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  1. Hope that you're happy with the solution when you get the socket relocated.
  2. Hi CJ1149 I have successfully relocated the 13 pin socket from below my vehicle bumper and mounted it onto the swan neck. I used a standard bracket which had a 90 bend in it. I mounted the bracket using a U bolt which I purchased from a plumbers merchant. In my case I didn't need to modify the wiring as there was already sufficient length on the cable. If you search for 13 pin socket mounting brackets on EBay I'm sure you'll find something suitable. I've towed many miles since doing this modification and it has not caused me any problems.
  3. I've never bought a 'van privately but if I was considering a private purchase I'd expect to see everything connected and working. No, I don't think that what you propose is an overkill. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Agree 100% with your last statement. Just because they are BB holders doesn't mean that they should be exempt from paying to park if others have too.
  5. Just an update, I've now returned home and checked the water heater using a multi meter. Heater checked out OK so filled the heater with water and as you've probably guessed the water heated up using EHU. To be on the safe side I will follow Wunny's recommendation and replace the main switch.
  6. You say that your caravan is in storage. Is it connected to mains electric or have you switched on the gas supply? If the answer is no to both then it's highly unlikely that you have damaged the water heater.
  7. What make & model motor mover is fitted to your Bailey? This may help to identify the problem you are experiencing.
  8. Yes it's switched on and also the fuse in the switch has been checked and is OK. As you say worth asking as sometimes we all miss the obvious. Thanks for your input.
  9. Thanks for the prompt replies and the link to the possible solution. Yes, it does not work on either of the two rocker switch (located on front bed box) settings.
  10. Hi Brecon The water heater is a Truma. I've also checked the fuse in the 240v switch which is OK.
  11. I'm currently onsite with my 2012 Bailey Pegasus Verona on EHU but I'm unable to get the water heater to heat the water on either the low or high temperature setting. If I run the water heater on gas the water heater is working as it should. I used the water heater via EHU 2 weeks ago and it was working perfectly. Fridge, mains powered sockets are all working OK and all circuit breakers (maybe not the correct term) are in the on position. Any suggestions to what could be causing the problem would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  12. Would be interested to know how you switch a solar panel off. As far as I'm aware my solar panel controller does not have an off switch.
  13. Hi Dustypete I tow my 2012 Bailey Pegasus Verona with a 2. 2 litre KIA Sorento. I've probably navigated the same large steep hills you are referring too on my way to the South of France. The Sorento tows my caravan effortlessly.
  14. Thanks PandR for the link to your earlier posting, some interesting reading. My insurers asked me to ask the dealership if they had liability insurance, when I asked they did confirm that they do have public liability insurance. My insurers also said that if anything was to happen with my caravan at the dealers to contact them in the first instance. I also advised my insurer that the wheel lock could not be fitted during the time the caravan was at the dealers, so my excess for a theft claim was increased during that period. From this I assumed that my insurers would settle my claim for theft and then reclaim the cost from the dealership. To be honest it seems as if using a mobile service engineer is going to be the easiest option in the future.
  15. The dealer did say that they would repair free of charge any damaged caused by them. My worry is if the caravan was stolen from their premises or there was a fire in their workshop who would replace the caravan. Thanks, using a mobile mechanic is something I will consider.
  16. Hi I've recently had my caravan serviced by a local dealer. When booking in I asked if my caravan was covered by their insurance while it was in their possession/ care. Their reply was that the caravan is left entirely at the owners risk and should be covered by the owners insurance policy whilst on their premises. I was suprised to hear this so I then contacted my caravan insurers who told me that the caravan should be insured by the dealer whilst in their care. My caravan has now been serviced and returned to me thankfully without any mishap. Is this normal practice by dealers, and if so, how do I safeguard myself for future servicing and repairs? Thanks Derek
  17. Thanks for the information, I've just been and looked, sure enough to the left of the receiver there appears to be a bracket with a slotted hole in it suitable to clip the carabiner to.
  18. I have a similar problem as Svimes, my car does not have a designated fixing point for the breakaway cable either. Towbar was supplied by KIA. As mine is fitted with a removable towball I'm not sure where I could attach a suitable breakaway fixing point.
  19. I was(am) a new customer of Mayday but I didn't know until today anything about the £10 gift card.
  20. Today I received a £10 M&S gift card from Mayday breakdown services. I was suprised to receive the gift card and I don't remember there being a mention of this when I joined in June. Thank you Mayday.
  21. I've used and stayed overnight at these services a few times using both a motorhome and also with a car & caravan. I wouldn't hesitate to use these services again in the future.
  22. Hi Bob, I haven't got a Coachman so can't say what you need to be aware of. Hope SWMBO and yourself have many happy & trouble free trips with your new VIP 520
  23. I have a 2013 KX2 which has SLS fitted as standard.
  24. Sounds like a good job done. I'm sure your brother will have appreciated your help.
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