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  1. Last year I was horrified to get a high damp report on my Lunar Clubman ES around the offside wheel arch. Having just washed the van before it’s service (a bit Hyacinth Bucket - don’t want the engineer gossiping about the muck in my awning rail) I had a hunch that it was not as dire as it seemed. So this year I removed the vent on the offside to discover...nothing. This means that if you rinse your van off gently with a hose pipe, the water will go straight through the vent and drench the area behind. The remedy is simple, just cover the vent before you spring clean. 

  2. Once I understood how important the tyre pressure is on a 520 tourer everything was tickety.
  3. On the subject of warranties, I would recommend reporting any faults straight away to your dealer. I reported to Catterick Caravans that the hinges had torn on the cupboard door on the centre unit (where the microwave is housed). I didn't tell Catterick Caravans about this until I rang about something else and discovered that my warranty had expired the day before. Lunar declined to replace the hinges under warranty. Fortunately I sourced a new pair of hinges from eBay at a total cost of £1. 79 each. I hope you like your ES Clubman as much as we do ours. So much to like about the layout and design and very comfortable.
  4. Thanks for all the replies - yes I use a screwdriver also to lift the mat out of its housing and a dampened paintbrush to clean the channel then a piece of paper towelling. .......which sort of proves my point. The entrance to the van should be easy to clean without getting your kit out (cheers Stevew1 for the novel measuring scale, there you go, onto yer 'ead to pop it in the back of the net) and to Barum for a sensible suggestion. Anyway, it's all nice and clean now. I'll feel exactly the same this time next year when I give it it's major spruce up.
  5. Each year around this time I like to get the van back to as near mint as I can. Also, each year I look at the alloy extrusion at the bottom of the door frame and the doormat and wonder if Lunar ever consider making this area easier to clean. The entrance and exit are the place where the most dirt will build up. So Lunar put a mat in the door, which they then screw down so that you can't remove it. They also make it out of a material which refuses to give up debris to a vacuum cleaner without a brave fight. Between the mat and the door, dirt accumulates in the narrow gap between the mat edge and the alloy extrusion. To top it all off, there is another tiny trough in the extrusion itself into which more debris can accumulate. Has anyone got any tips about cleaning these channels? I did it with paper towels, a bit of electrical wire and anti bacterial surface cleaner. Took about half an hour, but should take five minutes.
  6. Two years down the line and the van has settled into being a lovely place to be, in spite of the lightweight catches and hinges. We just seem to accept that they have to be constantly jiggled and tightened. We now tow with an Audi Q5 which seems quite unfazed by trundling along with a van behind. Even more than the Bee emm I find the cruise a valuable aid in keeping the speed legal. So, two years on we are glad we bought it - at the time of purchase we felt a little guilty at such decadent opulence. .....
  7. I have a much smaller panel which I use to keep the battery topped up when in storage as it runs the alarm. I connected it direct to the battery terminals with a plug and socket in the lead to the solar panel so that I can disconnect it easily. Works fine.
  8. Very comfortable, quiet and refined. Great entertainment system, with choice of music from SD card, internal hard drive, CD/DVD, phone. .oh and theres the radio too. Smooth power, decent handling Click here to view the towcar review
  9. Iankell

    Q5 SE

    Very comfortable, quiet and refined. Great entertainment system, with choice of music from SD card, internal hard drive, CD/DVD, phone..oh and theres the radio too. Smooth power, decent handling
  10. Hello Steve, you do not say whether the van is new or used. A 2 berth - usually - does not have a motor mover fitted. I bought "110amp/hour" battery from a caravan dealership only to discover that it was nothing of the sort. A proper 110 amp/hour battery is a big, heavy lump and is not cheap. Does your van have mains hook up? Will you be using it mainly on sites with mains? If so you may think about spending less at present on a battery to get you through the summer, then when winter approaches, see how you got on. The reason I suggest this is that I now have two batteries, one of which is a "proper" 110 amp/hour battery, which I use throughout the winter in the van coupled to a solar charger. This keeps the battery topped up and runs the Phantom alarm. Come spring I put the weedier battery back in as it is lighter to hump about when touring, and the nights on battery alone are few and far between. Also, if the battery runs low in some far flung corner of the kingdom, there are other entertainments on offer. Like sitting outside in a long Scottish twilight getting so absolutely wrecked even the midges turn their noses up at you. Whatever, have a great time in your van. It's going to be brilliant.
  11. I also took my Lunar to a weigh bridge (There's either a song or a joke in there) and was alarmed at how close to the limit I was with a modest amount of stuff in the van. But a motor mover, a spare wheel plus carrier and a leisure battery really eat into your payload. The Lunar owners brochure explains the reasons for emptying the hot water tank before travelling. Seems common sense to me. Don't want to get into hot water over it. ..Hot Water!!...I'll get me coat.
  12. I towed a Lunar Clubman ES (not an SE) with a 520D msport auto tourer. It had run flats. I experienced a little instability around 58 mph - the outfit seemed very sensitive to cross winds. I was advised on this forum to ensure that my rear tyres were inflated to their maximum permitted pressure. Hey presto the problem vanished. I thought it was a great tow car. Don't worry about run flats as far as towing is concerned. Worry about them as far as replacement cost is concerned.
  13. Hi Conquest Are your windows the ones with the horizontal black bar at the bottom? My 2013 Clubman front windows were replaced with this slightly different design and are fine so far.
  14. Sorry to be a source of confusion, Kevin - the point of my first post was that of all the things we consider when buying a caravan, the most important one is what it feels like to sit in, what it feels like. If it doesn't float your boat, then the other criteria don't matter. We absolutely love our Lunar Clubman ES. I notice you have just taken delivery of a brand new van - congratulations! Hope you are as blown away with it as we were with ours. When we took our first trip in our new van we sat in it and gazed around, admiring the decor, the lighting and all the details that made it such a nice place to relax in. You mention the placing of the Alde pump. It should soon settle down, but it gurgles a bit when new. Ours was quite noisy at first but quickly became unobtrusive.
  15. Ahh, Kevin, but they weren't reasons not to buy a Lunar. They were all logical, sensible influences to be considered when reaching a decision. It was when we asked ourselves "Is this a van that I will really enjoy being in?" That, for us, was the Lunar. So much for sense and logic.
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