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  1. hello, I seem to have a lot of screws working loose inside van , they are at the wall joints etc and appear to be keeping walls and fittings together, they are covered with caps about 1 inch in diameter,the caps are being pushed off and I find then the screws are coming loose easy to tighten them but is there a cure for this jr
  2. hello , I wonder if anyone has come up with a spray or something like that to kill of the green stuff that I seem to be having an abundance of this year on my van swift 565 , I have tried various shampoos recommended for cleaning vans , no trees near me , no grass either any one solved this problem .
  3. hi , thank you for a brilliant video , im fixed easy to follow video , once again I thank you . I also thank all others who took the time to reply to my prob .
  4. toilet is empty have to check valve in cassette
  5. hi , I have a red light come on beside the flush button on toilet , van is a 565 swift 2018 ,flush is working etc any ideas??? .
  6. hello probably daft this one but has any one replaced the winder for jockey wheel with a nut same size as steadies and use electric drill on same??? jr
  7. if you visit the isle of skye the midges will know you are not a local and bite you, now to counteract this you must buy a bottle of the local whiskey have a large dram then put a dab of the whiskey on your arms and any exposed skin and then they the midges will think you are a local and go looking for someone else, this applies to many parts of Scotland where there is a local distillery blair atholl pitlochry elgin etc and many more, sure winner against the wee beasties.
  8. hello, hereis a couple of sites in Scotland open all year five roads site alyth or drumshademuir near glamis castle near Forfar, they are privately owned and very good , Melrose is open all year as well, there is several more and are all very good, ive been on them all.
  9. hello, I am asking if swift or any caravan maker also have marker pens as I have a small scratch on a bit of wood work and wondered about them thank you jr.
  10. hello, ive been having this problem as well ive tried all suggestions on this forum to no avail but have come up with an idea that has worked for me, I bought a cup shaped wire brush that has a shaft and fits into my electric drill, it fits over the tow ball and really cleans it, a splash of water and hitch up and go, never heard another creak or groan jr
  11. hello, there is a site in balmacara, its about four miles from kyle, they don't take bookings just appear its very good ther is supposed to be a site in kyle but don't know of it, fort William to balmacara will take you about three hours, plenty sites on skye, don't know about golf courses plocton area, but good pub there, also your heading right into midge headquarters there so take repellent with you jr
  12. I also feel for you,you should not be in this position I'm quite sure you will get a lot of very good advice from others on this forum, have you not got anyone atall to fight your corner to take some of the stress of you?? if not go the legal route and I'm quite sure this will work jr
  13. hello, I use a santa fe for towing 530se and any long distance travelling, also use a fiat panda city car for local use, I think it works well for my wife and i.
  14. hello, there is only one way I would do your trip and that is Edinburgh to foyers direct, Edinburgh to perth, perth on a9 to inverness , I hope you have checked that site at foyers is open just now, lot of road works and cameras on a9, from inverness 7 miles goo roads then 9 miles single track with plenty of passing places to site which is beautiful.
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