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  1. Macafee2. Yes I agree with you but they haven't had to nurse covid patients day after day with all the risks that entails.
  2. What about the wonderful nurses who aren't included. I would have thought they have been and still are more front line than teachers.
  3. Thank you very much for information. Look forward to trying this in the south of france in June as I have previously used filmon. Regards, jane
  4. Thank you for your reply all the way from Spain!! I was wondering if Les Medes and Fantasque can still get filmon as they mentioned using it in previous posts?? Regards Jane
  5. Good morning. I have always been able to get filmon on my ipad. Tried yesterday and it wouldn't load. Anyone else got this problem and any ideas how to solve it please. I have tried to reload the app but no good. Many thanks Jane
  6. Hi. We have booked 12 nights in July at the Silversands Leisure Park in lossiemouth, Moray. Has anyone been please? Hoping for good weather and no mossies!!!!!! Jane
  7. How about hanging a do not enter notice on the outside door handle?
  8. We have also got mould spots on lots of surfaces and also on the linings of the curtains!!!
  9. Val. thank you so much for your efforts. Brilliant help. Regards jane
  10. Exceptional circumstances and feeling wacked does not qualify for a blue badge. My local supermarket has approx 25 disabled spaces, local health centre 6 spaces, main hospital a lot, don't know how many. Very often all these spaces are taken. It sometimes depends on time of day as other times there are many spaces vacant. Spaces are provided for busiest times of the day and at these busy times the number of spaces are not disproportionate. Unless you have to use disabled spaces all the time and at different times of the day I don't think you can accurately comment.
  11. Lunarloupy. Consider yourself lucky that you don't need a disabled space. I would ask you to treat disabled spaces with the respect they deserve. I have a severely physically and mentally disabled daughter and without these spaces would be very restricted as to where to park. Normal spaces do not have enough space to get a wheelchair next to the car. Techsnap. Consider yourself lucky that you can walk/take lift from level 3. I wish my daughter could manage this. There have been numerous occasions when disabled spaces have been taken without blue badges displayed and I have had to take my daughter home. As I said please have respect for these spaces, one day you or a loved one May need them. Rant over.
  12. Tamarit park Taragonna has various size pitches. On the beach.
  13. Hi RHinoatcas. What site did you stay on in FRontignan please?
  14. Janie

    Damp Meter

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Janie
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