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  1. High lefthand down, the floor is good and solid underneath, so i guess its the top layer of the floor "sandwitch" thts had it in two places ! A friend has suggested brushing on some old engine oil to the underside of th van floor to protect it from water, have you heard of this being done before ? And what do you think ? Sounds like quite a good idea to me ! I know of people that used to do this to the underside of thier cars ! Thanks for your reply, Simon.
  2. Hello to you all, My partner Sallyann and I (Simon) have just bought an old bailey scorpio deville 4 berth (92') as our first van "to start our caravanning adventure" lol, unfortunately due to my excitement and eagerness (and low start up budget!) and lack of knowledge I managed to buy a bit of a "lemon" to say the least ! When we got it home after a trip to "Hereford" to collect our first van which I stupidly bough from a certain very large online auction site (but completed the sale off site) we started to discover all sorts of problems with just about everything and realised too late that I had been well and truly "conned" But not to be defeated and lose our money we set about our new "renovation project" and at the risk of sounding big headed, we have so far done a pretty good job (I hope !) Sallyann has completely re-covered all the upholstery and made new curtains and is currently working on other "girlie things" whilst I have been busy with the tool kit, We now have a thetford cassette toilet that actually flushes, 240v supply that now works plus 12v lighting, fresh running water and a few other important jobs completed, including rewiring a nice new n7 socket and towing lead plus new rear light clusters ! (smoked glass lenses have given the van a "lift") Just the fridge to replace, a new electric water heater to add and the worst part, some quite serious water ingress damage to repair ! the bad patch being at the rear of the van underneath one of the bed boxes to the right of the door, and extending in front of the door too ! but this is where I'm a little bit unsure of which way to go with my repair, you see, in the last four weeks Ive trawled the internet for answers and replacement parts, Ive spoken to friends with caravans and friends that own caravan sites, and have learnt so much Im astounded at the info thats out there when you spend hours researching ! but I cant seem to find a clear answer to my problem with my rotten floor, the first thing I noticed was the "spongyness" in the doorway and going by what Ive read online and in some magazines assumed it had delaminaton so I lifted the vinyl floor covering to discover that the wood was black and soo rotten that I could scrape it away with my fingernail !! however when I continued to remove more rotten wood it revealed bright blue HD foam which I assume is some sort of insulation?!! so what I appear to have is 3mm of ply then about and inch or two of this foam then another layer of, I assume 3mm ply, what I was planning to do was remove all the rotten 3mm ply and replace with new ply stuck to another sheet of ply that overlaps good sound floor by a few cm's ?? would this be the way to go ? I tried some wet rot hardner before I knew that there was insulaton below the ply thinking it was just solid thick plywood, but I notice through a small hole in the rotten ply that it appeared to be "fizzing" which seemed a bit strange, on further investigation I found the blue foam and then realised that the wet rot hardner must be solvent based and was "melting" this blue foam insulation, fortunately it stopped melting it very quickly and did not do much damage at all, so thats where I'm at, any comments or advice for this rather tired and bemused "newbie" would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advanced for any help, All the best, Simon, in sunny weymouth.
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