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  1. Venture Caravans had some in stock, they have posted me one out 👍🏻
  2. I turned this light on and sat back in bed, after a few mins it started buzzing, dense smoke then caught fire! fortunately I was opposite it and switched it off and pulled out the LED bulb that has been working fine since 2015 we are on EHU in Bournemouth. ive put a new bulb in but it won’t switch on. I’m guessing it’s fried . does anyone know where I can buy a exact replacement ?
  3. Yep it’s off (and In the cupboard inside the caravan )
  4. It was all serviced In Jan by Adria service , last actually used in Aug last year on holiday. Didn’t get used after the service due to Lockdown
  5. I have a 2014 Adria Sportline with Truma UGE 103 243 16003 water tank. it works fine on EHU but if I flick the gas switch, it clicks rapidly but nothing fires and then a last louder click, then no heat. the gas is full and everything else works on gas. we are on site in Bournemouth now, I can use EHU so not concerned , but will need gas water in mid sept. any ideas?
  6. Further to my last, I had a motor mover fitted after I lost my wife, that removed another stress. she always used to help with threading the inflatable awning into the rail as well. i then just looked for a friendly face to help me at sites / festivals. Never had anyone refuse my request
  7. Hi Stephen, I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2015 , when my wife was 37, our kids then were 2 and 4. our caravan already had two years worth of “mommy memories” so we kept it, me and the kids do a lot of music festivals and go to visit family and friends using it. I was fortunate enough to be able to work part time and term time as I literally have no other help with the kids their portable dvds (with lithium battery) are a lifesaver for the journeys 😂 my kids sort out the water barrels , hose etc, turning on the taps to get the water In and air out etc.
  8. they share information on claims and instances of policies being cancelled or voided, or insurance being declined. so they will probably know all about you when you fill in your details, they will just wait for you to tell them what they already know 😂 and if you don’t tell them, cancel your policy 😬
  9. Pop into your local fire station and ask them
  10. Have a drive to your local fire station, ask the experts, or remove the fridge?
  11. This previous thread may answer some questions From google: Ammonia gas is easily compressed and forms a clear liquid under pressure. ... Ammonia is not highly flammable, but containers of ammonia may explode when exposed to high heat
  12. 2010 Citroen grand Picasso VTR , 110,000 on the clock
  13. Great, how much do you want for it?
  14. Our 2014 Adria Sportline DT came with an aerial , it wasn’t an optional extra. We love the caravan, had it from new. Would only buy Adria from now if I was buying another in the future. In no hurry to get rid of mine, the kids were 2 and 4 when I bought it, now 7 and 10 , the bunks are very wide and will be fine for teenagers, from memory I think they are weighted to 11 stone? It says on a plate on the side of the bunks.
  15. I lost my 76yr old father in May and my mother In 2018, so as I have no ties to home I’m thinking of spending my first ever (I’m 42) Christmas away from home! im thinking 7 days at South Lychett Manor 24th to 31th Dec (we have stayed here before and are booked here for 2 weeks in Aug) it would be me, my partner and my my two kids 7 and 9. the kids are well up for it (as long as I remember to text Santa the site address) My only concern is the weather for driving, has anyone else been forced to pull out of a Christmas break due to ice / snow? We would
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