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  1. Off Riverside Caravan Park near Malvern tomo until Sunday, first outing this year. it’s only an hour from home but a nice change after a year of being run ragged at work for me and the partner , and me having covid earlier this year (still no taste or smell tho) will be having a look at Ledbury as well. the kids will just love being back out in the caravan! It’s just frustrating that I can’t smell nature as that’s a nice bit about being out in the sticks., and cooking a BBQ without being able to smell it 🤯
  2. The stabiliser hitch pads could be low, that’s what was causing my noises, the chap changed them in Jan when he did my annual service, he showed me them compared to the new pads, mine were worn Updated.
  3. I have been using a storage site (which is also a working farm) since 2016, it has been a caravan storage site for many decades. im with Towergate with a new for old policy. the storage site has been CASSOA registered for many many years, it it now pulling out of that scheme but obvs retaining the cctv, guard dogs, face to face only sign in / out . I phoned up Towergate to let them know they are no longer CASSOA members and they were fine and no increase on my renewal
  4. I’m with Towergate, I had to phone them up this week as the storage yard that I use is leaving CASSOA scheme, they still have cctv, guard dogs, face to face sign in / sign out, it’s a working farm as well. towergate said no problem and no increase in premium (this year anyway 😂)
  5. Reply from Milenco Hi Antony, These are standard (convex) glass, the same as in Automotive mirrors. Kind regards, Milenco Customer Service Enquiries Milenco Limited
  6. On eBay I can either buy flat milenco grand aero units or convex 😬
  7. After dropping the bag last year and cracking the glass, it seems I have two choices to replace the mirror , convex or flat. ive added some pics, it it is convex glass, it’s only incredibly very slightly, or it is classed at flat?!
  8. Have you called the credit card company to see if they can assist with the battle?
  9. Venture Caravans had some in stock, they have posted me one out 👍🏻
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