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  1. The 2021 demonstrator VIP 520 we looked at last month the lock on the bathroom door wasn't working. Is it another case of over complicating simple things? We've still ordered the VIP 520, but now expecting a few snags after reading various posts on here and FB Coachman Owners Club. The glass cooker hob lid coming loose and flying off is another potential issue, along with the new Dometic fridge with the door opening both ways I hear also has design issues, but never been impressed with Dometic products. On a positive still looking forward to getting our first ever Coachman hopefu
  2. We tow a 2015 Challenger 530SE MTPLM 1472kg with our Tiguan 2.0 TDI R-line 4Motion 150PS manual with absolutely no issues, very stable, powerful and great up hills. Best towcar we've had so far.
  3. Ok thanks everyone for all the replies.
  4. Do new (2021) models come with a hard/paper copy of the handbook? Is the warranty/service book part of the handbook or separate? Assume a paper copy of the service book is needed so it can be stamped as part of the annual service? New to Coachman, hence the queries. 😊
  5. Thank you for this very useful information and links to the warranty. I am also trying to seek clarity from a local Coachman Dealer on the warranty period for the ABS front and rear panels and waiting for a reply from Coachman's Aftercare team, who said they'd respond in 48 hours, so let's see if there is further clarity soon. The move away from using screws on the panels and bonding windows etc, must reduce the potential impact of cracks but shifting to GRP panel would be wise step to take wouldn't it?
  6. Yes I completely agree, it's just the use of ABS panels front and back on the Coachman that's making me procrastinate as we've got GRP on the front of our current Swift and ABS on rear and paying £4K more than a new Swift just wondering do we hold out and see if Coachman move to GRP panels? Do we know what the new owners KABE group may have up their sleeve for 2022 and beyond. We could now sell our Swift this week as had an offer, but something is making me hold off. I have asked Coachman for a copy of their warranty cover as I now it's 10 years for water ingress but heard it m
  7. Thanks for the info and yes have looked at various FB groups of Coachman owners there are a few cases of back panels cracking, which doesn't sound good. Might need a rethink on what caravan we purchase next.
  8. Yes I noticed that too, our Swift has GRP for the front panel and ABS on the rear. The rear panel has been repaired twice for very minor cracks and we now have the 2 caps fitted on the rear top corners! The front panel has lost its shine and its very dull on the top near the panoramic window, if we keep the Swift then it will need a professional wax by someone like Touershine. Whilst ABS panels are used by Coachman have they got their construction technique more sussed than others as I don't hear problems with ABS panels cracking on Coachman Caravans, unlike Elddis and Swift.
  9. Quick update. Our Dealer had a claim approved by Swift for repairs to the front gas locker and sidewall movement issue as per photos further up this post. Claim approved 9 days ago and our Dealer has requested that Swift need to transport (not tow) our caravan back to the dealer for the necessary repairs programmed to be done before end of June 2021 by the Dealer. I had an email from Swift after I followed it up yesterday stating someone will be contacting me to arrange 'uplift' of our caravan from West Sussex, back to the dealer in Swindon. At least a plan is in pla
  10. Hi All, We currently own a 2015 Swift Challenger 530SE which we really like, despite all of the warranty issues and repairs carried out, the latest one being the bulkhead moving apart from the side wall and front locker. Our caravan is now sat on the drive as not safe to tow as we wait for Swift to arrange collection back to our Dealership, we are then considering selling it back to them. As a result of this recent fault we have lost confidence in Swift and have looked at a new 2021 Coachman VIP 520 at a local dealer in Kent and really liked the look and feel of the ca
  11. This all sounds disastrous and such a shame that once upon time they (old Lunar) were leaders in lightweight Caravans, something that may return as we move towards electric towcars and other alternative fuels. Doesn't sound like Lunar Automotive will get anything off the ground now.
  12. We were due to go back to Damage Barton on 06.04.2021 but had to cancel as site was obviously not allowed to reopen until 12th April. It'd would've been our 3rd visit here since 2014, with the second one in 2018. Both times we've been at Easter and absolutely love the site. We are members of the CMC and usually ask if we can have the same pitch subject to availability and the lovely owners try their best to honour our requests. We are hoping to return in 2022. Great location, great site and simply stunning views, pack your storm straps, extra long pegs and if it's windy stay wi
  13. I too posted on Sunday 19th April about a 2015 Swift Challenger 530SE see my post copied in this reply. There is movement in the front gas locker, some black foam type block underneath the caravan where the bulkhead meets the floor has broken away and screws fixing into nothing. You can see inside near the front shelf how the sidewall is moving away front the front panel. Our caravan was purchased from new and serviced annually as required. I have emailed Swift directly with photos and also sent the same information to our dealer Swindon Caravans who have also now raised it with
  14. Thanks Martin, I have now forwarded the email I sent to Swift and photos to our Dealer to make them aware.
  15. Ok thanks Martin. Yes we've owned it from new and had it serviced every year by a Swift approved mobile AWS engineer and I have emails from Swift confirming our service records are updated each year. Wasn't sure where to put this as still in a bit of shock and disappointment to find this happening. I emailed images and descriptions to Swift's dedicated email address for the bulkhead recall and now wondering if I should send it to another dept in Swift Leisure? Hopefully someone will pick it up.
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