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  1. If you are thinking of getting a Maxxraxx bike rack, make sure you get the extension as well. This ensures that the bikes are well above the tow hitch, allowing you to hitch and unhitch the van without grovelling on you hands and knees. They are good racks, I used to have one, and, when braced to the top bars as LeadFarmer has done, it is very stable.
  2. They belong to the mutual adoration society. Me, Me, Me.
  3. At this time of year you can usually get an ATMB tag just for the price of the postage as they are normally trying to attract skiers. You then only pay for the toll on the autoroutes being used plus the nominal admin charge for each month in which you use it. My wife reckons it was one of my better ideas. We also use the Halifax Clarity Card.
  4. We still have milk delivered in glass bottles, which are recycled,
  5. Aldi sometimes have a charger on offer for about £15 which you can use to condition the battery. Otherwise give the battery an occasional boost from a normal charger.
  6. You should be able to get a replacement lamp from your local caravan dealers. Take a photograph and show it to the dealer. Most lamps are a push fit.
  7. Where are you situated? I have an adaptor going spare, which you can have for a modest fee. I am based in S W Lancashire near Wigan if you wish to pick it up.
  8. The only problem with the 3 night ruling is that it makes it impossible for working people to book a weekend of 2 nights.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to print out copies of the "Campsites near Autoroutes"? I have managed this in the past, but seem unable to do it now. If I select the sites near autoroutes window all I get is a list of the different satnavs. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. We have a tow cover for a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz which has the plastic panels similar to yours. The cover has clips which secure it to the bottom and sides plus a tensioning strap under the A frame. The covers are custom made for each model of caravan and are a good fit. Have words with the manufactures and examine their brochures I'm sure you will find one to suit.
  11. Forget lining up the second wheel and buy a different wheel lock such as Nemesis which does not require lining up.
  12. Found this by googling Pegasus Rimini, but it needs enlarging. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/794807/Bailey-Pegasus.html?page=12#manual
  13. ATMB:- Auto Routes Tunnel Montblanc. French Auto routes.
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