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  1. I've used a permanent marker pen, and put my post code on the aqua roll, waste master and the water pump. I have a spare water pump if that goes walkies...... Been Caravanning for 7 years now, never had anything stolen.
  2. We have the Lunar Venus 500/4 2012 model, very lightweight caravan for a four berth. I have a Citroën ds4 2. 0 diesel 163 bhp. Tows like a dream.
  3. I have the Citroën ds4 2. 0 163bhp, brilliant tow car. I have the lunar Venus 500/4 very lightweight 4 berth van. 30/32 mpg 👍
  4. Surely alarmed? Or is there a way to stop the alarm before steeling the van?
  5. Loved it there, went there a couple of years ago. Lovely hill top pub, that serves food. Yes the approach to camp site is tight. But there are a few passing places. We found there is another road to go out of, it does say dead end to stop people using it. Why they don't use one road as the way in and the other road as way out I don't know. If you have a look n google earth you'll see it, I can't remember the name of the road. But when your ready to leave I found this a better road to come out on. You'll love it there, lovely beach 2 minutes walk and loads oh fossils to find near the rocks.
  6. Washing up bowls. ... What's that all about? Fill the washing up bowl to wash dirty dishes etc, then tip the water out down the sink. .... Just put the plug in, wash up. And pull the plug out. ... Very 70's. ... 😉
  7. That's good, always tows well. Good on fuel as well 32/35 mpg so I'm happy. Many thanks 👍
  8. Still not very sure if I'm ok, I have a Citroën ds4 2. 0 163bhp and tow a Lunar Venus 500/4. Tows very well, Venus is very light for a four berth. 1190MTPLM, just have to watch how I load the van and not to overload it.
  9. I use this one http://www. tyresafe. org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/
  10. I have a Sony bravia smart android tv, and I have kodi. Installed it from the app market on my tv.
  11. http://www. tyresafe. org/
  12. http://www. tyresafe. org/ very handy and easy to use 😊
  13. Cheers for the feed back,really looking forward to going. Driving from Cambridgeshire, so think I'm looking at 6/7 hours driving. That's why we're traveling through the night.
  14. We're off to polmanter in June for a week, never been before. Travelling through the night to miss traffic. Heard there is an early arrival field where you can stay over night, sooooooo looking forward to the brake 😊
  15. I reverse on the pitch, then unhitch and level using the motormover. 😀
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