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  1. We have tried holding the SRC button down for longer but unfortunately this doesn't work. Thinking of emailing Pioneer UK for advice.
  2. We too have the same issue with the Pioneer non DAB version holding down the SRC button does turn of the radio to an extent, whilst the sound goes the radio screen enters a constant loop of 'radio text' scrolling across all the time so we end up ejecting the radio front from its housing panel, especially at night. Our caravan is a 2021 VIP 520. One for our dealer to look into, at the first service.
  3. As time passes do we think Lunar Automotive will ever go back into caravan and motorhome production? The Lunar Automotive website still remains live, but that's all that is, it would seem....
  4. We've just spent 14 nights in our brand new 4 week old VIP 520 and so far so good with the bathroom lock. The washroom on this model is across the rear. I noticed the door lock does creak a little when closed but open and closes with no problem, long may this continue 😊.
  5. We've just purchased a 2021 VIP 520 and noticed in these extreme temperatures our roof looks the same, but once the temperature comes back down it's all back to normal and smooth. Our last caravan a 2015 Swift Challenger 530SE always looked rigid, flat and smooth. I am assuming Coachman use a different material and construction for the roof than Swift. I'm not overly concerned as it's just due to heat and expansion I guess.
  6. The tiny scuff is on the shelf behind where the TV sits in the VIP 520 so only an OCD freak like me would notice it, TBH it'll get covered over with whatever we store on the shelf, so probably don't need the stickers but was just curious where I could get hold of some. Also only noticed it yesterday after collecting the caravan last Sat. Stickers on eBay at £1.75 for a strip of 25 so I'm happy to do that, or I might ask the dealer for some to be sent in the post FOC.
  7. Will try Coachman direct, they were quick to respond the other week when I needed updates on the delivery dates etc.
  8. OK thanks, I'll have a look on Amazon and online.
  9. Hi All, We took delivery of our 2021 Coachman VIP 520 last Saturday 10th July and I noticed a couple of very minor scuffs on the woodwork that could very easily be covered up with the small circular wood grain stickers that Coachman and other manufacturers use. By chance I found a spare one in one of the drawers which I have used but I wondered if it is possible to purchase these on-line as I have 1 more scuff I'd like to cover over with a sticker. Many thanks, thensum
  10. OK thank you I'll read the main Coachman manual and also see what the dealer says today as the Service dept have been in contact with advice and items to check. I think it is something minor.
  11. Thank you for the clarification still getting used to the different control panel in the Coachman after having a Swift previously. That makes perfect sense. The dealer has asked me to check the inline fuse, having looked at the 27 page handbook the pgs 1-15 are in English but only seems to cover operating instructions and no mention of where to look for the inline fuse? The remainder of the pages are in foreign languages covering the same operating instructions. I have looked at where the black cable from the back of the battery box feeds under the bed locker and can see a 'rubberised' casing on this black cable which them seems to feed into a large black covered mound siting behind the main circuit breaker. Is this ''inline'' black rubberised box where the main fuse for the solar panel is located? It's now when you need to share photos. The caravan is brand new and had no leisure battery installed when we collected it on Sat morning. We purchased a new Platinum AGM battery from the dealer's shop on Sat morning and then installed it as part of the handover. Are you then saying that after the battery is connected then they should have installed the main inline fuse for the solar panel? I'll go and have another mooch around but I cannot see anything taped anywhere, but chances are it might be installed in correctly?
  12. Just looked at the trouble shooting guide in the instructions manual again and if the H1 or H2 LED which shows the status of the battery does not shine then the cause is battery not connected or over-voltage. Obviously it is connected as the lights, etc. are working and it has been on mains charge as above. Dealer has now come back to me and they are looking into the matter. I await their call, feedback. thensum
  13. Thanks for the response. I have contacted the dealer again but sent the email direct to their General Manager/owner who we negotiated the sale with. I too wondered if it was a fuse issue may be? I'll also invest in a multimeter, any recommendations? Amazon may be?
  14. Hi All, I was wondering if someone could help me? We picked up our new 2021 Coachman VIP 520 caravan on Saturday 10th July, from our dealership Lee Davey Caravans, near Maidstone. We had the optional extra solar dual battery charger fitted by the dealer, however I am not sure if it is working correctly. Some of the functions are working but the main function of charging the leisure battery isn't. I have tried to explain below some of the background and the current situation: - Brand new Platinum AGM 100amp battery purchased from the dealer’s shop and installed at handover on 10.07.2021. - We ran the mains charger on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night and the leisure battery level was at 13.8v. - I turned off the mains supply to the caravan early Sunday morning to see if the solar panel would start charging from the solar panel unit, but currently it doesn’t look like anything is charging as the battery level has started to drop. - Battery level has dropped to 12.8v now on the master panel and is showing the letter L for low. I have detailed below what I can currently see functioning on the unit: Device Elements (H1 – H5): H1 LED Function display battery 1 (supply battery) H2 LED Function display battery 2 (starter battery) - During handover neither H1 nor H2 LED function display had lights on. We only have 1 battery installed as it is a touring caravan, so probably only H1 that would function. - Under normal operating conditions should the H1 function LED display have a light whether it is charging or not? - Just to confirm H1 nor H2 LED function display have not lit up at anytime. H3 LED - Battery Type: - H3 LED function display is set at 2 which the dealer set and I believe is correct for the AGM battery we have installed when checking the instruction manual, this does lit up in the display. H4 LED - Charging current distribution: - H4 LED charging current distribution is showing the number 9 which is 90% according to the instruction manual. H5 LED - PWM charging frequency: - H5 LED PWM charging frequency is showing 0 which looking in the instructions means the PWM charging frequency is 25Hz (pre-setting). Is this the correct setting? Other settings include: 1 - 50 Hz 2 - 100 Hz I have also sent an email to our dealer earlier this morning, Lee Davey Caravans to see if they can advise but I am currently awaiting a reply from them. Thanks, thensum
  15. Hi there, that's what I use and following advice on the Tiguan forum I was reading the tyre pressure table on the door wrong - DOH! the 230 & 250 was the kPa (kilopascal) column NOT the tyre size - having a senior moment (I turned 50 last Sept.....🤣). Thanks for all the friendly replies though....
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