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  1. Hi Has anyone tried replacing the rain sensor in the Heki 4 roof light? I love this light and it's brilliant for the dogs. If i go out, i'm confident that it will shut if it rains; however, recently the rain sensor has started to malfunction. I notice that Dometic no longer advertise the Heki 4, and getting parts for it is harder than finding hens teeth (60-64 days lead time and £42 to boot), even though some website still advertise the Heki 4 for sale (and the 2019 Bessacarr caravan advertises a dometic electrical closing roof light over the bed...?). I've seen rain sensors for sale in electrical websites (eg https://ardushop.ro/en/home/689-rain-sensor.html or https://www.matiot.com/arduino-rain-sensor), but i've no idea whether they are compatible? Thoughts...?
  2. I looked into the various different rollout canopy awnings last year prior to my 3 month trip round Europe where I wanted something quick, light and able to erect by myself. (I hate awnings so had to be simple and straightforward with no faffing!!) The ones that come in a bag that go in the rail and roll out are a two person job to roll it back and a set of step Ladders if you're not very tall (like me). As I travel on my own this was not an option. Dometic, Thule and fiamma do ones that attach to the flat part of the caravan roof (contrary to what UK sales say, the manufactures say they can and you commonly see them attactched to caravans in Europe) and there are ways of gluing it without puncturing the caravan roof (https://www.roseawnings.co.uk/ ). You can get side panels etc with these and they all have different plus points. Personally I liked the Dometic or Thule as the fiamma sales guy was very rude to me. But all 3 do the same job. It turned out that due to the location of a gas flue I could only get a very small roll out canopy awning, so went with a very lightweight sunn camp https://www.towsure.com/sunncamp-swift-canopy-390?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjfvwBRCkARIsAIqSWlPNf4o3YIO8Dk2lbQWa52fvxgwIS0lVNTC-ZUOMhas-FFR-ynjKLJwaAlDWEALw_wcB which I can put up on my own in about 10 mins and 6 pegs. I used it a lot during my trip and did not regret it. I wouldn't trust it in v strong winds but a sinch to pull down if a storm approaches and it did stand up to some heavy rain events. I do like the kampa air in the above post though...🤔
  3. Caravan was parked up on a friends garden that required the use of the mover to reverse it out. Grass was damp so mover was just slipping. I was on my own and van too big to push/pull. Caught on the idea of attaching tow rope to underside of 'van and pulling it out with the car... And the ground was level (I thought...). Pulled the van steadily and stopped the car once van was clear... but the van carried on... into the back of the car... I was powerless to stop and just watched in horror. Not that level it turned out
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone has had the same problems as me with trying to pay their AAPR invoice? I've had a tag for several years which was paid by direct debit when the invoice came in without any problems - and invaluable as I travel on my own. In June I got a message that my cc details needed updating, but found I got error messages. I tried paying the bill separately by credit, debit and euro cards, but all resulting in error. Emails with aapr suggested I didn't have enough funds and the problem was with my bank. I checked with them and they assured me there was no problem. In the meantime aapr fined me for defaulting on the payment. Further emails included them asking for my credit card details by email and including security details (which I refused!). I asked for a telephone number to pay over the phone, but they dodn't offer that facility. I tried international bank transfer (expensive but my only otion), but my bank requires a lot of info, which I requested from aapr, they replied saying the info I require is on the invoice (it's not). At the same time they emailed me to say they have now stopped the tag and will take legal action against me if I don't pay the bill immediately.... I've also been in conversation with their Facebook page, and they have finally tolled me that they no longer accept payment by foreign cards and that I'll need to get a France bank account.... (don't I need to be a resident in France for that??) Not sure what to do now, as, despite trying to pay and a genuine willingness and desire to pay, I am unable to and now face legal action...
  5. I agree completely, but have you tried buying a caravan from abroad or a foreign manufactured one here? They're impossible and expensive to service or repair. Not to mention insurance and breakdown cover.
  6. This really helped me to understand what causes snaking
  7. Hi I've a problem with the Truma GO2 mover (http://www.go2-camping.com/en/index.html) on my caravan (bessacarr cameo 525, single axle). The slightest incline or damp on the tyres and the rollers slip against them. I've checked the distance (20mm), the tyres are correctly inflated and plenty of tread. The rollers are corrugated ridge metal ones, rather than the grit type, they're clean and don't appear to be warn. The mover, according to the paperwork seems to have been factory or dealer fitted at the time of purchase. Battery is fully charged and rollers and motor seem to be working fine otherwise. The van is unpacked. Any suggestions?
  8. I've sorted the problem! it turns out there is a little metal filter within the pipework before one of the pumps that had become blocked. Cleaned it and the tank filled in less than 15 mins 🙂 - one happy bunny!
  9. Hi I have Bessacarr cameo (2006) caravan with onboard cold water tank that is very slow to fill - over 1 hr. Is this normal? Pump is set to 15 mins and fills less than 1/4 of tank (according to led display) at a time. Flow from pump in aqua roll is good (when used on own & was recently replaced). It also doesn't automatically fill when less than 1/2 full as per manual, but will if I use the override (turn pump off/on will start the fill process for 15 min). Not sure I had this problem when I bought the van last year, but can't remember as I was on mains water then, so never an issue. I've searched the forum but can't find anything similar. Any thoughts. ..?
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