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  1. Thats because it is a monopoly run by two companies who fight tooth and nail every time a different solution is proposed - i belive it is the most expensice sea crossing in the world on a per mile basis
  2. Okay for those that do not like thr bottom of the A34 1) Come off @ Winchester turn off (One before end) A272 > Harestock (Andover Rd) TR Harestock Road TL Stockbridge Road TR Chillbolton Av TR Romsey Road A3090 > Hursley A3090 > Romsey Carry on A3090 To M27 J2 Or (Quicker but need not to be @ Salisbury at rush hour) A34 A303 A343 / A30 > Salisbury A354 Blanford Forum A350 to A31
  3. Should keep a few crockles out
  4. Um Cant see how the car can tell if a bulb has blown on the trailer and therefore give a fault indication. No Trailer = Open Circuit Blown Bulb = Open Circuit
  5. Some idea on the make Model could be useful!
  6. I would say it is pretty lethal - perhaps you wont have to worry how long the CPAP will run for !
  7. We stay in Shrewsbury when we drop the eldest at Uni - £75.50 per night in a hotel !
  8. Mid Wales - tie your message to a sheep and pray - thats the only way to get a "mobile" signal
  9. However a fuse will blow a lot slower than a MCB on over current so a significantly lower fuse would be needed for this to work
  10. Electric Warrior, i would not worry about Ern's reply - he probably knows more than you! I thought it was a well worded and thought out post, and i have enough qualifications to be deemed competent. Another, possibly safer but more expensive, option to the multiple fuse box is to wire them in Series but with a bypass switch on each breaker apart from the largest value - just a thought. "Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse never had to worry about all this safety nonsense" - no they spent a lot of time arguing whose system was best for killing people in the electric chair!
  11. That sounds like a "Hella" socket (which are rated @ 30A) - have never seen a plug rated @ 30A for a cigarette socket from a reliable source - maybe from ebay
  12. If its not a silly question when and how will you be recharging the UPS?
  13. That was for the indicators only
  14. Dont use any - Just use the free app on the phone always up to date at not cost If i need a map i use the Memory Map Software - Have the whole UK OS 1:50 0000 for just over £100
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