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  1. Thanks again for the reply, yes that's what I was thinking on the new hose to replicate the extension hose.
  2. Hi there, as I ordered the 7.5m extension hose at £19.99 but the supplier I purchased from instead sent me a complete mains adaptor kit with ball valve (worth £40 nearly) instead I think this is what has confused me in terms of connecting the hose to my existing kit as I currently have two lengths of hose all with female connectors (4 female end connections) currently. Looking at the connectors though I'm sure I can unscrew and remove one of female connector and replace with a male one as they sent me 2 male grey threaded. So if I am to remove one of the female connectors from one
  3. Thanks for all the quick replies and great advice, as always the people on this forum are so helpful - so a big thanks. It looks like the overtopping issue we had this year is down to a faulty ball valve as it appears we were connecting everything up OK with the stop connector at the Aquaroll ball valve inlet end. I plan to pick up a male to male connector at the local garden centre this week ready for our next trip to Alderstead Heath CMC site on a service pitch.
  4. We have used the Aquaroll mains adaptor since summer 2019 but this year the ball valve wouldn't turn off and continued to fill and overtop the aquaroll, I have since ordered a replacement ball valve and some extra Aquaroll hose but now pondering connections and would like some advice please: - There are 2 orange connections on each end of the hosing but one of them has the word 'Stop' written on it see pics below. I am wondering does the connector with stop connect to the ball valve or does it connect to the main tap? As both will push onto the ball valve connector? Am I being t
  5. Hi there, your tap could be a Reich Vector S tap (look it up on Google) it's a common fault and the cartridge fails. It's a bit of a fiddly repair but if you go on the Reich website and go via the UK contacts a Tim Probyn should be able to advise and send PDF of instructions to repair and replace the cartridge Tim quoted the cartridge part number and I ordered mine from eBay and it was a genuine Reich part for about £18 + postage. If you're a member of Swift Talk then search for a post under the technical section Help! Tap not working and it's all there (see photo attac
  6. From snippets I have seen on Swindon Caravans website and on Twitter looks like the Eccles range has gone for 2021 and the Challenger has had a facelift with a more upgraded front panel which looks great. Challengers also have ALDE heating as standard.
  7. Hi all, We’ve just arrived on our 2 week hols in Sidmouth and our mixer tap is playing up. We sometimes can’t stop water coming through it unless we turn off the pump. The mixer feels a little floppy but also a bit ‘clicky’ when turning left to right. No idea if it can be repaired or if it’s a complete replacement and advice welcomed. Caravan is a 2015 Challenger 530 SE. Thanks thensum
  8. Ok thanks for the comments and advice will have another look.
  9. Tried this and no flickering lights but must admit I don't think the lights flickered when the pump was working normally. Now not sure if it's a power issue or not. Probably still need to take the pump out and have a look, job for the weekend 🙂. If it is a fuse or power problem not too sure where to start?
  10. Ok will try this first, thanks for the advice.
  11. Hi all, I have the Thetford C260 in our 2015 Swift Challenger SE and it is generally used all year around but we have obviously not used the caravan and toilet since 20th Feb 2020. Today I tried the flush and it appears not to be working so after reading with interest all of the posts on here it sounds like the C260 doesn't have the fuse, reed board set up in the toilet compartment which makes sense as I couldn't see anything like this when I looked. I am now wondering if the pump is ceased or jammed with 'crud' as mentioned above and probably needs a clean out and a
  12. It was pretty cheap (£1.99) off eBay and isn't that tiny, must be the camera shot 😊. I have also got silcone spray as well so will use this when this runs out. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Hi all, Purchased this spray and brush at th start of the year and hoping to bring the caravan home next Sat and clean out the rail. Just wondered if anyone has used this and is it best to spray on the brush and then work into rail? Any comments and advice welcomed.
  14. We booked a service pitch at Putts Corner CMC from 23th July for 13 nights back in Dec 2019, so waiting to see what happens...... just booked a local weekend at Alderstead Heath CMC from 9th July, but can always cancel if needs be. It'd be the first time using our shower if the toilet blocks are closed. Happy to do this if it means we can get away safely and keep our distance from others.
  15. Our 2015 Swift Challenger SE 530 has it fitted as standard and it's our third caravan but the first one with it fitted. Definitely felt the ATC kick in at low speed over speed bumps in our village and also going around a rather bumpy section of road near a mini roundabout as we leave home. The other time I felt it was when towing the caravan empty (warranty work) back to the dealer in Swindon along the M4 in very strong winds. Like others have said a properly loaded caravan with a suitably matched tow vehicle means you shouldn't need ATC but I like having the extra safety feature along wit
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