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  1. I kept my plastic liner they have replaced the wood floor in each locker. Looked dry in both lockers this morning after the rain last night only time will tell
  2. Picked mine up yesterday. It rained last night. Will need to pop and have a look to see if there is any evidence of moisture.
  3. Had a call to say mine is ready to pick up. Will post what the repair was once I get chance to get it.
  4. w4yne


    Both are correct. There is a small sealed rechargeable battery on the tracker board. This gets topped up when the leisure batt is ok. There is a diode in line to stop this back charging the main batt. There is also a small one hit batt on board the tracker. This should only drain of both leisure and main tracker batt are dead. I hope this helps.
  5. Got a call this week. Bailey have approved my work. Goes in two weeks. Will get the other area checked too.
  6. Thanks. Will let you know how it goes. Just waiting for Bailey to get back to my dealer.
  7. What area at the rear is the know issue. I will get it double checked. The only reason the damp was found was I asked for it as I have read on here the issue.
  8. Just had my 3yr service on my Barcelona and low and behold. Off the scale damp in both front lockers 😞. Bailey had the van back to the factory to have the near side replaced due to a crease above the door.
  9. I had Truma Reg and switchover until the dreaded oil problem. I now have Gaslow and not had another problem. (null)
  10. I think there is a fuse under a cover on the Alde Heater itself. Also check the cable connecting to the bolier from the panel. Mine looked like it was connected but it just needed pushing together.
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