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  1. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/leisure/17860466.review-purbeck-valley-folk-festival/
  2. I couldn’t find a thread to attach this to! Please move to a more suitable room if need be. our bunk curtains came new with our van in 2014, we had a blackout material sewed professionally to the rear to give the kids a better sleep when we have the door open. the added weight of the curtains means the sliders that fit in the rail quite often ping out. am I able to do a straight swap of the style of rail so I’m not having to screw into the ceiling with a new style rail and sliders?
  3. https://www.festivalsforall.com/article/beardy-folk-festival-2019-review?fbclid=IwAR3tEsFRkFaLIyxxlha8IYQk_9bwCrWFpAgd4tuL3JX9YY58baVTg3BhsEU
  4. I appear to have broken the top cupboard latch, it closes but doesn’t actually catch behind the piece of plastic inside the cupboard so the cupboard door isn’t secure at all. i can’t find exact replacements despite searching the internet! I’m sure they are out there, can someone send me a link if they know where they are! thank you
  5. Finally got round to sorting this out: during the making of the caravan by Adria someone connected the toilet cold pipe to the shower hot tap and the pipe that should have been the hot water shower supply was connected to the toilet 😂 so for the last 5 years I have been flushing the toilet with hot water! And as we had never used the shower in the caravan until June 2018 we never noticed that two cold supplies were attached to the shower!
  6. Sorry I haven't logged on much this week as I’m off with the kids! What is the biggest GB sim that expires after 6 months or so, our caravan season is april to sept so don’t really want to take out a contract for the months we don’t use it. Can this sim be put in a mobile WiFi device? What is a good unlocked mobile WiFi device to buy? we are usually off grid at festivals or on site that have limited WiFi , so a decent size GB would be handy would this work in a mobile WiFi device https://www.mymemory.co.uk/3-24gb-trio-mbb-payg-sim-pack.html
  7. Total beginner with these data sim things, I found this on eBay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-3-PAYG-4G-Trio-Data-SIM-Pack-Preloaded-with-100GB-of-Data-Three-Sizes-/153213247341 as the old adage goes “if it’s too good to be true.......” opinions please. and recommendations on pre loaded data sims with LOTS of GB for mobile WiFi
  8. Does anyone know of a battery site that I can enter my current dimensions and it brings back a list of suitable batteries? I would like the biggest ah that I can, my current one is about 80ah my current battery is 165 wide 255 long 225 high its on my adria sport line dt 2014, but is over 5 yrs old now and as me and kids do lots of festivals and off grid / solar etc I thought I would get a new one (along with new tyres in the spring 😬)
  9. Can anyone recommend a mobile company to change my caravan tyres come the new year? Recommendations are usually better! South Bham area / Redditch /Bromsgrove
  10. Thanks for the answers, I will look at filler first i had this email from Adria about a new counter, won’t be having one of those 😳😳 A new worktop for your caravan is £210. 70 and £10. 00 P&p. I have checked with ADRIA and they do not have any in stock in the UK therefore delivery would be approximately 6-8 weeks from date of order. Regards
  11. Slight accident, does anyone know a cheaper fix than buying a new top from Adria? Is there a decent filler or some other ingenious way? its about the size of a 50p
  12. Well I’ve climbed under the bottom bunk to the pipes, all the cold pipes blow thru fine ( sink, toilet and cold shower) the hot pipe for sink blows thru fine, however the hot water shower pipe doesn’t blow at all. reich tell me the model I have doesn’t have a cartridge to replace so sounds like a new tap. anyone know if I need a same tap or can another one from Reich do the job?
  13. Mine is the first pic, I’ve emailed Reich and they say my version has no barrel inside (they have seen my photos) they recommend blowing thru to clear potential debris or to remove an airlock
  14. I must have a different version as the stalk handle with red / blue cap doesn’t unscrew, it’s moulded to the main section
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