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  1. On a recent trip out I found that the electric ring on my Swift was not working. Baffled at first but then found that this ring is powered through a three pin plug in the bottom cupboard below the cooker. This was unplugged. This was our first time out since service and had obviously been unplugged by the dealer as a safety precaution preventing the ring being switched on accidently, thus protecting he glass cover of the cooker. I now leave it disconnected when not in use. It is quite easy to turn the knob on.
  2. Try saying Hello to your neighbour and having a chat and a beer together or have you already erected your six foot high windbreak as seem to be the trend these days.
  3. GaryB1969 I hope you are not on pitch39. We used Abbey Wood a few years ago, pitch39, it took 3 days to get the bird droppings off the van and awning using a pressure washer. The crows I think they were roosted in the tree above the pitch every night.
  4. At present I use a Avtex/Caravan Club satnav, no real problems but I do get fed up with it wanting to cut corners taking me through minor roads. It gives the routes but once on these routes when it sees a opportunity to save 10 seconds on a journey by suddenly dashing cross country it will. I have seen the adverts for the Aguri, does anyone have experience of this?
  5. Borussia 1900. I was in Celle 1977 to 1982. From your posts I guess you were in Taunton Barracks, now council offices. We did have a small caravan club in Scheun with regular weekend meets.
  6. No it is not the neighbours pitch but it is that little bit of green in front of the awning that sometimes makes caravaning a bit more enjoyable.
  7. Your neighbour there has a nice piece of grass in front of his awning where he can sit out with his table and chairs etc. I imagine so do you in front of your awning. Why should your neighbour have to put up with your vehicle parked next to his awning. Your vehicle should be across the front of your van. To my mind you are just being selfish, a touch of I,m alright jack.
  8. I also had a problem with this blind on my 2016 Conqueror. Advised no to leave it closed for long periods (thinks what is the blind for?). I notice that the blinds on newer models have smaller pleats.
  9. Having just yesterday returned after three weeks in Australia I would say that most Australian caravans are too heavy for the vehicle towing them. Australian caravan, most with twin axles, heavy duty chassis must weigh well over two tons. The largest towing vehicles seem to be large SUVs or double cab utes, Shoguns, Toyota Landcruisers etc. For the most they get away with any mismatch dute to the fact they have miles and miles of roads with no bends only coming to grief when overtaking.
  10. When you pick up your car pop in to your local caravan dealer and get them to check out your electrics with their test set 2011 caravan it is possible that it will have halogen bulbs.
  11. Borussia 1900. Missiles and Hebrides reminds me of 94LR
  12. Update. Left caravan hooked up to towing vehicle overnight. Problem cleared. Thanks for all your help.
  13. Having fitted the VLM4 I now have a permanent red on the ATC indicator. I left the van connected overnight but did not clear. As yet have not checked under the van re pushrod. Any thoughts?
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