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  1. I have a 2014 Touareg v6 3ltr 245 bhp and tow a Swift Conqueror 560 with no problem. Easy acceleration and smooth stable tow. Go for it.
  2. Hello Have you found out if it’s a bad manufacturing problem ? 

  3. I bought my 2016 Swift Conqueror two years ago and it now needs the panoramic window replacing due to leaks. It is bonded to the caravan in the way car windscreen are bonded and can't be resealed so must be replaced in total. The question I ask is Are panoramic windows a poor piece of design? They reduce cupboard space but most of all turn the van into a greenhouse. I know they have blinds but they don't keep the heat out. Were they thrussed on us by deigners who never caravan?
  4. leadfarmer, Moor View Park in Devon bans such things.
  5. Taunton Deane now has a dedicated caravan area.
  6. I recommend the Command fixing system. Bought in most DIY or supermarkets. Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  7. I am about to make my first longish tow with my 2014 VW Touareg V6 and have a query regarding the fridge whilst towing. there is no connection for the fridge on the VW set up on the 13 pin plug but a permanent 12v connection so query is, Does the permanent 12v connection from the car to the caravan power/charge the leisure battery thus powering the fridge when it is switched to battery or, will switching the fridge to battery whils towin simply drain the battey.?
  8. need to Google Lord Munsterland on the German sites.
  9. Late VW Touareg T2 3l V6
  10. You do not say what sex the children are. Someone recomends the Bailey Senator Virginia however in ths van the lounge seats are too short to make single beds other than for the smallest children.
  11. If all goes well bear in mind that July/August is French holiday time.
  12. A well stocked motoerhome wild camping in Scotland where's your problem. They have no need to come into contact with anyone.
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