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  1. Still seemingly no update from Lunar Automotive since the small peek/preview a while ago now? Anyone have any updates? Web site still has the old Lunar models, including Venus (now gone under the new co.) and their motorhomes....
  2. Just seen a tweet from Andrew Jenkinson on Twitter with a photo of the 2020 range
  3. Just renewed ours in West Sussex at a staggering £707.00 for the year.
  4. From reading another post about which manufacturers displayed at The Lawns this weekend, it sounds like Lunar didn't make it with their 2020 range of caravans despite suggesting they might be there....
  5. Let's hope this is a positive step for Lunar, more investment is needed and maybe Lunar might join the timberless construction 'gang' one day. They need to focus on improved customer service levels and focus on improving quality and reliability. A sporty lightweight Lunar caravan similar to the Swift Basecamp could attract a younger customer as well. I wonder which 2 dealers have gone from the Lunar dealer network as mentioned in the PC article?
  6. This is really pleasing to see, I wonder who the new owners are, when it will be announced and I wonder if they will have models ready for a late 2020 release?
  7. Any news on who the new buyer is yet?
  8. Hi there, It looks like the dripping from our black rubber drain tube for the automatic bleed valve is due to it not closing properly or the valve has failed. We towed home from Norfolk to West Sussex just over a week ago and when unhitching and putting the caravan on our drive we noticed the pink antifreeze liquid was dripping out from the black rubber tube underneath the caravan above where the boiler is located. I spoke to Alde on Monday who suggested I gently tap the valve with a rubber mantle which I did and it looked like this had sorted it, however when I topped up the header tank in the wardrobe today with ALDE premixed pink fluid to get it just about Min level it started to drip out of the black rubber drain tube again. I have temporarily but a small plastic bung from an old air bed in the tube to stop losing antifreeze from the system. For information our fluid was changed in Nov 2017 to the point in 5 year fluid. I have emailed a local mobile service engineer who is a certified agent on ALDE's list and hope they get back to me tomorrow? In the meantime I wanted advice that if we go away this coming weekend as planned, leave the bung in the black rubber tube underneath the caravan and ONLY use the hot and cold water system then I am assuming this will be OK? The weather looks OK next weekend and quite warm but I was contemplating cancelling as it only a local trip but thought I'd ask advice of you lovely folk on this very helpful forum. 😊 Thanks, thensum
  9. Thanks all for the advice, I might see if my dealer has a sample piece they can post out. As it's a 200 mile round trip to Swindon Caravans, Swindon I'd like to sort it myself.
  10. Hi all, We had our awning rail replaced in March 2019 due to it having to be removed to repair a small hairline crack in our rear ABS back panel (2015 Swift Challenger 530SE). It appears that the white rubber/plastic piping trim has either been cut to short by our dealer or it was stretched when replaced and as we've towed it's retracted (see photo). I would like to insert a small piece to fill the gap but no idea where to buy it from. When I looked on line I could find awning piping for feeding through the rail to prevent black streaks but I couldn't find the piping trim. I only need a short piece around 10cm. Any ideas or advice welcomed. thensum
  11. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good mobile towbar fitting company in the Crawley area? Looking for the work to be done at my house and considering a detachable swan neck tow-bar for a 2017 VW Tiguan soon to be purchased hopefully. Looked at Towbar Express but just wondered if anyone has got good recommendations for a particular company. Thanks, thensum
  12. I'm still looking at purchasing a Touareg R-line probably a 16, 66 or 17 reg but looking to do this later in the Caravanning season maybe around Aug/Sept. The biggest thing I am procrastinating about is the running costs, my current 2014 Passat Exec Estate is pretty cheap with £30 road tax, great fuel economy and around £450 to insure. I've had some quotes on insurance and it's not much different to my Passat. I know the Touareg will cost me more, but it's the first time in 26 years I can purchase a car for me, as I opted out of the company car scheme in July 2018. My Passat is my old company car that I purchased from the lease company. I'm almost convinced in purchasing a used Touareg - you only live once and all that, but I would like some honest thoughts on day to day running primarily fuel consumption. I do claim business mileage so just wondering what it's like towing.
  13. Reading this post with interest as looking to change my 2014 Passat for a 2016 Touareg R-line. Never had an automatic before and therefore never towed with one. Currently have the electric swivelling VW factory fitted towbar on my Passat which is a great bit of kit, but it's difficult to find a 2016 Touareg with factory fitted towbar. In terms of towbar fitting I see the CMHC have certain offers on at the moment and the question is do we go for a fixed swan neck type or detachable? We've seen a 2016 Touareg R-line for sale with low mileage around 14,500 but it's 100miles from home at a VW dealer so at the moment quietly mulling it over, after discussing it with the dealer on the phone yesterday. In terms of the cooling fan upgrade our current van has an MTPLM of 1472kg so likely to be an easy tow for the Touareg but still thinking we should have the cooling fan upgrade and don't want to risk any issues if we didn't upgrade. As it's the first car I've purchased for almost 26 years - had company cars since 1993 but now opted out for the car allowance. It's a big purchase for us so any advice on the above and towing experiences with the Touareg are very welcomed. Thanks thensum
  14. Yes I was surprised to see them selling more new caravans again and the shop staff told that it was only this year that Compass had approached them so they are giving it a go. The outside of the Compass vans don't seem anywhere as good as our current Swift, I could see the outline of the wooden frame through the aluminium sides!! The front gas locker lid barely opens wide enough to gain easy access seems like a design flaw. What I think Elddis & Compass have got absolutely correct in our opinion are the internal colour schemes, fabric, curtains, stainless steel cooker hob, smart boxed in Thetford flush tank on the loo. No chintzy florals or large poppy designs on curtains like Swift and others, but that's our opinion. I must admit the Swift Eccles interiors seem more to our taste but then it's a personal thing. We will be sticking with our Swift but always good to look around and quite impressed with the accessory shop, so stocked up on toilet chemicals. ....
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