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  1. Absolute death traps, I've worked on these so called "smart motorways" on our first site induction M1 we all questioned the fact that how are we going to get out of the centre res? We had no slip, plus a 10mph site speed limit and traffic doing 50mph...... Its an absolute joke! Who ever thought of doing away with the hard shoulder wants sacking! Or held responsible for all the deaths being coursed. Its not hard to put back the hard shoulder, just paint a single white line all the way down these so called "smart motorways" job done. I've been in the highways industries for 26 years and it's the most dangerous decision anyone has ever made......
  2. Love Abbey Wood, only stayed there once. We prefer to use crystal palace club site, walk out of the gates turn left and about 5 minutes walk across the road is the bus stop. Catch the number 3 bus into London £1:50 each, takes about 50 minutes to get in the centre of London. Don't bother with oyster, just use our contactless barclay cards. Plus you will only get charged £4 total in a day, never bother with the tubes. In no rush to get anywhere, glad Crystal Palace stayed open. We're off there again to see the new year in, plus crystal palace has a lovely town plenty of food and drink places. But don't tell everyone, or else we'll struggle to get booked in......
  3. I must admit I have a Ford transit work van with Microwave, hot/cold water, water boiler for tea/coffee, and toilet in the back. We have the dreaded "sliding door" and you do have to slam it to shut it..... It comes up in the dash as a warning light if not shut, most of the lads when they get in think it's shut. But 9 times out of 10 it's not.
  4. We towed home from Crystal Palace, most of the journey once out of London was dartford tunnel then M25 and M11, with gusts 50mph +. I've never been so scared, never again...... I'd rather wait it out or stay another night, but we both had to get back to our jobs. But is it really worth it? As we all know motorways are very exposed, I didn't dare got over 50mph sometimes under. I've been towing for 8 years, plus worked on the land for 3 years towing trailers so had a little idea about towing reversing etc. But that scared me......
  5. I took notice of my satnav near Appleby, as I turned into this very narrow road I did see two signs saying not suitable for hgv. I thought I'd be OK, how wrong I was. The road got worse the more I carried on driving..... The final straw was the very narrow bridge, think it was 8ft width, luckily my caravan is 6 something nearly 7ft, wished I'd never took notice of the satnav. Plus there wasn't anywhere I could turn around, glad we didn't meet another vehicle along the way. I was so pleased to see the national speed limit sign at the end of this nightmare of a road. Note to my self, if you ever see the 7.5 signs at the beginning of the road you've just turned in. Don't even think about going down it.....
  6. I've used a permanent marker pen, and put my post code on the aqua roll, waste master and the water pump. I have a spare water pump if that goes walkies...... Been Caravanning for 7 years now, never had anything stolen.
  7. We have the Lunar Venus 500/4 2012 model, very lightweight caravan for a four berth. I have a Citroën ds4 2. 0 diesel 163 bhp. Tows like a dream.
  8. I have the Citroën ds4 2. 0 163bhp, brilliant tow car. I have the lunar Venus 500/4 very lightweight 4 berth van. 30/32 mpg 👍
  9. Surely alarmed? Or is there a way to stop the alarm before steeling the van?
  10. Loved it there, went there a couple of years ago. Lovely hill top pub, that serves food. Yes the approach to camp site is tight. But there are a few passing places. We found there is another road to go out of, it does say dead end to stop people using it. Why they don't use one road as the way in and the other road as way out I don't know. If you have a look n google earth you'll see it, I can't remember the name of the road. But when your ready to leave I found this a better road to come out on. You'll love it there, lovely beach 2 minutes walk and loads oh fossils to find near the rocks.
  11. Washing up bowls. ... What's that all about? Fill the washing up bowl to wash dirty dishes etc, then tip the water out down the sink. .... Just put the plug in, wash up. And pull the plug out. ... Very 70's. ... 😉
  12. That's good, always tows well. Good on fuel as well 32/35 mpg so I'm happy. Many thanks 👍
  13. Still not very sure if I'm ok, I have a Citroën ds4 2. 0 163bhp and tow a Lunar Venus 500/4. Tows very well, Venus is very light for a four berth. 1190MTPLM, just have to watch how I load the van and not to overload it.
  14. I use this one http://www. tyresafe. org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
  15. I have a Sony bravia smart android tv, and I have kodi. Installed it from the app market on my tv.
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