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  1. I will be towing with my Mitsubishi L200, I assume they will work well together! The van has so many extras it is brilliant!
  2. Hi everyone - thanks for all the comments. We have gone for an Elddis 840. We found a 1 year old with all the equipment we could want. It is going to be serviced by C & S in Accrington who we really like. Cheers
  3. Hi all, we are looking at maybe coming back to caravanning. Considering the Lunar cosmos Elddis 840 Super Sprite quattro. All the same layout and with similar specs. Are any of those brands better than the other? Warrantys better than others? Reliability? Also has anyone used Campbells or Stewart Longton in Preston? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers.
  4. i am pleased to hear that as Campbell’s will be my local dealer. They were in blackburn too but that is now a motor home site. there is stewart longton around there too
  5. Thanks @NMcl seems like a good plan. Will start the hunt Any opinion on buying private vs dealer?
  6. barrychas that’s interesting as i’m enjoying it so far. What happened when you were here? cheers
  7. hp100425ev that is a good point. I have never fully understood the caravan industry and how it handles a warranty. i would need to speak to my local dealers (in preston) to see if they would be able to take any service and warranty work on. NMcl we know the layout. I just cannot decide if i should go for a 2013-15 van which has everything i want but no warranty or brand new. if if it was brand new i will be going for a wider 8ft van- i cannot see a reason not to lunarloopy that sounds great. i am away at the moment- will be hitting my local dealers when i get back. thanks for all the responses all- much appreciated
  8. Thanks for the comprehensive reply, very much appreciated! I did open with a lot of questions! We we are excited about getting our own van again, like i day we are currently away in my brothers. We are decided on a fixed bed with side dinette just need to decide on brand, new or used and if a warranty is really important! cheers
  9. Hi, so after 2 years without a caravan we have decided we miss it! I am currently on the Stowford Farm site in North Devon using my brothers caravan. We are going to but one but have lots of questions! When is a good time to buy? Is it worth waiting until the caravan show, will we get a better deal? What discount should I expect to get from the dealer? Can pay either cash or finance. Is there an advantage to either? I need everything from barrels to awnings. Thinking of getting an air awning but a big one! Are they Good? Thinking of the 8ft models such as the Elddis 840 or the super sprite. Any thoughts on these? Sorry lots of questions, all advice greatly appreciated Cheers
  10. hi all, I am currently looking for a new car which will need to tow the van. I am inclined to opt for a company car this time and have seen the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which is an electric and petrol hybrid 4x4. anyone got one or towed with one? thoughts? keen to see if it is up to the job. cheers
  11. Hi all, I have just been to bring the van home and get it all ready for use this year - as we have just moved house it is much later for us due to being so busy. I have found very light mold in various places in the van, front of fridge door, on some of the seats etc. It was raining last time we used the van and I wondered if it was from that. It has cleaned off ok with a brush then we steamed the seats - was this the right thing to do? Is this something I should be worried about? Is this something I can avoid in the future? We do not have a van cover - should we get one? All advice and comments welcome - thanks in advance!
  12. My question is, as somebody not at all mechanically minded, how do i know if they have done what they say they have and the service is a good one? As it happens, I get my van serviced by Reads as I live about 3 miles away but in honesty I just trust what they say at the moment.
  13. Hi all, I am interested to know why you do not leave the van? Are service areas considered unsafe? I would usually fit my hitch lock on departure and we leave the van - so far it has been fine but may change this approach if the general feeling is they are unsafe places. cheers
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. decided to not put the van on seasonal until maybe march or april next year as we have decided to move house first. This unfortunately means the van will not get much use while we are planning and saving etc. cheers Kilian
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