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  1. Correct. Plenty of fuel, lack of staff to get it to where it’s needed. will be stopping people getting to work next week tho, no one on my team lives closer than 30 mins away, the furthest has to travel over an hour.
  2. I have different lengths of decking boards, we have used them many times as we do a lot of music festivals in random fields , they were left over from my neighbours new patio. Can’t fault them.
  3. I heard on the news last night(sat) that countrywide less than 100 petrol stations had run dry. Me and the kids drove 20 miles from our house to the Black Country Museum yesterday lunchtime, we passed 6 petrol stations and all were shut with “No Fuel” signs and the M42 / M5 service stations were only accepting HGVs for fuel., I think the news people are telling big fibs as to the actual number that are closed. I filled up on Weds so I should be ok this coming week, my partner is a midwife, she has 200 miles left in her tank, but no where to fill up on her route either as all the petrol stations are dry on her commute as well. in the last fuel / staff issues in years gone by the local area has nominated a petrol station for emergency services staff and vehicles to fuel up at , at the moment this hasn’t been announced. if this nonsense is still going on at the end of this week, I will be unable to get in ( as a widower I have to do both school runs and then drive to work, then when I finish work I have 30 mins to get to the childminder to scoop up the kids) so public transport isn’t realistic for me and my partner won’t be able to get in from mid week, she also has her own kids to sort and collect before and after her shifts (we don’t live together) I know of only one petrol station in Chaddesley Corbett that announced off their own back that NHS staff could fuel up there last night 2100-2230.
  4. The garage have had a look, they said approx 20 ribs on the belt have come off. So it’s off for repair, can’t afford a new car at this point so a new head etc in order. They say it will be ready for our return. ive checked out the sister in laws V70 D5 the electrics are 13 pin and the tow ball is now gleaming shiny after 25 mins of me polishing and cleaning it. hopefully the holiday is still on
  5. Yes called them earlier. Can’t get refund as it’s within 2 days of going ( but I have insurance thru work if I want to claim it back) they are happy for us to arrive late if need be, they are also happy for us to put a tent on the pitch instead ( but it’s hard standing deluxe caravan pitch) and they are happy to roll the booking over to august next year. fingers crossed the V70 is ok, will find out later My caravan is. 2014 with one 13 pin socket, so if the V70 is two 7 pins then I will need an adapter to be able to plug my caravan into the car
  6. Thanks again all, does the V70 towbar electric socket on the pic (or if you have knowledge of it) have the white / black 7 pin or the one 13 pin socket? I’m just trying to sort my options now so once I know my car’s prognosis I can start rushing round, I’ve found a stockist near me with an adapter in stock should I need it
  7. I have loads and brake cleaner spray 👍🏻
  8. Thank you for your messages , my sister in law has offered her V70 D5 to us for two weeks, until I get to speak to her later ( she finished work at 4am so I’m not proposing I phone her yet) i streetviewed her car ( pic attached) I’m not familiar with this towbar , does the towball look smaller than 50mm or is it the perspective that makes it look small? I may also need a 7pin to 13 adapter for 2014 Adrian Sportline DT , I can’t see the plug layout on the photo. the garage are kindly coming in at 11 to start stripping the car to look at the cam 😢
  9. Sat in Strensham services right now, possible cam belt slip on my car, my friends garage are kindly sending a mechanic to the garage tomo to open up and check it out for me , sat waiting for the RAC recovery lorry now to carry us there. should my car be unrepairable, does anyone know if I can hire a car with a tow bar to allow us to go on holiday on Monday? I don’t know if the insurance company would provide a car once I know mines a write off. the car belt is due on 160,000 miles mines done 120,000
  10. I’ve searched the forum but nothing came up! Has anyone visited the Brecon Beacons Camping & Caravan park, postcode SA9 1GJ? is it new? Can’t seem to find much on it, nothing on YouTube either? any first hand experiences would be great! https://brecon-beacons-camping-and-caravanning.co.uk
  11. https://www.festivalsforall.com/article/beardy-folk-festival-2021-review?fbclid=IwAR2RcXvqLlXJUwGXLA5OnGmR4YK6T_e1MBWH88SyxXHTl9iGp38y5YwIegE
  12. I had my first vaccine March 29th (AZ) I didn’t have any after effects at all but then I lost all taste and smell on Sat 3rd April, I tested positive and had to isolate with the kids for 12 days. (It’s only me and the kids) spending most the easter hols inside the house wasn’t very nice for us all 😬 so I reckon I was possibly positive when I went for the first vaccine but didn’t know as I didn’t have any symptoms . My 2nd vaccine is June 14th. I still have absolutely no taste or smell. my partners daughter lost all her taste and smell in November after testing positive, it all came back like someone flicking a switch 2 weeks ago. I could be in for a tasteless and smell less summer / autumn
  13. I will check them out , thanks folks
  14. I will be attending a wedding at the Mill Barns in Alveley Nr Bridgnorth next year, the plan was to take the caravan and pitch up at The Squirrel pub camping site literally across the road, but their site is now closed down 😱 does anyone know of a small site in the immediate area? EHU and water would be nice but can do off grid if need be. I was trying to avoid the expense of a hotel and long taxi ride
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