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  1. sorry i called you 5star, lol i will ger this right one day
  2. thanks 5star have already replied to you but cant see the post, lol anyway thanks for the lead, nan( ps am new on here still getting the hang of this)
  3. thank you for that link, fingers crossed x
  4. thank you for replying, i will go to cab. thank you,they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved :0) thanks so much i will do. nan thank you so much thanks, nan thanks for advice, much appreciated thank youso much, nan thanks to all for good advice, very much appreciated, i am new to this hope i am posting ok, glad i have found this site, very best wishes, nan:0)
  5. can anyone help please, we had static caravan for few years, part exchanged for newer one, 6 months later financial situation changed unable to afford payments, gave keys back and informed finance company, they came back saying we still owed 13000 pounds, been paying small amounts for 2 years, they have changed to collectors, threatening ccj, husband not working due to ill health, i am disabled and at my wits end, just had to give them a 1000 pounds borrowed from family can anybody give any advice please?
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