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  1. Phew. ..... I think I got that. .....I'm sure the caravan site will be full of experts !.. if I get stuck
  2. I'm having a truma motor mover fitted to my van. . not having used one before i'm asking do I use to mover to drive it up the leveling block to level it?.. sorry if it sound s a silly question but I thought I better ask before I break something . ...
  3. Checking my tyres I note that they are almost at their due date (7 yrs ) for replacement. however under the van is a spare and completly unused wheel and tyre which because of its position hasn't been exposed to sunlight to degrade it. or will the 7yr rule apply to that one too. I think its been there since the van was built and the same age as the other tyres Could I use this tyre as one of the replacements saving me the initial cost of buying 2 tyres,( obviously I'll need a spare again in due course) But this is to get me going this season just onto a very local site
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