our storage is limited. we’re going from a Gt65 Verona to a Unicorn and looking forward to the Alde heating system and new layout. 👍👍 👍👍👍
  9. Hi Lazy Days We've a GT65 Bailey and have a Tow Pro Elite, easy to fit and remove, no stone chips, no window rub, adds to the nose weight but not much, hard to dry out if it gets wet on the journey out and the weather remains wet but still wouldn't tow any real distance without one now.
  10. Hi Thinking (Only thinking) of going in for the Black Edition Unicorn! anyone out there got one?
  11. I use them on our GT65. As matlo dave points out, quire alarming when the temp goes upwards of 50 degrees and 70 plus PSI, Smooth French Roads in The Summer Ahhhhhh bliss. Wouldn't be without it now, just adds to the safety factor for me.
  12. Hi Bailey People I'm sure we used to have a buy & sell market place on the forum, I cannot see it for the life of me! Has it been removed? Cheers Beebs
  13. We have a 2015 GT65 Verona. Usual stuff under warranty including middle window pain rub (not returned) external wet floor to rear of wheel arch on both sides. But you know it’s a cracking van even with the jet engine under the bed (when on gas) it tows a dream. I don’t think we will be changing anytime soon. (Did consider PX for a black edition unicorn Valencia) I took out the extra 3 year internal/ mechanical warranty and as yet not used it! Yes it it does suffer from the initial cold to warm problem at the front, so we carry a small 2kw blow heater to equal the heat out within the van between October and April (only any good with EHU) We caravan all year around and find it great once it gets to temperature Water heater can suffer from Wind blow out when on gas if the prevalent wind is side on to the heater vent. Again only when off grid as you would use the 750w when hooked up. Anyway enough from me. Its a great spec caravan with plenty to offer. In my opinion. Scott
  14. Tow Pro Elite for me every tow! It’s been fantastic for our Verona. Easy on Easy off. costs a bit more, but in my opinion. Worth every pound.
  15. We have a 66 plate Kuga Titanium Sport 180ps 4x4 running on 235/45R19 XL Conti from new. Towed through France and many places in the uk. Tow MPG is usually returning 35mpg. (42 unladen) very stable. I opted for the manual box. Great car, but you need to observe the correct tyre pressures when towing +3 psi at max load point on the rear. If if you want to know any more message me and I’ll respond ASAP. Scott
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