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  1. need to Google Lord Munsterland on the German sites.
  2. Late VW Touareg T2 3l V6
  3. You do not say what sex the children are. Someone recomends the Bailey Senator Virginia however in ths van the lounge seats are too short to make single beds other than for the smallest children.
  4. If all goes well bear in mind that July/August is French holiday time.
  5. A well stocked motoerhome wild camping in Scotland where's your problem. They have no need to come into contact with anyone.
  6. Back to original OP surely N is the only position should the car need towing/moving without power. I use an IMO carwash which pulls the vehicle through the carwash the only way it will do this is in N position.
  7. It will be interesting to see if there is any outcome from this weeks four day race meeting in Cheltenham.
  8. Benfica


    One thing I have noticed over the years driving both here and abroad is problems when three lanes merge into two. When the inside, slow lane, merges in to lane two there are no problems ,when the outside lane, lane three, merges in to lane two there are always problems. I have always thought problems could be eased in scenario two by intrducing a chicane thus bringing the traffic into two lanes as in scenario one prior to the reason for lane three closure.
  9. Just remember you can always come down in price but can't go up.
  10. The caravan on my profile is a 1973 Knowsley 626, 6.20m long 6 berth.
  11. Benfica

    Dartford Crossing

    When I used the crossing I just bought a oneway simple ticket which cost £2.50. No need of a account.
  12. The OP only seems to want to use his caravan for 16 days of the year. In this case whynot sell it, have a small car and use hotels.
  13. Cushion in the micrwave keeps thhings safe.
  14. Bavnelly, which site are you going to? I would expect the Rowntree site to be flooded after the recent weather.
  15. Back to the OP, one tip from my days in the 70/80s caravaning on seaside sites in Italy with their soft sand pitches-always carry a towrope with you that way you can have the car on solid ground and pull the caravan free. Make sure you have someone to help guide the caravan.
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