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  1. Maybe not in the correct forum but not sure where else to put it! I inherited a c1992 Swift Corniche 14/2E caravan (one owner from new) a couple of years back and it's been sitting in the garden in Glasgow since then. Exterior's a bit grubby but interior is in very good condition for age. There's a awning in it's bag and one or two other bits and bobs. Just wondered if it would be of interest to any CT member as a doer upper or perhaps as a donor vehicle for someone perhaps doing a conversion \ renovation of some description. Not a lot of info, I know, but didn't want to waste much time if nobody possibly interested. Let me know if you are and I can add further info.
  2. They're called missionaries! Did some of those earlier in the year. Back to Garlieston in a couple of weeks. Have a look at Fortrose Bay Caravan Site. We think it's a wee bitty better than Rosemarkie. Have you looked at Findochty site? Lovely wee fishing village, pub at the entrance, etc.
  3. Depends on the weight of the caravan. Have a look at the options here as an example. https://www. thecaravanshop. co. uk/alko-towing-spares/al-ko-jacks-spares/cat_62. html
  4. Believe Red Apple have ceased supplying Snipe 2 kit. Wonder if it's as a result of reliability issues? Or is there some truth in the rumour (2nd hand) that says a Snipe 3 is coming along?
  5. No difference in premium when I add a detachable towbar to our quote every year. As for amendment fee, most do.
  6. A can unnerstaun the teef bit, grindin them awa at the weans but cannae agree wi the girnin bit. Only wimmin ur oany use at that. Aye, yi used tae be able tae go doon the park wi yir paper an yir sarnies an sook up the sun sittin' oan a bench. Dae that noadays an yill get huckled effter aw the maws gie yi dirty looks and call the Polis. Motorhomers (as I am noo!) are all shouting for overnighting facilities similar to the Aires \ Stellenplatz in France \ Germany and, whilst not necessarily for us, I can understand as being fully self-contained units. School playgrounds, suppose could be an option during holiday time as long as they're not undergoing refurb. Downside would be mhers, generally, are 12 monthers.
  7. Grumps will be alang in a meenut tae sort yi out of.
  8. So whit yir sayin' is weans are like flies and you're like a wee broon lump on the flair! Jist a wee thought though, pitchin up fur free in the swing park may hae sumptin tae dae wi it!
  9. There's an interactive map on the site. http://www. northcoast500. com/interactive-map. aspx On that page there's a search facility where one of the filters is "Camping and Caravan". You also filter by "Area". As far as I am aware you don't need to pay for access to above.
  10. Have a look here - http://www. caravanfinder. co. uk/caravans. html Select search by layout option and have a trawl through the diagrams. There is a few 2008 - models showing.
  11. Michaelwood Services on M5 are very caravan friendly with dedicated drive in drive out caravan \ motorhome bays. Used them with our Santa Fe and twin axle Lunar and subsequent motorhome on a number of occasions for onboard tea \ lunch. Patch of grass next to them for dog stop. Junction 17 for ASDA Patchway. From memory, you can see it on the left just before the junction.
  12. If you fancy pre-planning on a computer Garmin BaseCamp does have additional avoidance options in Activity Profiles which may assist. You can then transfer this pre-planned route onto your 760. Examples of these options are - toll roads residential roads car pool lanes narrow trails roundabouts etc Works well for us but we're on the dark side now!
  13. Have a look here Gumsy. http://www. laptopsdirect. co. uk/ Bought a number of laptops for both domestic and business use from them. You'll probably struggle to get your spec for £200 but they currently have a couple of A1 refurbished Asus i3 + Windows 7 (I, personally, wouldn't go anywhere near Windows 8 \ 8. 1 but that's me!) for £270 on the go. http://www. laptopsdirect. co. uk/nav/ml/laptopsnetbooks/operatingsystem/windows7homepremium64bit/pbgbp/04/type/laptops/0
  14. Well we made the change from a twin axle caravan at 7. 9m to a 7. 3m motorhome middle of this year. As said previously, there are pros and cons to each and it is a lifestyle decision. For us the key reason for change was the good lady is a nervous traveller with the caravan on the back and would not consider Continental travel. She gets on much better in the motorhome. In relation to the running costs it's a bit eachy peachy. Motorhome - insurance and fuel cheaper however we still run the car as well so works out about same. Depreciation, initially, is a bigger absolute hit on a motorhome if buying new however we bought used at c15 months old with 1600 miles on the clock and just under two years warranty remaining so first owner took the 20% depreciation hit. Having said that they were disabled and I believe they could reclaim the VAT back. Flexibility on the move is much better with the motorhome but, obviously, no readily available car whilst on site. Have we made the right decision for us? Early days yet but so far so good!
  15. Hi Val Wanted to check on here first that it wasn't just my laptop before reporting but as you've done so will leave it at that. Cheers ps excellent again on the site!
  16. Hi JTQ OK, understand a little better now if the plate extends below the chassis however I'd still be a little concerned in that the chassis could flex on the vertical plane if the jack were to be off the exact vertical. Once it starts to flex the force would only get greater as the chassis bends. May be wrong but I understand that that is why the pukka bracket has a horizontal plate and side strengtheners.
  17. Hi Val Might just be my laptop but getting a "Server not found" message when clicking "Home" tab in Archies site. Using latest version of Firefox as the browser. Wonder if any other CT members have same issue?
  18. That's what confused me.
  19. Obviously I'm misunderstanding. If you have jacking brackets fitted the jack fits to these and the weight \ force is taken on the bracket and transferred to the vertical face of the chassis. If you only have a 6 x 50mm flat plate fitted how does that provide a point to fit the jack to?
  20. Be very careful not to bend \ kink the bottom face of the chassis member. When using jacking brackets the force is placed on the drilled holes on the vertical face whereas a trolley jack would place this on the bottom face of the "C" shaped chassis member. I believe a trolley jack should only be used on the axle fixing \ strengthening brackets.
  21. Were they attached to caravans or new stock?
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