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  1. Does not look like a hella part number I think i would start here https://catalog.hella.com/lighting.html Identify the bulb & part number and then do an internet search for the part no
  2. I would also look at the cuttings pads and something like the G3 cutting compound - Not for the caravan though
  3. We use one of these, sits in the front locker with other bits around it, the colapsable looks good but obviously does not "hold" the bbq
  4. I like Clarksons analogy IF you are wondering if face masks work, consider this. If the person standing next to you is naked and decides to have a pee, then you will get wet. If you are wearing underpants, you will still get wet. But if he is wearing pants, you won’t. Simples
  5. AndyPoole

    Basic toolkit

    Duct Tape + A Big Hammer
  6. Article on E Scooters hired as planned by the Government https://qz.com/1561654/how-long-does-a-scooter-last-less-than-a-month-louisville-data-suggests/
  7. Just one question, if the current government said in 2032 it was going to give everyone a year long tax break and a million quid would you believe them, probably not because its very easy to say what they will do in the future when they won’t be there. So a target to aim to yes – a definite well when we see a honest politician I will say yes
  8. Have a look on u tube how the americans insulate they houses But bacially you want some rigid insulation Make a frame for it to sit in Wrap this with a breathing membrame Cover in a cladiing material of choice
  9. At a rough quess, and it is only my opinon, as other nationalities tend to live in a larger family unit then the risk of infection must surley go up.
  10. Went to our local farm shop Yesterday 5 Minutes to Queue to get in, Got everything we needed (I forgot the Mushrooms!) was out in 15 Minutes they are allowing 2 groups of customers in at a time, I did the L hand side, daughter did the right hand side.
  11. Its actually three that need new Batteries Mine, Wifes and 2nd Daughters - 1st Daughters was done last year and is fine. As I use mine every other day its okayish - Nice cost when this is all over
  12. So I have two cars that were running flat in just under a week I am now switching the Panel between the two cars on alternate days Its been two weeks and both cars are starting fine - So it seems to have proved itself It does state "The project is a battery maintainer, not a main charging device." I could not be bothered to check any voltages / currents - it was cheap enough that if it worked it worked if it didn't it could go in the bin!
  13. Hi Wispman https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOT-18V-5W-Solar-Panel-Caravan-Boat-Car-Battery-Trickle-Charger-w-Cable-Clamp/143579478544?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  14. I think we should praise him, in these time of Doom and Gloom he is 100% pure comedy Gold. I look forward to our daily family laugh and discussion on the latest trumpism
  15. I have bought a cheap Solar Charger from E-bay which I am moving between two cars Seems to be working well as both are now holding there charge rather than going flat
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