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  1. Seems daft as it would appear we have a far bigger drug driving problem these days
  2. The company I work for is in the AC / Refrigeration Buisness - so to answer your question - No they are not and this is because of how they work Systems are setup to cool / heat to the average ambient temperatures within the locality they are in So they will be able to cool to X deg below outside air temperature and heat to Y deg above outside air temperature If they arre setup beyond their design parameters then they will fail (normally Ice up inside or out) in normal ambient operation Of course they can be designed / built to work over a larger range but this means more cost and customers will not pay for this Ground Source heat pumps work better at extemes than air Source as the ground tempearture is more stable - But there is a greater intalation cost We have this all the time in very hot weather, big supermarkets are not to bad as they know that they will only work to a certain outside tempearture smaller stores don't they expect miracles!
  3. Let me shed some light upon this as i can remeber when rear fog lights came in and pin 7 was first used The idea was that turning your fog lights on with a caravan on the back would cause unnecessary reflection into the vehicle, as these would be permently on, where the brake lights (Equal intensity) are only on when braking Therefore the vehicle fog lights where looped into the 7 pin socket with a mechanical leaver that broke the circuit to the car fog lights when the caravan was plugged in
  4. A word of caution Some cars (land Rover) with self leveling suspension can drop by about 20mm after a while of being parked up If you put the fron steadies down you will end up with the car hanging off the caravan! It pays to check your vehicle handbook if you have S/l suspension.
  5. On the bright side they won't be that far away !
  6. My cortina could be opened and started by anything resembling a key!
  7. Trailer which is used a few times a year down to the tip and back, you can dowload the number plate font from the internet print out on a yellow background on A3 and laminate - looks fine and cost me nothing
  8. Thats because it is a monopoly run by two companies who fight tooth and nail every time a different solution is proposed - i belive it is the most expensice sea crossing in the world on a per mile basis
  9. Okay for those that do not like thr bottom of the A34 1) Come off @ Winchester turn off (One before end) A272 > Harestock (Andover Rd) TR Harestock Road TL Stockbridge Road TR Chillbolton Av TR Romsey Road A3090 > Hursley A3090 > Romsey Carry on A3090 To M27 J2 Or (Quicker but need not to be @ Salisbury at rush hour) A34 A303 A343 / A30 > Salisbury A354 Blanford Forum A350 to A31
  10. Should keep a few crockles out
  11. Um Cant see how the car can tell if a bulb has blown on the trailer and therefore give a fault indication. No Trailer = Open Circuit Blown Bulb = Open Circuit
  12. Some idea on the make Model could be useful!
  13. I would say it is pretty lethal - perhaps you wont have to worry how long the CPAP will run for !
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